Living Through The GM Diet..

22 02 2008


It all started with a seemingly innocuous lunch conversation yesterday. A lot of guys expounded on the benefits of dieting, GM Diet, cleaning system, and what not. I sat there listening to all arguments and thought of having a first hand knowledge. So here I am, going through an unlikely experiment of GM Diet. Its kind of a tough resolution for an emotional eater like me, let me see how it goes. 🙂

Day ONE: (Only Fruits Except for Banana)

Had a couple of Strawberries in the morning and a fruit chat at 4 PM. My head is throbbing like hell in an hour and I resisted the temptation of the Cappuccino lingering around in the meeting. Had a china pear for dinner and that numbed my head ache. Like a true Andhrite, I promised myself a grand Hyderabadi Biryani, if I survived through this diet. See my gluttonous wishes haven’t changed much since college days. 😉

So far, it feels easy. My tough challenge would be wading through the weekend.

Day TWO: (Only Vegetable with a cooked potato for breakfast)

So today is a vegetables day with a potato for breakfast. I hunted the kitchen to discover a tiny potato and steamed it to heart’s content. Probably it must be the first time in my life when I relished a cooked potato sans seasonings. Indeed a lifetime experience. Then tried to play the rabbit by munching on to the carrots and peas. 🙂 I felt that headache returning to me by evening. Had a lemon soda and saw that ebbing away. Silently I added Chinese Hakka Noodles to the self promises, I I stick around this diet till Day Seven.

I checked my weight today – 58.7 Kg

Day THREE: Fruits and Vegetables (No Potato and No Banana)

I woke up at 7:00 AM as hunger pangs hit my stomach. Man, what a self imposed misery it was! Thankfully I found grapes in the kitchen and almost finished half a kilo of them in the early morning for breakfast. Who called this diet, anyways? 🙂 Steamed Ridge Gourd, Tomatos and Garlic together with some spices and had it for brunch. Sipped lemon juice (no sugar) while watching Jodhaa Akbar and ate amla and fruit salad for dinner.

I checked my weight today – 58.4 Kg – – No major change from yesterday

Day FOUR: Bananas and Milk

I can claim myself a milk allergic. 😦 So That leaves me with bananas. Am actually considering substituting Yogurt for milk. Lets see How it goes. Yesterday I shopped for the largest bananas ever found in the market and bought three of them. Had a nice cold badam flavored milk for dinner. I had a tough timing sleeping today, as I felt a tinge of nerve weakness. My entire lower body ached in minute ways and most of the sleep time went in discovering new postures for comfort. No Jokes, I hated this sign of weakness.

I checked my weight today – 57.1 Kg – Voila A Whopping change!

Day FIVE: Beef and Tomatoes.

I woke up early morning, with a gnawing hunger and looked at Tomatoes with revenge. Steamed five of them along with pepper and salt and had some real trouble eating them. Now that was a real proof for my culinary abilities. 🙂 I still haven’t figured out what can I substitute for Beef. I had around 50g of steamed chicken for lunch and by evening, my knees started aching. So I didn’t stick to rule book today. Had a couple of pieces of Guava fruit, one lemon soda, along with one phulka and 100 g of dal instead of the lean meat that was advised.

For those who are looking for vegetarian option, don’t plainly substitute rice for beef. Instead, to replace a 3 oz (85.05 g) serving of meat, use:

* 1 cup (236.59 mL) cooked dry beans, peas, or lentils.
* 3 oz (85.05 g) tofu (soybean paneer).
* 4 Tbsp (59.15 mL) peanut butter.

I checked my weight today – 56.9 Kg – No major change from yesterday

Day SIX: Beef and Vegetables

I experienced a fleeting sensation of fainting problem. Since Beef was out of question, I had a single phulka with steamed carrot in the morning. This time I am not going to miss my lunch at all. Had 10 oz. fried chicken for lunch. And I took a bowl of steamed and spiced carrots and peas for dinner. No Signs of weakness at all. I guess the worst is over by Day 5.

Day SEVEN: Brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables

Finally the last day and the easiest one too! 🙂 Had a bowl of vegetable rice cooked with Potato, Onion, Cauliflower for breakfast and lunch. Dinner saw me gulping two glasses of watermelon juice.

Finally I lived through the GM Diet schedule. Yes, there are slips in certain days, I do acknowledge humbly. But those slips did indeed make a positive difference. I lost around 5.5 pounds, but thats not all. My observations and cribs would call for another post as I don’t want to spoil the joy of this experience with analysis. 🙂

Update: Looking at the tremendous amount of attention this post has received from people scouting for information on GM Diet, I couldn’t help but recommend these posts here. Worth taking a look.

My Experimentation With Different Types of Dieting

Some Food For Thought here for those who are forced to do this.



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22 02 2008

Kudos…!! Me too lost around 2.5 kilos….thats a different story..thats i have regained the lost property and acquire some GM definitely makes u feel better…. 🙂

25 02 2012
Sony almeron


Gm diet is amazing i felt good after day 3 more ligther..

8 03 2013

I completed this diet successfully… However ony one MAJOR PROBLEM….MARRIED LADIES should NEVER do it.. WHY?

8 03 2013

Continuing to the question WHY???


It does not say anything about “dhinchik dhinchik”, you know, and to overcome pangs, we did it two times a day and lo behold… Here I am carrying a baby…your body produces ten times more fertile eggs during this period due to the detoxification, cleansing etc etc.. Mumbo jumbo and you get ready for new entry into your life in 9 months!! Damn GM wonder GM went bankrupt and Japanese are making better cars than them.

18 01 2014

My god I hope you are kidding. This world is full of dumb rednecks.

22 02 2008

yipeee!!! finally the review is out , I rember losing six kilos but realised its no way to live a life and that GM -D is for monkeys. lol.

22 02 2008
Anand was the biryani after 7 days of GM diet? 🙂

22 02 2008

You tried GM, I never had the guts to do that. Maybe I will try it after this review. 🙂

23 02 2008

@ rashmi
Yes, I did feel better after 5th day. 🙂
@ sai
6 kilos? I hardly lost 2. 😦
@ Anand
Just sheer bliss!
@ CR
Just try for try’s sake.. 🙂 It doesn’t have long lasting effect.

27 02 2008

Ha ! am on day four wonering how on earth am i gonna servive on tomatoes and some grains the whole day, since i don eat meat ….

but hell… al this for a few pounds? making me wonder. not gonna give up though…

28 02 2008

@ rishi
You can replace meat by sprouts or 1 phulka with dal. Since you made past 4 days, its easy to carry on. 🙂

17 03 2008
Farhana Mirza

please pray 4 me as m trying to start GM diet….

21 03 2008
Flex Development

My friend is done this and seriously it worked, but follow the exact instructions and food, Even if you are veggie replace beef with sprouts.

12 11 2011

no replace beef with brown rics i lost 5 kg in a week and never gained back

22 03 2008

@ Farhana Mirza
My best wishes for you. 🙂
@ Flex Development
That’s a good suggestion

1 04 2008
Michael Jordan

I am on day 6 of this diet, and have followed it very strictly…not sure how much I have lost as I dont have scales, however I have certainly lost a bit so far (maybe as much as 2-3kg) – im a fairly big unit though.

I would not reccomend this diet at all though. Its extremley unhealthy, I have felt very dizzy at times, and almost felt like vommiting this morning.

Absolutely no energy come evening time.

The positives – its cleared my stomach of all the spicey food I love, and for the first time in a while, amd not backed up on the loo. Being off the booze is good as well.

On the whole, I would suggest to avoid it like the plague…there are plenty of well balanced diets around to follow that could give you similar, and more importantly permanent results…

2 04 2008

The dizziness, nausea, low energy level, sugar crashes etc are all natural reactions of the body to a diet. When threre is no load on the body(because of the low food intake) it starts dumping all the accumulated toxins into the bloodstream to be eliminated. It can’t do all this when you’re constantly eating. Yellowish eyes, headaches etc after a few days of dieting is a good sign. It will all pass soon and you’ll feel better than ever.

29 09 2009

You are right. The feeling on the 8th day is really great! Feel a lot lighter and a whole new perspective on eating dawns on you.

It’s only the first day that’s really trying for me, after which it’s quite easy.

3 04 2008

@ Michael Jordan
I am not sure of this diet being unhealthy. Everything is worth trying once. Yet, I agree about the dizzy part. The results may not be permanent, but this diet does reduce once’s craving for unhealthy diet and inculcates a discipline in the system.

@ senapati
Agreed. The dizziness, nausea, low energy level are natural reactions if the body is starving. Though I am used to fasting, the dizzy sensation that I felt while going through this diet is quite high.

19 04 2008


However GM Diet is not mentioned for a long term use. You can use it to clean your system and loose those extra pounds. It is not recomened to follow it for longing usage. But it sure works. About the Dizziness i dont think it happens. There are incidents where people say they feel nausea sensation when they are on course. It is mentioned in the diet program that you should not feel hungry. That means, you can take as much as food (according to the day menu ) u need. There is no limitation with the quantity factor expect beef and potatoes which can crash the whole diet course if the quantities are excess. So eat a lot of fruits, veggies, Lemon water and avoid dizziness and nausea.

20 04 2008

@ Chakry
Agreed. GM works for short time benefits. They did mention that we can take in whatever quantity the prescribed foods for the day, but there is an internal limit to how much in specific food can one have. Varies from person to person.

27 04 2008

i’ve just gone through a few reviews regarding the gm diet and every single person seems to have achieved their long awaited goals[:d]…i’m not quite sure how much it works though..i’m just planning to try it…and as far as health is concerned, i dont in anyway think that it will take a toll on one’s infact helps you cleanse up yourself internally..but please tell me, how much on an average do you normally tend to loose after following this routine for one time?

28 04 2008

@ veena 28-4
The results vary from person to person. I have known people who have lost only a kilo to those who lost atleast 6 kg.

30 04 2008

I am on GM diet..and today is my 2 nd day… plz pray for me so dat I can complete it succesfully

27 01 2013

Hey.. Good luck to you!
..just one tip.. Eat the soup before you get hungry and then follow it up with fruit/veggies. Don’t allow yourself to get hungry coz that is when all resolutions flee!

2 05 2008

hi all,
wanna start the GM diet…..but quite scared wat if i’m not able to follow it. is there any side effects?

16 06 2009

Yes there is chances ..

4 05 2008

Good to see so many people vouching for the diet. Im on my first day. Its gone on well but I really have to take care since I travel a lot.

5 05 2008

Hi is anyone on the GM Diet starting from Today …………. I am and we can pep each other ,

26 07 2010

here i start today. just had a warm black tea as i can’t get past my tea.

23 11 2010

I am starting the diet today..weighed myself ..70kgs..
Had watermelon and grapes for breakfast and a glass of lemon water. So far so good..
Dont worry we’ll get thru it one day at a time..Tom will be better.My menu will be boiling some veggies like carrots and prep with some salt and herbs, lightly toasting cabbage with salt, turmeric and chillies, salad with lemon salt pepper dressing.I am planning to eat half a potato in morning and add the other half to my carrots later on.

We will do it….Buck up…

25 06 2012
Tarandeep Kaur Ahuja

Hey I am starting today too! Haven’t had breakfast yet. Will have some watermelon

15 01 2013

Dear I will start from tomo

5 05 2008

I’m on the GM diet starting today

12 04 2010

i m on the 3rd day… and yesterday had a fight with my best frnd bcoz its was nt known to him tht i m on strict diet n he bought for me some goodee goodeee food which could be eaten on normal diet bt not on gm diet 😦

5 05 2008

@ hiya, AKGhosh, asha, Chow
I hope you make it through seven. 🙂
@ sunita
I didn’t have any side effects going through this. Some people have complained of acidity though.

10 05 2008

I don’t get why people call this GM diet. There are published books (Search at Google, Amazon) for this as Cabbage Soup Diet.

Any way I am following it now, I am in 4th day. I will post my experience when I complete it.

16 06 2009

So how much you lost ?

11 05 2008

i did it for two weeks…and believe me I lost around(6+6) 15 pounds…..I still wish to loose 10 pounds more…but now I dont have the will power and perseverance
that I had for the first two weeks…..hehe…I am on week three from a month (lost 3 pounds) and can’t complete it as I break it everytime I start…..[:p]…

16 08 2015

Did u gained ur weight after stopping gm diet??????plz help me

12 05 2008

Belive it or not i lost 5kg 🙂 this sure works.but you gotta have alot of will power.I was 90kg i became 65kg in 6months.Take a break & then follow the diet.It’s truly amazing ………… Thank You GM.

21 02 2010

R u serious? I want to start. .

17 06 2010

Gayesha, you followed it for six months in a row? if not how many weeks did you actually do it?

17 03 2011

could u say how many times u practised the diet and how much u lost each time?

15 04 2011

hey can u pls mail me what schedule u maintained to loose 25 kg in 6 month.
i am too 90 kg and on GM diet. i am doing gym along with GM.

4 06 2011

tell me exactly what u ate and how? was there any exercise?

9 01 2012

hey gayesha..good to hear that you lost so much weight…can you please tell me that how did u managed to do it for 6 months if i do gm diet for 7 days then how many days break should i take and start again…my weight is around 90 kg and i also want to loose 20-25 kg.please advice…thanx..

27 01 2013

Did you lose it all only on gm?

22 02 2013

Gayesha…What tip you followed for 90kg to 65…Did you have dizziness…did u have green tea ? How much gap did u have between each session ?

13 05 2008

I am on day 2. Its very hard. I think day 3 is going to be hard too. Will it be good from day 4 ? ( bananas and milk..yum…yum..)
Can I substitute white meat chicken for beef instead of rice ?

14 05 2008

Hi all,

I have started with my GM diet and its my 3rd day, fell very taste less while eating raw vegetables, what will be any thing addition to that for day 3. can i have soups in restaurants,


6 01 2012

I have also felt the same on day 2. but day 3 passed very easily. I brought a lot of wonder soup(which I mixed with many other vegetables) in a box to my office, took it when -ever felt nausea. It was good. Day 3 passed very easily.

9 01 2012

i must b the worst case
tdy is the 6th day and not a kg lost
bt then i had coffee w.milk all days and also salt on all days
maybe tht did me in 😦

27 01 2013

Unfortunately not… Stick with the wonder soup and if you must, then order a clear soup (veg clear, lemon coriander etc) with strict instructions regarding use of oil or seasonings.

14 05 2008

@ Kadamban
Agreed. Cabbage Soup Diet touts same philosophy. Let us know how your diet went.. 🙂
@ pskavita
2 weeks at a stretch? That’s great perseverence lady.. 🙂
@ Gayesha
That’s impressive.
@ Viji
Yes.. It goes easy as days progress. 🙂
@ Amrut
You can have vg clear soup if restaurants have that. 🙂

9 04 2010

I have done it once before, and doing it second time now. I am on day 5, and have lost 2 kilos. Last time when I did, I lost total of 3 kilos. So I beleive 2-3 Kilos in a week is not a bad deal.

15 05 2008

hiii everyoneee
started gm diet frm 2day
for d 1st day,i had only watermelonsssss (yayayyyyy, i actualli did it)
one more question… m only 15 yrz old, iz dah a problem???

15 05 2008

Yes, it is
15 is too young to go onto this diet (any diet for that matter)
You could instead just try cutting back on sweets and cola and replacing with a few fruits every day, the same thing will work well for you
Also, take up a sport that will get you moving or just dance if you love it, all of this will be more effective for you

20 05 2008

Hi All,
Am on GM diet, day No 2…. Hmmm although yday went well, but feeling dizzy today and experiencing Head Ache now and then,,, well havent lost any weight so far,,, wish me all the luck for this dubios adventure

24 05 2008

On day 5 of the GM diet, it’s a hard diet so far so good a lil notice not that much I think I passed the toughest part I’ll let you know!

28 05 2008
kiran reddy

Hi All,

i am follow the GM wait loos today is my 3rd day i am hopefully thinking the wait is loss .But we will see the after 7 days what happend.

It is very hard but we need ……
kiran Reddy

29 05 2008

i am 14. poeple r saying that i should go on this diet, but i wanna lose 15 pounds before i go to mexico for the summer. i am 5’4, weight 110 pounds. i m on my 3 day now, i dont wanna give up.

but like wat i dont get is, y can i do it when im a teen?

29 05 2008

Hey.. Just finished the 2nd day today.. felt the headaches and dizziness yesterday.. today has been much better.. let’s see what the next 4 days have in store.. since I’m a vegetarian, ‘m not looking forward to 3 days of only rice..

1 06 2008

I just finished the GM diet and when I started on day one I weighed 200 pounds I now way 250 pounds. I substituted the fruits for fudge and the vegetibles with ice cream.

16 08 2011

lol… are really funny ! i could not stop laughing on this post. I really wish that some miracle happens and pple shld start loosing weight by eating icecreams and fudge 🙂

5 03 2012

Ha ha ha. can’t stop laughing!! This is one hilarious post!!

10 06 2008

Hi everyone, I have tried many diets… but always found myself not losing weight just stuck.. The GM diet was introduced to me while i was having dinner with my Doctor friend and he was selective in what he was eating… just because he heard to highly of it, he wanted to experiement it as well..
Finally after 2 months of debating, I realized i was eating too many sweets.. homemade icecream, cakes, all these new recipes my mom was experimenting.. i felt like i was eating more and more and my food intake was just more. It seemed as if my stomach was not setttling on one or two pieces of chicken.. i had to have more… anyways.. thats when i said.. I need discipline..
I started the GM diet a week ago on a Sunday because its easier to eat fruits when ur home because when u are at work, you rather have other options especially living in NYC. The first day was hard because eating fruits all day was kind of annoying and i started to hate it when dinner came along. Watermelon is great because its filling and light. But i had mangoes and pineapple and strawberries… Finally day 2 came along and I had the baked potatoe (i think i had 2 ..:) and vegetables as well as tomotoe soup alll day… then the folowing days the diet felt so much more capable of doing.By the 4th day, i had no likeness or cravings for sweets. after a whole week, I was 6 pound lighter.. and sorry but Day 7, i had meat as well. I did not stick with the diet because I was kind of celebrating but not in a gluttoneous way. I believe if i stuck with the diet exactly, I would have lost about 10 to 12.
I am doing a variation of the diet this week. This diet has showed me discipline and shows u how u can be in control. In the beginning u want to starve instead of eat cause eating only fruits and veggies is annoying.. but please do eat, because if u dont, you wont loose anything.. Also drink lots of water, I did not , If you do its better for the weight loss. I wish all u guys luck, i am still loosing an average of a half a pound a day without sticking to the diet, but my selection in food and lack of likeness for sweets has improved and thats just so amazing..

20 06 2008

Hi, I have started the GM diet yesterday. Was pretty difficult towards the end of the day but managed, and yes I lost a kilo. With the grace of god will be able to do the next six days.

21 06 2008
vj chaturvedi

Hi today is fifth day of mine of GM Diet.i never felt dizziness in between, but today being a off day from office its little difficult since time does not pass easily.hey pl note i ve been going for swim every day for at least half an hour. continue exercising a bit during Gm diet.

22 06 2008

Hey! im goin to start the GM Diet tomorrow! damm! im so scared! but after reading all the comments,i think i have the guts to try this! wish me luck!

24 06 2008

Hey! Today is my 3rd day on GM diet. Much better than Days 1 and 2. It is my 7th time on this diet. Even if I lose some pounds with this diet, I feel that I gain it back whenever I take a break.

3 07 2008

Well now I feel really bad. I’m a major food lover and i started GM diet today. till 5 p.m. it well ok but then I cud not resist and ate 4 small homemade idlies with coconut chutney and lotus stem sabzi. I was feeling reallly dizzy before that.
It seems everybody was able to resisit temptation but me on Day 1 😦 I will def be strict with it now, though I dunno if this diet will help me or not since i indulged on the very first day. Eating just fruits was impossible for me…All sweet mouth and I hate sweets, so wanted something namkeen and then I fooled myself saying that coconut chutney is good as it is made from coconut which is a fruit. what shud I do guys, I;m feeling miserable now. Is there anyway I can componsate that 😦

28 02 2012

I am just finishing day 2 and I too, slipped a little… I had a few pieces (litterally, less than a handful) of popcorn and a string cheese on day 1 and another string cheese and a glass of juice on day 2. Those slips got me past the bread/carb cravings I was having, so I went with the lesser evil (I think, lol.) I have also had some milk in my coffee because I can’t stand it black, but really needed an energy boost to get through the day. Aside from that, I’ve done ok with it. I’m not normally a vegetarian, but I absolutely love raw fruits and veggies, so this is almost a treat for me in that respect. Anyway, don’t feel bad… We all slip up a little. In the end you’ve still made some healthier food choices for a week than you may have otherwise so your health will benefit in the long run…

3 07 2008

Anjali, you have a cabbage soup which you can drink during the diet. So drink that. An coconut is a very high calorie food. So it nowhere sticks to this diet. Start all over again and this time I am sure you will make it 🙂

3 07 2008

Srinivas you will surely gain back weight after you stop GM diet if you eat more calories than your body can consume. So stick to low cal diets and cut off on sweets, choclates, aerated drinks, cakes and all other high cal stuff… I am sure you can maintain your weight that way.

15 07 2008

I took 3 marie biscuit in the 1st day it wont work??????

16 07 2008
Shalini Rao

Day 1 : Weight :62.5 kgs
Started with a pear, a plum, papaya, apple, musk melon…all mixed and cut into small pieces….eating it whenever the slightest hunger pang occurs…lets see how the day progresses…Intentions are to do it two weeks at a stretch as i have official medicals coming up and i need to be about 54 kgs for my height…
I don’t think it should be very difficult for me as i had minimized my appetite about two weeks back when i started working out in the gym….to maximize my protein intake and minimize the carb intake.. i lost about 1 and a half kgs in 15 wasn’t exactly serving my urgent need of bringing down my weight that drastically cause as i was losing my fat i was also building my muscle weight cause of the protein supplements i was taking…One day i went without any roti, just oats, boiled moong and soup….and i thought i would die of fatigue and low energy levels…needless to say i couldn’t lift weights the next day in the gym….so senseless dieting…is a big no no…and from my own experience…one should just indulge in low cardio exercise like a little brisk walk on the treadmill if at all once on any kind of diet…preferably avoid any kind of work out at all….
Yesterday someone told me about the GM diet and i decided to give it a shot as i had nothing to lose…except a few pounds if at all..
So here i am….its 1 :15 pm on day one….so far so good…..
Cheers !

22 07 2008

Let me tell you that permanent fat loss is due to the fact that you have enough muscle in your body to increase metabolism. Be it a man or a woman, if you have preserved your muscle in the body you’ll be a bad ass metabolic furnace and burn fat all day even at rest. That means that your RMR would be super high if you have a muscle preserved body. And remember muscle are less dense than fat. You might have seen those super lean female athletes as well who don’t need no GM diet either. Basically women never have enough testosterone to pack enough volume of muscle like men. Also, muscle is less volume than fat so a muscular woman will look slim anyway. So, the idea is to pack enough muscle by high intensity weight training instead of the so called “FAD DIETS LIKE GM DIET”. The problem with these diets is that you never have enough metabolism to sustain the fat loss. Infact when you cease your diet you’ll pack on all that fat back again. SO the idea is to hit the gym and make sure you have more muscle in your body. Also, automatically you’ll loose more fat as you put on muscle cause muscles need more calories to metabolise throughout the day. Contact me if you guys care.

The idea is to work on your metabolism by maintaining a balance of diet and exercise. Make sure your exercise is short and intense instead of moderate and boring cardio (yes moderate cardio will make you put on weight not loose…shocked???) There are a lot of myths I can bust and you cold try me out on this. Ever realised why such few people ever achieve their fat loss goals permanently?? The reason is that they have a complete lack of understanding of the science and art of weight loss and fitness.
I am a fitness and diet consultant. You can reach me on

4 09 2009

hi I am on GH diet.. Actually i should be 55 kgs but after my pregnancy and postpatrum i am 65kgs.. so i thought of starting Gm diet. do u think its useful? how can i loose that 10kgs.. and i do have tummy indicating 5 mmonths baby in it..i dont want that..plz help me out

11 08 2011

Well said! You have explained the concept really well, informative.

22 07 2008

What is a diet?

A diet is a short term strategy to lose weight. Long term weight loss is the result of an alteration in lifestyle. We are concerned with life long weight management, not quick fix weight loss here. I don’t like the term diet, as it represents a short term attempt to lose weight vs. a change in lifestyle. Want to lose a bunch of weight quickly? Heck, I will give you the information on how to do that here and now for no charge.

For the next 90 to 120 days eat 12 scrambled egg whites, one whole grapefruit, and a gallon of water twice a a day. You will lose plenty of weight. Will it be healthy? Nope. Will the weight stay off once you are done with this diet and are then forced to go back to your “normal” way of eating? Not a chance. Will the weight you lose come from fat or will it be muscle, water, bone, and (hopefully!) some fat? The point being, there are many diets out there that are perfectly capable of getting weight off you, but when considering any eating plan designed to lose weight, you must ask yourself:

“Is this a way of eating I can follow long term?”

Which brings me to my test: I call it the “Can I eat that way for the rest of my life?” Test. I know, it does not exactly roll off your tongue, but it gets the point across.

The lesson here is: any nutritional plan you pick to lose weight must be part of a lifestyle change you will be able to follow – in one form or another – forever. That is, if it’s not a way of eating you can comply with indefinitely, even after you get to your target weight, then it’s worthless.

Thus, many fad diets you see out there are immediately eliminated, and you don’t have to worry about them. The question is not whether the diet is effective in the short term, but if the diet can be followed indefinitely as a lifelong way of eating. Going from “their” way of eating back to “your” way of eating after you reach your target weight is a recipe for disaster and the cause of the well established yo-yo dieting syndrome. Bottom line: there are no short cuts, there is no free lunch, and only a commitment to a lifestyle change is going to keep the fat off long term. I realize that’s not what most people want to hear, but it’s the truth, like it or not.

The statistics don’t lie: getting the weight off is not the hardest part, keeping the weight off is! If you take a close look at the many well known fad/commercial diets out there, and you are honest with yourself, and apply my test above, you will find most of them no longer appeal to you as they once did. It also brings me to an example that adds additional clarity: If you have diet A that will cause the most weight loss in the shortest amount of time but is unbalanced and essentially impossible to follow long term vs. diet B, which will take the weight off at a slower pace, but is easier to follow, balanced, healthy, and something you can comply with year after year, which is superior? If diet A gets 30 lbs off you in 30 days, but by next year you have gained back all 30 lbs, but diet B gets 20 lbs off you in the next 3 months with another 20 lbs 3 months after that and the weight stays off by the end of that year, which is the better diet?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, you have totally missed the point of this article and the lesson it’s trying to teach you, and are set up for failure. Go back and read this section again…By default, diet B is superior.

22 07 2008

Tell me one thing, why do some people need to try the GM 4 to 5 times if it was that effective?????

The problem is that those very folks, needed to keep coming back to the diet because it makes you pack on all the pounds once you’re of it.

Now, what if i tell you that i have been super lean for years and have a 6 pack set of abs. I excercise regularly and don’t follow any diets. Infact, I need good fat in my food to metabolise so that my metabolism is constantly provided with the fuel to keep burning fat. The idea should be to increase metabolism and not go on diet. YOU NEED TO MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO PERMANENTLY KEEP THE FAT OFF FOREVER AND IT IS NOT TOO DIFFICULT.


Contact me on I am a fitness and diet consultant.

23 07 2008

For the clueless what is a GM diet? What does the acronym GM mean?

All the comments about dizzyness, recommend The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf.

Dieting is no fun.

23 07 2008
Vikas Sud

Barkha, headaches and dizziness are obvious cause you’re doing something very unhealthy by following the GM diet. You are experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) which will actually in the bargain, make you store more fat the moment you get off the diet. No doubt, you’ll loose a couple of pounds, but the moment you get of the diet, the body will want to make up for all the lost nutritional balance and start storing fat all over again. It’s called the Yo-Yo syndrome. So, in the long term you’ll never be able to follow this diet. Just understand that if you don’t have food to eat during a famine state, the body tends to store more fat. GM techniques are nothing short of starvation techniques. These don’t work in the long run. It only helps if you work towards a long term goal of altering your metabolism.

GM diet was designed for the employees of General Motors company to loose weight.It’s an outdated technique with little relevance in todays world. Of course, if you’re not well informed and ignorant,. you’ll want to try it over and over again.

24 07 2008

Vikas, The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf is a book not a diet ( essential read for all women and intelligent men)

Agree with you dieting is futile so do not subscribe to anything like the bizarre GM diet, would pick exercise over dieting any day, love food!

: )

28 07 2008

I’m starting GM diet today, the original GM diet includes Rice ( carbs) in the day five, six and seven instead of Beef ( protein) , me being a vegetarian , i need advice on replacing Beef with other form of proteins ( lentils and dried beens) or should i stick with Rice as in Original GM diet. suggestions please.

7 08 2008

I’m starting GM diet today, the original GM diet includes Rice ( carbs) in the day five, six and seven instead of Beef ( protein) , me being a vegetarian , i need advice on replacing Beef with other form of proteins ( lentils and dried beens) or should i stick with Rice as in Original GM diet. suggestions please.

10 08 2008

Hey guys, I’m planning to start GM diet from tomorrow, i.e. August 10. (I plan to lose 15 lbs total by labor day). I will be tracking my experience, the foods I ate etc. . Best of luck to you guys, and lets exchange our experiences.


10 08 2008

Hey guys, I’m planning to start GM diet from tomorrow, i.e. August 10. (I plan to lose 15 lbs total by labor day). I will be tracking my experience, the foods I ate etc. on this site. here.
Best of luck to you guys, and lets exchange our experiences.


11 08 2008

This is my first day and I have had craving for something salty whole day. Can we drink soup on any day or does it have to be on on or after day 4?

11 08 2008

@sumi — we can have soup any day. If you dont like the wonder soup you can make your own soup, as long as its vegetable based and doesn’t have fat etc.
I made a tomato/squash soup for day one. I have also finished day one, and am writing about my experiences and what I had for the different meals on my blog.
Let me knwo how its going for you and hwo much you lose, since we both have started on teh same day.

GM Diet Experiences

12 08 2008

I dit it in the past (a year back) and lost 7 Lbs. I have regained all that since so I have started it today. I am thinking of only first 4 days to loose 5-6 lbs and then eat in moderation. I don’t have too much to loose but it feels good to do something for your own health once in a while 🙂

12 08 2008

I’m on Day 2. Yesterday at the end of the day I got a slight headache — could not drink all that water!
Others on Day 2 have you lost any weight so far? Those who are also on Day 2 and want to follow along with me for the rest of the 5 days, check out my GM diet experience on my blog.

best of luck you guys!

14 08 2008

Hi All,
I badly need to lose weight quickly as I am getting married in exactly 2 months… I am 5′5 & weigh over 80 kgs. I am a pear shaped girl i.e really heavy on my hips & legs :(. If I could I would simply postpone my marriage to atleast 6 months or an year until I knock off all the extra weight/fat & inches. But thats not possible as everything has been fixed and finalized. :(( I am so scared of facing the big day with this excessive weight that I feel I might run away some place on THE day !!!

My friend then suggested the GM diet. As I stay at a hostel, and dont know how to cook & work as well, I am completely worried about being able to follow this religiously. But as I said, I am desparate now. And yes, even normally, I dont eat unhealthy, and exercise about 45 min every morning. I stopped eating chocolates as well. Kindly motivate me and if someone is starting tomorrow, I am planning to start too. On 15th of August. I hope I do start it as I have very very low will power, but I would rather be dead than marry like this !!! I will have to go shopping and get all the stuff I need for the next few days… God help me !!!

Also, wondering if this diet has any side effects cuz I cant afford hair loss/horrible skin conditions before marriage either, lest people will fail to recongnize me on my wedding !!!

Please suggest, help & encourage me 🙂

25 08 2008
Want to loose weight

Hi All,
I am doing the GM diet second time and today is the day 6th so basically the tough days are almost over.
First time I did the diet I lost 3.5 kgs (despite being a lactating mother) and now is the second time and checked my weight it is same 83Kgs..its disheartening as I followed the diet very strictly…..and still haven’t lost any weight..thought my belly has definitely gone inside!!
Any GM dieter please suggest what must have give wrong…after following a diet so strictly..whats wrong!!

3 09 2008


I am on the third day of my diet.It is going well.I lost 1.5kg already.
If anyone is doing the same ,letus do together

3 09 2008

Hi guys,
i have few questions regarding GM diet.
1. Rice – have to add with some dal or anything normal curry?
2. Beef – its baked one with salt and pepper or its like normal curry with normal ingredients

5 09 2008

Hey guys planning to start off with this GM diet program from monday any suggestions ????

5 09 2008

Hi guys,

I tried GMD once & lost 3.5 Kg. A wonderful experience. 2 gain something u have 2 loose something. This is d only loose-loose situation. Experiences will vary from person 2 person. But overall it’s a good exercise. It cleans all ur body.
1 must try atleast once. I have started second from today.

6 09 2008

Hi guys,
I finish up on 3 day but i make notice some change in my weight. Ofcourse i lost some pounds:)

8 09 2008


Today was my 1st day of GM diet. It was ok but i did add few spoons of bhel &1cup of tea lets see how it goes tommorow. any body who has started today please post the comment so we can be in touch

all the best

4 09 2010

ya i hav started today…..lil bit tensed that i will successfully complete or nt…..crossed my finger…..hope for the best

8 09 2008

Man, I just began my GM diet and have realised the tough routine of balancing and maintaining it; Today is day 1 and am at the 8th hour and definitely have extreme cravings for everything that I should not. Yeah that’s life.

I dig Vikas’ feedback on the lean muscle thing because I know that works. So, I have decided to modify the GM diet to my own requirements beginning now. I will post about the balance between lean muscle workouts and diet in my blog once the ordeal is over, but hey I am not one to give up.

For all who have been following the diet, a good supplement for Beef is Chicken!!! Gorge on.

8 09 2008

Rupa, I began today – and am posting the first entry on my blog in a while –

9 09 2008

Damn its my first day today.. and have that craving to taste something salty if not spicy hope i can get through this…

9 09 2008

hi binodan

looks like your blog is not working or i will try tommorw.

avtosh u can add pinch of chat masala to your fuits for 1st day


9 09 2008

I guess we could though I avoided it but i don’t think that should be a problem.

18 09 2008


Myself and my husband started on this GM diet. We are on day2 now.The first day went on with watermelon, cantaloupes, grapes, apples and the wonder soup. Wonder soup is best to take in as it lessens the feel of rats running round the stomach..

On the first day I felt dizzy many a time and couldnt sleep well. My husband didnt had any of these problems and doing good. On the first day I lost 3.5 lbs where as he didnt losed any of his weight. Hope we do better day by day.

19 09 2008


We completed our day2 diet succesfully. I lost 5.5 lbs and my husband lost 2 lbs in total. Hope we lose all extra pounds. I felt very dizzy and both of us felt weakness in hands and legs and weak throught the body. Day2 just went on with a potato,carrots, cucumber, wonder soup. As I was unable to cope up with hunger in the evening I baked a potato and ate it. Then I felt a bit okay. Though we packed up all food not to be before our eyes, its a real challenge to control not to grab the favourites. I felt as if I am falling down but always tried to stuff some vegetable inside and am okay and ready to go on day3 diet. Its true that we feel very light than we were before starting this diet. I moved on staircases just like that as if I was in school and able to feel like a feather in just two days. 😉 So I wish everyone does successfully as we do. Keep going..

23 09 2008

starting tomorrow gm diet.anyone?? need moral support

24 09 2008

Hello everyone best of luck to you guys, gm diet certainly works I just want to know if there is someone who kept the weight off for long time

24 09 2008

I am on 2nd day again anyone starting or on 2nd day

24 09 2008

Your blog is amazing..I started GM diet today. I have to be in India after 4 weeks, and I really really wanna look gud!
Hope I survive 🙂

26 09 2008

Hi ,

here is the link to GM diet for vegetarians…i dont eat beef and i found this on my 4th day now..already lost 7 pounds and my face looks a lot better…

iv done this before but violated a lot ..this is my first try sticking to the rules…im excited about the final result…

28 09 2008

plz tell is salt not to be taken thru out the program??
and also what is subsitituted for beef??

8 10 2008


will start gm diet today.wish me best of luck.may i drink morning raw tea with lemon with diabetic sugar instead of herbal or green tea?may i have yoghurt mixed with fruits?can i use small amount of oil when preparing mixed veg? may i drink low-fat milk?will it make me feel too weak?while doing gm diet,is it adequate to have some exercise like cycling?

8 10 2008

Hi Guys,

I am planning to start the GM diet on 13th Oct .Would anyone like to start the diet with me?

13 10 2008

Ouch !!!!!
A loss of just 5.5 pounds……after 7 days of a killer diet.
Did u consume the soup and amount of water recommended ?????
I would be DEAD with disappointment if I did not loose at least 10 pounds after putting myself through a week of burning in hell 🙂

13 10 2008

Today is my first day on the GM diet and I started the day with half a banana and a milky coffee.
Feeling like such a loser 😦
Will try to stick for it for at least 2-3 days …..I truly suck 😦

15 01 2010
problematix soldier

Hi Mommy,

GM diet allowed you for all Fruits Except banana and milk!!!! wish you to restart back for 1st day…

15 10 2008


I read ur post ,planning to start the diet from tommorrow.Nisha would u like to join with me from tommorrw.I have to loose 40 lbs.HOpe i will do it.will update tommorrow

15 10 2008

guys n gals,
wat u want, good news or sad news first.
ok i ll take sad first
sad: this GM diet was not approved by anyone from GM at all. it has nothing to do with GM or and FDA has not approved it anyhow.
good: well the diet does wonders. the owner of this blog lost only 2-3kgs coz she did not follow it properly. i followed it properly and lost 13 pounds earlier. did it last week but aborted but still managed to lose 5 pounds.
well u need the guts to bear the headache on day 2 and 3. and u can lose 10 pounds araaam se with little cheating like tea on alternate days!


15 01 2010
problematix soldier

Hi rajiv,
I already lost 6 Kg for 7 days crying!!! Even approval not yet be done but it prove to made my life feel better….Sincerely, for 1st day crying and made me smiling for the next and the next day…..

16 10 2008
Doc Roc

After having read about the wonders of the GM diet and in need of an urgent loss of few kilos and inches, bravely decided to go where i have never been before, ie, the diet world…thankfully have never need to diet. have been keeping fit with excercise and watching what i eat. But this time, needed something quick and effective.

So, here i am, 6 hrs into day 2 (i’m starting from 6am in the morning) and hungry as hell already. Already having hallucinations and cravings for a regular cheese toast!!! If nothing else, will learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life by the end of it….:)

Thankfully, have started this diet with a friend, so we are on the phone constantly reassuring each other.

Anybody out there in the same boat as me………hang in there. Go for a movie or better yet, shopping…strongly recommend retail therapy….:)

19 10 2008


congratulations to all those who successfully finished…u’ve inspried me hehe
i hav a few questions though…
is it ok to start while studyn for exams?
will it effect ur concentration?
how much can i loose by doing it 3 times with 3 days breaks in between and 30-60 min excercise and drinking oolong tea (proven weightloss tea?)

p.s im planning to start on the 22nd october…ne1 want to join on da same day for support?

20 10 2008

pwince or watever that name is…
doing GM diet during exams is not right at all!!
save ur fats abit more longer! lol

27 10 2008

Hello, Do something to help those hungry people in Africa and India,
I made this blog about this subject:

5 11 2008
Unmesh Deshpande


I successfully completed GM diet in the last month…it’s effective…i could able to loose 7 pounds.

i feel that it’s a well balanced & also nutritious diet plan…so started again in this month & today is 3rd day…planning to repeat it once in every month…

it gives cleansing effect to the digestion system & also maintains BMI…during diet i am experince myslef more energetic & also i experience inner peace of mind…

The key thing to remember is that if you are hungry at any time, then you are not following the diet correctly…i was also using wonder soup as a supplement everyday…

exercising (yoga, suryanamaskar, walking) for 20 mins was also a gr8 experience during diet because of the lightness of the body…

thanks to my wife who took care of my food during this diet plan…

5 11 2008
Manjunath Hegde

My experience is that walk 35 min a day, keep fat foods / sweets /Rice away. You will somply loose 4 to 5 Kg of weight every month.

Like Vikas pointed out, your lifestyle need to change – otherwise Ramdev baba’s Ashwagandha leaves for 3 day therapy is a better choice to GM diet ?

5 11 2008
Unmesh Deshpande

During GM diet…try Kapalbhati Pranayam for 5 to 10 mins in the early morning as a supplement for :
1. weight reduce
2. inner cleaning of the body as it helps to thow out unrequired gas thru breath
3. stable & peaceful mind which ultimately reduce carvings for eating.

I am doing it & found that it really helps…pls find the below URL from Ramdeo baba for this Pranayam (Breathing Control):

6 11 2008

Hey folks,
I read a lot about the GM diet, and seen couple of my friends trying to knock of calculated pounds, but as they say seeing is believing.. I vouch GM diet to the core
Today is my 3rd day and i already lost 4.8 pounds!.. just stuck to the diet to the Tee.
Day 1 ate cantalopue for breakfast ( my bad.. watermelon season is gone) 1 apple and 2 plums for lunch and an apple and a plum for dinner. Day 2 i worked on carrots and cucumber for breakfast and ate steamed vegges for lunch- ( yuckk!! i had to eat grass) and dinner i washed off with a small bowl of steammed frozen veges ( so much for my busy work schedule)… Today i ate again cataloupe for breakfast and lunch and an apple for dinner- I didnt eat any vegges today ( I felt like a cow on day 1) JK..
I just checked my weight and its 4.8 pounds less than 3 days back!.. Trust me this diet works otherwise i would not be writing to the world .. I Love it I love it:)
xoxo Aparna

10 11 2008

hey guys iv been struggling with my weight problems for as long as i can remember,, im not over weight,, but a lil on the plump side and iv always been wanting to shed the last 10 pounds,, hopefully il succeed !!!! — so nervous !!

11 11 2008

Hey guys,
I just started the diet plan today. This is my 3rd attempt. Past 2 have been the failure ones.
Well, i got through well so far today. I have a question though.
I am a smoker (not proud of the , but it is a fact). I smoke almost a pack a day.
Since i started this diet plan today, i decided to cut down on smoke a little. I was wondering if anyone knows about any effects smoking might have on this diet plan.
I will really appreciate any comments on this.

11 11 2008

I am on Day 4 and have lost 2lbs so far. I am following the diet plan strictly. Even if I lose 5lbs at the end of the diet. I will be happy. Something is better than nothing 🙂
Also, I am taking salt with my soups and veggies. I wasnt sure if I could take that liberty but will pulish an update after the diet is over.

15 11 2008

Hi All

I am on the GM diet and today is my 6th day.Honeslty this has worked wonders for me and it hasn’t been too hard except the 3rd day where I had to eat all vegetables.Apart from that it has been pretty smooth sailing. The best part is it has throughly cleansed my system further more I have lost 4 kgs this is the morning weight by the end of day Ive put on 1 kg which i think is normal.I’d recommend this diet to any one the only thing being never starve yourself always keep your self full.

Best wishes to those who are trying.

19 11 2008

I stopped doing this diet on day two. I started strong on day one, went to the grocery, stocked up on fresh produce, and made a huge pot of the soup.

I am strong willed and finished the first day with a headache, but wanted to move forward. made a baked potato for breakfast, ate it with a pad of butter, scarfed down some sliced peppers and started to write a paper for class.

oh my gosh, I wanted to die. the headache was insane, the hunger wouldn’t go away, I felt weak and dreary, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. honestly, these are my body’s responses to starvation, and they wouldn’t be there if I wasn’t hurting my body.

I understand the point of a cleansing body diet but this one is nothing but a crash diet. I have a friend who has lost a lot of weight on it and if that’s what you’re after, by all means, go for it. But it is by no means a switch to a healthy lifestyle.

you lose water weight, muscle mass, and toxins. no fat loss.

it has all of the signs of a fad diet- read: “quick fix” “cleansing” “shed the pounds fast” and “eat as much as you want”. it says nothing about a balanced, healthy lifestyle change that you can stick to.

so, honestly, if your only goal is to lose weight fast, go for it. but there isn’t a healthy way around it.

25 02 2011

dear u should have drank hot water that could have helped u fto stay away from ur headache.

21 11 2008

Hi.. all..

I completed GM diet.. successfully but i havent lost any weight.. 😦
but i feel lighter than before.. some freshness i can feel.. but no wait loss makes me sad..

29 11 2008

Hi guys, I’m on day 4. Lost only about 2 kgs. (4 or 5 lbs.) Had a terrible headache when i woke up this morning. Everyday since starting this diet i would hit the weighing scale and I always find my weight vary. Sometimes I lose 5 lbs. sometimes 4. Sometimes if I’ve eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables my weight would go up 2 lbs. but after a few hours i would lose i again.

By the way I’ve cheated a couple of times. Day 1 I had coffee and a muffin. Then I tried having watermelon all day but eating just watermelon made me wanna throw up so i made a vegetable soup – different from the wonder soup. Day 2 was ok. But i went starved a couple of times. Day 3 was my favorite. had lots of fruits in between meals and had vegetables as lunch and dinner. i never got hungry on day 3. Today – i don’t think 8 bananas can fill me up. I think Im gonna have the soup again. Tomorrow, day 5 – instead of beef, I’ll have fish – Steamed Tilapia. It’ll go well with tomatoes. and in order to finish 6 tomatoes – I’ll make an eggplant salad (with tomatoes). Day 6 and 7, I think I’ll stick with fish and vegetables. I’m not so happy with the pounds I lost so I’ve decided I’m not having rice the entire month. No more rice for me. By the way I’m in the Philippines and we eat rice every meal.

What’s good about this diet – even if I only lost a few pounds, is that it trained my system to avoid rice. I never thought I’ll be able to make it without rice. NOw I learned that’s it’s possible so I’m determined to keep rice out of my diet and replace wheat bread instead. no more sodas for me but lots of water. Wheat bread, fruits and vegetables. That’s my plan. Bye bye rice!

2 12 2008


I’m doing a small poll on people’s experiences with the GM diet. Would appreciate if you could vote here:


3 12 2008

Total weight lost – 6 lbs.

Didnt follow the beef diet – instead consumed fish and half cup of rice. last night i had a cup of rice and fried chicken but my weight never went up again.

4 12 2008


I am also gonna try this ,,,currently at 95 , lets see if it goes down.


17 12 2008

Hi everyone,
Its my 2nd day of GM diet. I just wanted to know can I have corns on any of the day with vegetables and can I have chicken or fish instead of beef on 5th and 6th day as I dont like beef.


14 01 2009


I did this diet. I lost 4 pounds. But the only way to keep it off is to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies into your daily food after the diet. I noticed that doing this helped me to continue to loose a little weight and feel healthy.

Also the diet does wonders to help control your appetite. After the diet food cravings are almost entirely gone. Its really great.

16 01 2009

Hi !!

Soon after a trek I understood the limitations of I am being at 80kgs.

Some one forwarded me GM diet and here I am.

Well…it works !!! I am damn excited. Today on day 5 and already lost 4kgs.
I can feel rings in the finger are now moving in and out very easily…..

Though its bit difficult to spend whole day on tomatoes and a cup of rice; I am determined to follow rest of the days as per instructions.

For now I do not feel any of the side effects….no weakness. So…..will let you know the final result on Monday. My lunch box will have some chapatis and good spicy vegetables on that day.


21 01 2009

finished my 7th day diet i lost 7.2 kilos…. man this thing works like a charm… im gonna do it again in 2 weeks… from 220.. im at 203lbs

22 03 2012

Thats awesome!!!!!

24 01 2009
Rob from Manchester

I’ve done the General Motors diet many times over the last three years. Three years ago I lost 3 stone (19kg) purely through this diet. Basically, one week on the diet, followed by a second week of exercising and healthy eating. I put the weight back on two years ago, over the year through going back to my old habits.

2009 is my year of better living – I’ve decided to get control of my life and feel better physically and mentally.

Last week I did the General Motors diet again for the first time in a long time. I stuck to the diet rigidly and lost 10.6 pounds (4.8kg). I didn’t just feel great, I also felt completely cleansed inside, a great detox. It is a brilliant way to start dieting as it gives you such a confidence boost. I won’t have anyone saying anything negative about this diet as I know it works – I’ve been there and done it. Secondly, with regards to putting the weight back on – I had four days off the diet this week and stupidly I ate chocolate, crisps, nuts and enjoyed a bottle of wine to myself – I only put on 0.6 pound (0.2kg) – after a visit to the toilet, that sorted out that figure.

There are days on the diet where you have headaches (usually in the first three days). I found if I drank too much water (5 pints a day), I got more headaches. Stick to 2 litres or 4 pints of water.

It is important you have your jacket potato in the morning for breakfast as when I’ve done the diet and skipped this part out, I generally felt bad for the rest of the day – the potato clearly works and you won’t feel hungry again to mid-afternoon.

Banana Day (day 4) can be made fun if you use 3 or 4 of your bananas and your milk to make up a milkshake or smooth and then snack on the remaining four bananas throughout the week.

Day 5 and 6 – steak days – buy some decent steak from a butchers, not some cheap steak from a supermarket or shop – treat yourself – you’ve gone this far and not reward yourself for doing so – this a huge difference in quality meat compared to package meat.

With regard to weighing yourself, if you are doubting the diet before you have started then I suggest weighing yourself every morning to keep a track of weight loss. I am currently on Day 3. On the first day I lost 1.4 pounds (0.6 kg) and on the second day, lost 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg) meaning so far I’ve lost 3 pounds (1.3kg) in my first two days. If the weight loss keeps going at this rate, by the end of the week I would have lost 10 pounds in total (4.8kg) meaning in January, when I’ve done the GM Diet twice, I’d have lost 20 pounds (9.6kg) so far which I will be delighted with – a great way to boost my confidence and keep me going for the rest of the year.

Next month I intend to do something different – eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and then a decent meal in the evening. Basically every month this year I am trying something different, sometimes a little crazy. For example in March I’m “Feasting with Friends” – going to 31 different friend’s houses throughout March (one friend a day) and they are cooking me a HEALTHY meal – let’s see how much weight I lose that month – good for my social life too.

To conclude, don’t knock the GM diet until you’ve tried it – personally I think it’s the best diet out there and over 100 people have listened to me and tried it themselves and are now agreeing with me – now it is your turn – good luck!!!

24 01 2009
Rob from Manchester

oooops I meant on Day 4 – make up a banana milk shake using 3 or 4 bananas and then snack on the remaining bananas throughout the DAY not week!!!!

27 01 2009
Ranjit Mannath

Guys, you may have spent your 30, 40 odd years having your way. So why not spend just 7 days trying this diet. I lost 6 kilos doing this diet. But a bit of advice, you have to exercise along with dieting. I suggest atleast 30 minutes burning 300 to 500 calories during these 7 days. And then follow up with atleast 2 hours of weekly exercises – burn atleast 1500 calories – to keep you fit. In case you are wondering how to track the calories, get a watch/ monitor or jogging at a slow speed continously for 20 minutes and then speed walking for another 10 minutes could get you to the mark (300 to 500 calories burn that way). good luck. Being fat and obese is an insult to yourself.

4 02 2009

HI ,

I sarted GM diet today . I weigh around 125 Pounds and decided to shred some wt ( around 4 to 5 pounds atleast) . Can anyone suggest me some good wonder soup . I dont like celery, onions….

Its Noon already and drank 2 glasses of water and some watermelon.

Anyone else joining me for this weeks GM diet ????

9 02 2009

Im on the 1st day of my diet. but its just that I was feeling very sick in the afternoon so ate 1 piece of idli [made with suji] and had a bowl of dal. Wonder if it’ll work for me? :-/

9 02 2009

this diet is one tat i have used off n on for 4 years and it does work especially w exercise …I DONT LIKE TO EXERCISE!, but if you can make yourself jumprope at a pace that is comfotable for you for 30 to 45 min per day and or walk a mile you will lose 15lbs in one week really do it for two weeks and lose 30 lbs then once you have lost the weight you can eat whatever you want in small potions which is easy cuz by the time your done with this diet your stomach will have shrunken so you wont be able to stuff your face but just continue jumprope and walking and if you can do some situps youll be amazed and if your one that has a really hard time sticking with diets than just make yourself stick w it for 1 week and see how great you feel youll see that it is worth it and you will have the motivation to continue with it … this is the cheapest realest way to lose a lot of weight fast!

24 02 2009

ladies..the best way to survive the GM diet

Day 1: eat a mix of fruits, watermelon, papaya, grapes, strawberries, etc

Day 2: eat vegetable stew – that way u feel like ur actually getting a meal.
make it with carrots, cauliflour, beans and baby onions-just use vegetable stock instead of beef. or u can eat ratttouille.

Day 3: veg stew and fruits (mix day 1 & 2)

Day 4: banana milkshake–i use equal. morning i have a milkshake of 1 banan and 1 mug milk–for lunch i use 2 bananas and 1 mug milk, evening eat one banana and dinner is 2 bananas & 1 mug milk

Day 5: if u cant eat beef, eat lamb or chicken–the diet works on a system of mono diets. that means if u eat chicken then u stick with chicken for both days. Make chicken in a tomatoish sauce

Day 6 – vegetable soup and for main dish chicken with mushrooms in pepper garlic sauce–a very light one

Day 7 – i hate this day- i hate brown rice-i never do day 7. Thsi is where i take a day off.

Ive lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks doing the GM diet. I go to the gym 4 times a week and I’ve moved down a jeans size in 2 weeks

24 02 2009

stew recipe..saute the vegetables till they are cooked..put stock and water and boil for long–till onion starts to disintegrate and make the soup thicker. the baby onions are the best part of teh soup–make sure u put lots

or look up joy of cooking..for a meat stew–cut out vegetables and meat and make it

27 02 2009

Anybody starting off tomorrow ?

27 02 2009

HI Guys…

Its my 4th day of GM Diet Plan.. but now I ma gettin very skeptical abt this plan.. somebdy told me that its not good for girls. Indeed, not good for anybody.. because its very difficult to sustain this diet chart for long and one tends to gain weight as soon as he/she comes back to normal diet… Is it true?? And I have also heard that this will result in hair loss and pale look on face. This plan is actually restricting many of the vital nutrients that is required.

Please suggest me, if I should go ahead with this plan or not?

27 02 2009

I started off today….
its 12.01 pm and I have had 1 whole cup of cantaloupe.
2 cups of water …and I am nearing lunch time….plan to eat a whole cup of watermelon and some apple chips.
I havent had the time to make the wonder soup yet…but I am planning to make that for dinner.
I just hope I make it through this day as I dont like fruits as much.

@ Rohini: I think fruits and veges shud give u enuf nutrients, u r just warding off the carbs which are useless (well almost useless) …and even if u are depriving your body of the nutrients you are only doing it for a day or two which shudnt be too bad i guess.
Then again I am no dietitian, but I understand basic stuff.

28 02 2009

1.52 pm – 2 cups of watermelon cubes down….little hungry….but i will carry on. i know nobody is interested in every meal i eat …..but i need to write to vent my hunger out !!

1 03 2009

hey anjali i weigh as much as you, i am joining you its my day 2 today and my most concern is after the diet if I will be able to maintain the weight , last time i did it i lost about 7 lbs and gained 3 -4 back but still it worked which was the best part …. lets hope it works this time

2 03 2009

thats true Shamika… thats y I am back on this plan 🙂

friday I read alot about this plan and then I thought.. its not that bad to try it for atleast one week… so I again started up with this… n today is my Day 1: Fruits .

I just had an apple in the morning and a glass of water(lukewarm). Somebody told me that lukewarm water helps you to remove those extra flabs..

So now I am again geared up for 7 days diet plan… wish me luck!! 🙂

One thing more:

If anybody over here is pure vegeterain and wants vegetarian version of GM Diet Plan, then please follow the link below:

Wish you all happy dieting! :):)

2 03 2009

Hey All,

Today is day 4… I feel ok. So far I have lost 1.3 lbs which is not as good …but my body is a little slow…responding to diets/workouts….i feel a little discouraged but i will pull myself through ….i have to…
Neway…hmm bananas …milk….I havent had a banana for a while now… it scares the crap out of me …u know …me being a diet freak and all that.
So this morning I went to the 7/11 next to work and bot 8 bananas and a milk carton ….the guy looks at me like i am some banana eating weirdo …i forgive him ….he doesnt know.
So I had black coffee this morning at home …no milk or sugar …and I am eating the 1st banana of the day…
I will keep you guys posted …on my progress ! but so far so good.
Oh btw, I cheated yesterday ….by bittin (a small small tiny weeny bite of) my boyfriend’s chillidog..:( …cudnt help it ….he was eating right under my nostrils. After my bite he ate the whole thing up in a bite !
Also I did feel miserable yesterday night ….I was almost dreaming of eating a big samosa…..and I made my boyfriend feel equally bad …of him eating regularly around me ……made him switch to a salad for dinner (that made me feel better :))….
If you are still reading ….Dont blame me ….my stomachs writing !

@ Rani: Thanks for listening. About starting off today ….sweet ! (or equal 😉 ) …Good luck !!
@ Rohini: Awesome Bud !!!! I am proud of u.
@ R, R and others : Lemme know if u guys need motivation ….I got plenty !! 🙂

3 03 2009

aahh ….i feel like some hot cooked food now ….u know with the snow outside …and the negative degree….worse… i forgot my bowl of soup at home … i gotta wait until i get home …..its 3 30 pm so an hour n half to go ….
so far i have had 4 bananas and 2 glasses of milk (skim ofcourse). …little hungry …but like my bf says ….”its all in your head” (while shoving down a foot long sub….god i hate him !)….it prolly is …… i m not dizzy at all …like most people complain …knock on wood ..

3 03 2009

Hello All,

I am on GM diet 2nd Day. 1st day went pretty well with a little dizziness.
I am a vegetarian, and is it ok to have salad made of cooked peas along with lemon, salt and pepper. Does this go against the plan?

And for 5th/6th Day, what should be a good subsitute for proteins for Veg ppl.

3 03 2009

You are not supposed to have pepper in GM diet. GM diet is to clense the digestive system using of spices during the GM diet plan is not recommended

3 03 2009

I have posted the previous comment about the pepper just for leg pulling of SH, my dear friend. We are all following the GM diet plan together.

But as I realize that this may misguide many honest GM diet followers, I apologize for the same and ask the admin to remove my comments and others to ignore my previous comment about the pepper. I don’t know if pepper can be consumed during GM diet or not.

Sorry 🙂

3 03 2009

@Dart, No problem at all.
But I really think you may be right. Pepper may not be allowed.

3 03 2009

Day 5 for me today. yesterday was horrible…I cant stand the sight of another banana !
oh btw, I lost another 1.5 today ….so I am up to 2.8 lbs. 🙂

3 03 2009

Day 5: I had 2 Big mac patty s !!!!!! that was absolute bliss baby !!!! I feel super full ….i wish i would feel like this in 2 hours tho 😦

4 03 2009

Hey Sh…

Sure there is a substitute of proteins for vegetarians.. you can have rajma, chana, soya nuggets….

Do one thing… you can visit the follwiing link to have vegetarian version of GM Diet Plan:

I hope this will help you… 🙂

Good Luck Buddy!

8 03 2009

Day one: so far not bad. Wondering what I can eat tomorrow, is all the veg. can be cooked and eat and how about using salt…Any suggestions…Thanks

13 03 2009

day 1- Had an apple for breakfast and another apple around 11:30 am.. Had 1/4 cantoulope for lunch… HAd the GM wondersoup for dinner..

Am in day 2… Hope I complete this successfully..

Anybody who has started this recently?

17 03 2009

I started my GM diet today and I am hoping to get through it and possibly lose some weight as well!!

19 03 2009

hey today is ma 2 day of gm diet hopefully its gonna work 4 me.i started wid 140 lbs

27 03 2009

is this thread still alive?
i m planning to give it a try and if I can get a company, i will find it easier and motivating to follow.. so just wanted to check, anybody starting coming Monday? (29th Mar 2009?)

11 04 2009

This is mysecond time for GM diets..It really worked for me the first time i lost 5 pounds…

Let’s see how much will i loose second time..Today is my 3 day..

11 04 2009

i am on the 2nd day n just had a baked potatoe for BF…
yesterday i had mostly watermelon throughout the day n at dinner i had a cup of papaya….
well i avoided the workout thinking dat i wond have enough energy left but seriously i am more active dan bfore..i didnt make the wondr soup as i thought i codnt have it before the 4day but hopefully will make some today.Its very hard for me to loose ven 1lbs have no clue iv been 150lbs since 3 years n dis is the first time i am doing this diet even if i loose 2 lbs i will be happy n am willing to try dis till i am 125lbs hopefully dats my goal!!! GO ME !!!!!

12 04 2009

First time I have gone for GM diet. I was just surfing thru the net to see whether it really works for others and does it have any side effects.

Before start of program I was 81kg
Its very hard to be on GM diet. One can not eat unlimited only one kind of food on any particular day.
After Day 3 – I was 78
After Day 5- I was 77.5
Today my sixth day ….
Side effect what i personnaly feel is little headache for first days and too much drouzy till todays day…
I am expecting at least another a kg wt loss in my last 2 days of program.

16 04 2009

hey all…heard of gm diet plan frm by bf….i am on my second day…eating only salad with garlic dressing….feeling a little low in energy though…i guess it is working…as i already feel light….i dnt wanna step on the weighing machine till day 7…wanna see a total loss one was good…ate lots and lots of fruits…strawberries,plum,pears,apples and grapes….and ofcourse lots of water….
plzz pray for me guys…i badly need to reduce…i was 80 kg before starting the diet..

17 04 2009

hi guys..

i want to start the GM diet from tomorrow…i am going to stick on to my diet …any body joining me…..

24 04 2009

i have read almost all the reviews and posts so far and i am very keen to try out this diet but i cant figure out one thing…..are we suppose to consume the soup only on day 4 or throughout the 7 day diet days?in the original GM diet it says on day 4 we should consume the soup in limited quantity but as you read through the soup recipe it says we can consume the soup throughout the day unlimited?what day are we talking about here?day 4 or everyday?pleaseeeee answer my question.

1 05 2009

I am starting the diet from May 4..I will post my experiences..

4 05 2009

This diet really works, if u really follow it . I’ m on my second week,wish me luck cause i’m planning on losing 10-16 lbs. That is 2 weeks combine.

5 05 2009

I lost around 2.5 kg with the GM diet . They call it GM diet because General Motor started this diet program for their employees and dependents .

11 05 2009

So… this is NOT recommended or it is?
I mean, if we stop the diet but keep track of what we eat and not pig out and what not.. we’ll be fine and won’t gain the pounds back right?

12 05 2009

hey all, i am so inspired by all of you that i am starting this diet rite away!
Wish me luck!!

14 05 2009

i started this diet program and on day 4 i lost 7lbs but after day 5 the feast day i eat hamburgers all day like hamburger sandwich and steak and i gained 3lbs is that normal? i currently on day 6 now and Im having thoughts about eating unlimited amounts of Beef and veggies cuz i might gain the 4lbs that i lost

16 05 2009
Chandra TA

My friend told me about GM diet. I did not take it very seriously. I thought this one of the many diet programs. Suddenly, one day I was surfing net and thought I would look for GM diet details. I got impressed seeing people losing weight thru this program. When I told about GM diet that I was going to pursue, everyone laughed at me. They don’t know about my perseverance. Poor guys!!!!!

My wife also joined with me to undergo this program along with me. Initially I thought she would be a nuisance but after that I felt it is always better to have partner while undergoing this program (In fact she wanted to relinquish the diet in between. I kept her motivating).

Day 1: We took only watermelon and cantaloupe. I majorly took large quantity of watermelon rather than cantaloupe & 10 glasses of water (nearly 5 ltrs).

I lost 5lbs on day 1 (204.6 to 199.6) and my wife lost 4.2 lbs (from 154.6 to 150.4)

Day 2: We took only vegetables. She prepared cabbage, carrot and peas mix curry (added 2 chillies and pepper powder – little bit). Consumed lot of baby carrots also. Plus 10 glasses of water.

I lost 1.4 lbs on day 2 (199.6 to 198.2) and she lost 2 lbs (150.4 to 148.4)

We are in the third day of diet. Will post the details on day to day basis. Hope that will help and inspire others to undergo this diet program.

Happiness Always,
Chandrasekaran TA

1 06 2009
This is fake

People please understand that General Motors had nothing to do with this diet and no one in the United States has ever heard of this diet. This is a fad diet that can be very unhealthy if you are not in good shape and their is absolutely zero endorsement by the FDA as the diet claims.

3 06 2009

hi i m 164 i m starting my diet from tomro for last 2 weeks i m try to start but its to haerd for me to be on 2day ok ya this time for sure i m starting bze i have soo many party coeming up in 3 weeks so i will say good luck to my self

4 06 2009

I have tried this diet and lost 5 pounds. But you gain all the weight back. So its not worth it. Its better to join a gym.. I have lost 22 pounds in 5 months, going to gym.. So be active and join a gym.

6 06 2009

I get that this is not a permanent solution, but this diet is a good way to start a life change. Having lost some pounds initially and learning that you can have discipline is a good start. The boost you get from loosing a few pounds motivates you to do more and your system is now cleansed and ready. You also break a cycle of craving sweets. So I think people can do this diet and after start eating healthy and join a gym, which is the only way to keep the weight off.

14 06 2009

I just started today, I finished successfully day one. in betwen I felt having the food, but i resisted myself. Im praying God to complete rest of the days.

21 06 2009

how much did u lose??

21 06 2009

Hey guy..,

m gonna try d great GM diet…startin frm 22nd…as m travellin 2day….

so will i have company….???

n as i live with my frnz…n no1 has ny idea abt cooking….how will i make d soup n stuff????

21 06 2009

starting it today anyone around ???????

22 06 2009

hi iam going to 22-6-2009

22 06 2009

hi iam going to start 22-6-2009

28 06 2009

Hi i am undergoing this program is my first day. I would like to know if its ok to have honey and dates …and whats the substitute for Beef ??

Many thanks

28 06 2009

Hi all starting GM diet today..hopefully shud lose some pounds

29 06 2009

that makes two of us…

10 07 2009

Hiya! I’m starting my GM diet tomorrow…

Day 0 – 7/9/2009: Weight – 167lbs

11 07 2009

Day 1 – 7/10/2009: Weight – 167 lbs

12 07 2009

Day 2 – 7/11/2009: Weight – 167 lbs

20 07 2009

Yello first timers. I heard abt this program from my aunt. I don’t really like to spend hours in gym so thought why not this option? Oh…Oh…Oh….Don’t take me wrong, I do go to Gym, but just for half an hour. Well, today was my first day. So, far so good. Already lost a companion though. My hubby darling started with me this morning, but now I am alone :-(. Had to make khichdi-kadhi for him in dinner. Anyway, guys and gals, let’s be each others companions. I am 24 years young, 150 lb, 5-4. Will be weighing myself after the 7th day. Good luck to all of u and god speed……………zooooom……..Oh and did I say, I am going to talk abt my everyday feeling till I am on diet. U guys, plz share yours too……it will help me.

20 07 2009

hey guys,
been reading a few reviews and i thought i’ll share my experience as well.
me and my husband started the GM diet on the 6th of july and we managed to lose 5kgs each.
then we took one day break(but the recommended one is to take 3 days break) and continued again on the 14th.
so,today is our last day:)
i weighed myself today and i managed to lose another 3kgs.
so i lost 8kgs in total.
the best part is all my cravings vanished and i dont even feel tempted when my friends have their normal food when i’m with them..
i am going to the gym 3-4 times a week too.
we’ll be continuing again on the 22nd as we are interested in further weight loss.
even my friends have tried and on average,one person lost upto 3kgs even by cheating:)
losing weight is never easy,but its not impossible~!
so,all the best everyone~!!!!

p/s: i think some people are complaining of dry skin coz they r not drinking enough water. and u r not supposed to drink fruit juice until day never starve yourself.thats according to the original copy i received.hope it helped.xoxo

21 07 2009

So today was my second day on GM diet. Felt a bit weak today, but that was all due to consuming less food and less water. I was in rush the whole day and couldn’t eat or drink on time. From my experience, I would strongly suggest to not making a transparent partition for breakfast, lunch or dinner while you are on this diet. Just keep eating. At least each two hours but in small amounts. This will help you feel energetic the whole day plus you will end up feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

BTW, I want to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. When ever I feel a little distracted from the diet plan, I read your reviews and they bring me back. Thank you all….

21 07 2009
Mrs Adel

Hi This is my first day on GM Diet, i feel bit tired. I need to shed down 3 to 4 kgs, hopw this diet will hel me to loose 2 kgs, with in a week. Thats all i expect. i am dedicated to do this diet, i am used to controlled food and i am a regular in gym. In that case its good for me to cut off the unexpected weight i gained last 2 weeks, after that i can follow 1200 cal diet / day and excercise will keep me fit. (WIth Gods grace).

21 07 2009


21 07 2009

Hi My first day on diet

23 07 2009

Today is my third day

I felt bit dizzy on Sec day, tired, I was not able to take more water, I strongly believe that’s why I felt tired. Vomiting tendency too, any way I will stick to this diet lets see what will happen.
I was 65 kg on 1st day

Third day 64.9 kg …….. Still same

i had 2 slice of bread on 2nd day evening. i was totally weak.
i am following this, i am not sure whether i will get desired result.

Wish u all the best

26 07 2009

4th day
i had fever, somehow manage to stick to diet.

6th day : my weight is 63.8 kg, lost interest in food. i became very careful in taking food. i am so happy with the weight loss.

Hope i can follow this diet for once again after a break eventhough its hard

This is absolutely effective. Thanks to GM diet

29 07 2009

I am on my second day of conquering the impossible…….my gluttony.
Hope i am sucessful or i will be the sub of my husbands miserable jokes for next few weeks.

30 07 2009


Its my 4th day of GM diet….I am not at all feeling hungry…
Lets hope for the best so that I continue with my rest of days successfully.

31 07 2009

I am on my second day. Just past the Tea Time.
I was 144.5 lbs yesterday morning and now i’m 138 lbs.
I had only Watermelon and Cantaloupe yesterday. Today morning i didnt have potato jus had cucumber salad i had mix of vegetables from raw cabbage carrot peas tomotaes onions etc… Jus measured i am 138 lbs.. I had lost almost 7 lbs(which is about 3 kgs).

I feel the head ache today not hungry though. (This is because no proper blood supply to brain)

Planning to have two veg salads to finish the day.

People Drink a lot of luke warm water it helps.

31 07 2009

I am 22/M/ reducing th fat i accumulated with Pizza, Fries, Choc and Ice cream i had in the last 8 months of my life in US. I am an athelete and a dancer i was 57 before 8 months and now 68 with fat accumulated mostly on my belly and hip.(As i continously sit at work for more than 6 hrs).

This is a very vigouros dieting plan i have done this one when i was in India in which i ultimately gave up on the 5th day owing to my friends Booze party.

Try this despite the side

31 07 2009

Today is my 5th day & I reduced around 3.5kg till now…
An effective diet plan….

3 08 2009

hi everybody this is my real experience. This works out real gud. I have a 14 month old son. i gained 7 kgs after delivery. i was 63 when i got married. After delivery i was 70 n i started GM diet in the month of june. I did 4 sessions of GM diet. Today i completed my 4th session n checked weight b4 5 hrs. I am weighing 62 now. I lost 8 kgs by doin 4 sessions. I used to take 4-7 days break after every session n will have chappatis during tat time, so i can maintain my weight n dint gain xtra pounds. Its working gud 4 me n few of my frnds. For few it didnot work out , i suugest people to check weight on 3rd day , if u have lost pounds this pgm is working out 4 u, else better try other means.

3 08 2009

Yesterday I completed my first session & I lost 4.5Kga in all.
Really an encouraging thing….

I will start it again soon

4 08 2009

I am on day 1. Going on strong yet…pretty confident I wanna do that lets see how it goes…had 1 bowl of Watermelon, 1 Apple and One whole Cantaloupe. Now Headed for my second bowl of watermelon lets see how long I can go on……Not having any troubles yet. fingers Xred.

4 08 2009


i am doing this diet for second time. today is my 3rd day on diet. last time i managed to reduce 3 kgs, now i am 62.5 kg, hope this will help me to reduce
3kgs more. i am so glad that this diet helped me a lot!

9 08 2009

hi people
i m gonna start the diet on monday and am preety nervous about it because i just hate veggis.
oh is this diet bad to do if ur a teenager???
by the way is there aby things i shoudnt eat at all in this diet??
i mean like wut vegetables, fruits and other things i cant eat??
plz help me out
i would really appriciate it

11 08 2009

today was my first day of GM diet..
felt mild headache by the eve..
hey saloni..have u started??

11 08 2009

heylo fellow gm mates:P

well today is day 3 for me ie fruits and veggies…to b honest i hate veggies so am having more of fruits and a few veggies today..its the 3rd day and i hav already lost 59 kgs i have gone down to 56 kgs…but yes i have been very strict on myself. my gola weight would be 53 kgs as i am deing to get into my size 4 sexy dress…i have a special date wid my man u see and i wana suprise him;-):)
will keep u all posted wid the diet..

all the best everyone,

13 01 2010

How was your special date? 😉

11 08 2009

today is my 2nd day..
started with a baked potato..
which was nice as it never been b’fore [:)]
planning to have wonder soup also..
missed it on my first day..

12 08 2009

anyone tried..wonder soup..
salt can be added into it or not??

17 08 2009

I am on day 3 today on GM diet. here are some stats :

Staring weight : 198.2 pounds
after day1 : 196.4 pounds ( -1.8 )
after day2 : 195.1 pounds ( -1.3 )

i felt headache on day 1. for me, day1 was the tuffest since i am a fruit hater!
but i managed on drinking water melon juice, pinapple juice alternatively, every 2 hrs. for lunch i had a bowl of grapes. for dinner i had 3 small bowls of cabbage & onion soup. i made the soup interesting by flavouring it well with chicken cube, tom yum soup paste and chilli paste.

day2 was a breeze. i even felt like i was not on a diet. enjoyed the headache, but i felt irritated not able to eat some nice KFC style fried chicken! to survive, i took V8 vegetable juice twice. made a nice asian style brocolli stir fry ( with 1 spoon oil ) flavoured with soy sauce, seseme seeds, chilli and onions. yum. dinner i had the soup, this time with vegetables : carrots, peas and beans.

i am at day3 now. the game plan is to alternate V8, apple, pinapple, watermelon juices ever 2 hrs. for lunch i m going to have asparagus stir fry. this time i m going to use 1/2 spoon oil. dinner is soup again. will update the blog tomorrow !

18 08 2009

Day4 :

here are the stats:

Staring weight : 198.2 pounds
after day1 : 196.4 pounds ( -1.8 )
after day2 : 195.1 pounds ( -1.3 )
after day3 : 193.1 pounds ( -2.0 )

i felt very good this morning after losing 5.1 pounds after 3 days. today is the banana milk challenge. i just make shakes. 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, blended in the blender. a nice smooth shake.

so far i ve had 2 shakes. one at 8 and one at 10. i flavoured the 10 o clock shake with a spoon of horlicks. hmm who would have thought that??

for the 12 pm shake, i m going to flavor with a spoon of milo and the 2 o clock one with coffee. pretty cool eh? will update tomorrow on the results of the day4 challenge.

i ve brought turkey patties instead of beef ( for day5 ). just waiting till tomorrow morning 🙂

19 08 2009

This is my 2nd shot at the GMD – Veggie Version , its worked wonderfully well with me .
The first time i tried I Lost 4 kgs 🙂
This is my 2nd time and now in the 3rd day , so far so good …
Lets see how it goes , well its quite a task to not give into your cravings and being a south indian I have a strong carb addiction I mus say ;-).
Wish me luck !
Will surely let you know how much i lost at my second innings 😉

19 08 2009

all the best Archana. whats your begining weight? how much you want to lose? i can imagine your cravings for carbs. i am from south too, and cant have a meal without rice. but these 5 days, i m strangly finding all the will power to resist 🙂

19 08 2009

Day5: Ting ting ti ding!

here are the stats:

Staring weight : 198.2 pounds
after day1 : 196.4 pounds ( -1.8 )
after day2 : 195.1 pounds ( -1.3 )
after day3 : 193.1 pounds ( -2.0 )
after day4 : 191.1 pounds ( -2.0 )

day4 was interesting. i made my way thro milk shakes( 1/2 banana , 1/2 cup milk, ice) with flavour ingredients like horliks, milo, coco powder and coffee. i felt dizzy in the afternoon between 2 & 4. for dinner i had 2 small bowls of the cabbage soup.

my day5 has started. i had 1 1/4 pound turkey patty grilled + 1 large tomato. like the turkry, hate the tomato. so i m going to have only three more and wont have 6 as prescribed.

my calorie estimate for today = 240*4=960(turkey patties)+ 33*4(tomatoes)=132+ 150 ( soup ) = 1242. i m meeting a couple of friends today. i hope i dont ruin my diet by eating anything outside…:)

20 08 2009

Day6: Oh baby! and it fell apart!!!

here are the stats:

Staring weight : 198.2 pounds
after day1 : 196.4 pounds ( -1.8 )
after day2 : 195.1 pounds ( -1.3 )
after day3 : 193.1 pounds ( -2.0 )
after day4 : 191.1 pounds ( -2.0 )
after day5 : 191.3 pounds (+0.2 )

yes thats right. after day5, my weight has increased by 0.2 pounds. i donno why. i think i did good. i had only 16 oz of turkey ( 20 is allowd ). had only 4 tomatoes. and had onions and cabbage ( which are allowed as part of the GM soup ). and had about 7-8 glasses of water. may be the weight loss will show up later tomorrow? lets see.

today is day6. i wanted to quit after seeing my weight increase. but i m hanging on. only 2 more days. and today i m counting calories and making substitutions. morning i had cereals with milk and sugar+ black tea costing 234 calories.

for lunch i m planning a chicken drumstick and veges…shd be around 500 cals. and evening i l have turkey and veges and plan to consume a total about 1250 cals for the whole day.

21 08 2009

Hey Amal..
thanks for ur regular posts..
well I have completed GM diet one week b’fore..
total I lost 7.5 pounds..[:)]
but started gaining after that..
even wen I skipped my dinners and eat as light as possible for the whole day…
however I managed and maintained..
and my weight is now fluctuating between 134-136 pounds..
B’fore Gm diet which was 140..(became 132.5 on the last day of GM diet)
So, its very important to control even after diet..
and very slowly we should come back to our regular food habits..
Iam very happy by doing this..
I was exercising in gym regularly from last 2 months but not even a single pound was lost..but really GM diet worked..
I will start it again after a month..
and Iam highly recommending to people who really want to loose weight!!

23 08 2009

Hi folks, I’m starting GM Diet today — Day 1. Have a lot of hopes! 🙂 Amal, Ruchi and other experienced folk out there, any tips? How do I maximize the weight loss. Do you guys have wonder soup everyday? And are you able to have all the water (10 glasses)?

16 09 2009

Hello dieters! I’ve started GM diet today, I hope I will survive all the seven days (steps) to successful diet program. Cheers

29 09 2009

Full of hopessss….

Today is my second day….

First day I had grapes, grape fruit, guava, oranges

Second day, had baked potatoe (with some four chilles cut and put along with salt in the boiling water), cucumber, tomatoe, onions and capsicum…

Third day.. i have to think what to do…

I started with 100 kgs..!!! and am having 25 kiloes more than what is required… lets see whether i can get at least 3+ kiloes loss…

30 09 2009

Hi I was wondering if the GM diet would be a good idea for someone with high cholesterol? Im only 17 and i’m not overweight but somehow i have high cholesterol (I think it might be genetic!) but anyways I was wondering if a cleansing diet like this would do me any good? What do you guys think?

30 09 2009

I have tried this 2 yrs back while I was still studying accompanied by my roomie…
I could bear it for say………

1 day….
2 days……..
3 days……………..

Then I called “IT QUITS’…….

I was caught by my roomie gorging up on the tasty roti and paneer butter masala served at my campus canteen….

She was angry to the core on me….but she finally gave up the diet plan on 5th day :))))))))))))))))))))

5 10 2009

I have done it three times in last two months & manged to loss 8 kgs of weight & still maintaining my weight. Today I have restarted & let see how much I manage to loose this time….

7 10 2009

hi i am on day 2 of the diet and hv already lost 1 kg ……….did cheat on 2nd day had lil smoked chicken but in think it really made no difference . letz see if i can survive tomm . will keep u all posted ..

22 10 2009

does it also help in reducing belly fat?

10 11 2009

Hey allll

Today is my second day…it is goin fine as of now… 😛
This is the second time am going on GM… i lost 2 kgs the first time but gained 0.7 kgs later :(…i seriously want to loose atleast 3-5 kgs this time…
but i have already cheated this mornin by adding some dhal to my cooked cabbage 😦 😦
from tomro am goin to be strict on this!!!!!!!!
wil keep you guys updated!

21 12 2009

I dont eat beaf. Can anybody recommend a substitute instead of beaf.

31 12 2009

I went on this diet a few years ago.
I also added some mild exercise to my routine. I swam not more than 8 laps back and forth.
I did loose weight and looked great.
Wish I had taken some pics 😀
Am considering carrying this forward, all I have eaten today is fruit – golden yellow pears mostly.
you are also allowed to have soup with this diet although I didnt see you mention it.
I usually drink green tea on such diets which is known to flush the system of toxins.

10 01 2010

found nice reading these reviews…planning to xperience this diet..:)…good luck to all

13 01 2010

I am starting tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be finishing it 🙂 and loose some weight in the process.

13 01 2010

I am starting tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be finishing it 🙂 and loose some weight in the process.

17 01 2010

someone recommended this diet to me and i’m on day 4 right now
personally, i haven’t had any dizzy spells or headaches and i’ve lost 4 pounds so far 🙂
the only problem is that i’m vegetarian and most sites say to replace the beef with rice, but rice is carbs and beef is protein…so that doesn’t make sense to me, maybe i’ll add some beans or chickpeas to my rice
good luck to anyone who is trying this!

20 01 2010

On GM diet from tomorrow ie20.01.2010. Right now i weigh 80kg lets see how this diet work on me. will post a comment after the 7th day 🙂

21 02 2010

wats the result pinky?

25 01 2010

Am on day 1, and almost done through it..the discussions here gave me a bit of motivation to hopefully continue the diet atleast for the next few days…will let you guys know how much i’ve lost after 7 days..

8 02 2010

Hi all,
I am a new comer…..i m planning to start the diet from tommorrow, i did it once 1 year ago n lost 8lbs….lets see what happens this time by reading all these comments one can get courage to go through this diet….. so keep writing!

9 02 2010


Can you elaborate on the “Toxins” and “Feel more healthy” Part of this diet. Did this diet improve your lifestyle or productivity in any manner?


9 02 2010
Blue Star

This diet works great ! Hats off to GM !

13 02 2010

6 out of 10 People in the US, Canada and Europe are Over weight, so losign weight has become the most important goal for many around the globe. If someone is a lazy slob who wants a ‘magic pill’ to give him a fabulous bpdy, that will always remain as a dream.
One should be willing and determined to in efforts over a period of time and only then they can get lasting results. I find a few programs quite interesting and effective, you can also check some programs here and rate them based on your experience. Find the programs here [url=]WeightLossKarma.Com, lose weight easily[/url]
– by Melinda

25 02 2010

Going to start tomorrow…any one wants to join……this is my second time ….initally worked well…lost around 10 pounds…..

good luck all out there……

27 02 2010

Going to start GM from tomorrow…me & my hubby………hope i can continue till end…….this is my first time. i badly need to lose my weight & want 2 be in a good shape. Can any 1 tell me that, can i take 1 bowl wonder soup daily?

28 02 2010

GM Diet:

Day:01- No bad feelings in the morning. Seems dizziness in noon……..hope i can complete the whole process.Waiting 2 see what happened @ the end of the week.

2 03 2010

Today is my day1…Will post comments further

4 03 2010

Its my first day.. i have tried this diet previously, but cudnt continue it completely. i hope i finish it this time.

5 03 2010

Successfully completed first day. I had grapes and oranges. I had the maggi soup in the evening, since i do not have access to grinding the veggies. Can anybody tell me is it ok to have maggi soup instead of the wonder soup?

8 03 2010

Its my fifth day today and i have lost 3 kgs till now

10 03 2010

Hm hm.. that’s interessting but actually i have a hard time determining it… wonder what others have to say..

13 03 2010

I started on 11th march, 2day is third day, so far so good, 1st day i had lots of headaches, i think that was ok. so far i lost 1 kg, lets see if i reduce 5kg.
i hope i go through all 7days

22 03 2010

did you go through all 7 days, and if so how much did you lose?

22 03 2010

I want to start this diet on Friday, my mother-in-law did this diet and it worked, can you eat the wonder soup all the days at anytime ?

26 03 2010

Whatever you do, do not mess up your metabolism permanently for this 7 day diet. You need to maintain a regular calorie count. So if you usually eat around 1500-1800 calories, you at least need to consume 1100-1400 when on the GM diet. When you’re just eating vegetables, there is a lot you can do, you can even eat the bhaji of pav bhaji (save your one potato for this). You should never feel hungry or experience headaches because as soon as you do, it means you’re metabolism is getting worse and you will be in a worse position after the 7 day diet than when you started.
Best way to lose weight is to do 3 days of cardio a week and 3 days of pilates/yoga. Switch it up daily so you don’t get bored. Lift weights as well!
Drink lots of water – I’ve noticed sipping hot water throughout the day helps a lot too.

8 04 2010

I am a male, 68 y.o., 6’1″ 242 lbs. and just started the GM Diet this morning..actually last night. The biggest element for me will be no alcohol. I consider myself a ‘moderate’ alcoholic…that is I don’t get drunk, but have 3-4 drinks every evening..
I want to change my lifestyle so hopefully this will be a good start. I do jog a couple of miles a day and sometimes more. I’m starting yoga again and lifting weights.
I’m a bass player and so need to be in good physical shape and feel strongly motivated. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog and send my best wishes to all of you.
I welcome any replies..dawei

12 04 2010

i m on the 3rd day… and yesterday had a fight with my best frnd bcoz its was nt known to him tht i m on strict diet n he bought for me some goodee goodeee food which could be eaten on normal diet bt not on gm diet

12 04 2010

please some one tell to my frnd that this way leaving a diet in between is not good nd this is not normal dieting where u cn eat any healthy thing ,,,,plzzzzzzzz till now he is not talking to me 😦

16 04 2010

Hey all,

M on day 4.yeah i completly agree dis diet needs a lotta of will power n determination n specially when ur cooking for other family members n u abstain from it is the tuffest:( 😦 .I had done dis once before n lost about 4 pounds may b coz i cheated in between 😉 ;).But dis tym m ardently following it .well First day was really tuff like others said cravings for biryani pasta was more lyk neva before .but got a lil easier as days passed defintly cravings are reducing.
Basically u can have the wonder soup any amount through out the day that kinda keeps u full.i did feel a lil dizzy bt only on the first day .For the vegetables made corn salad with lettuce carrots n a lil soya sauce it tastes good n u ll feel full too 😉 ;).So ma day 4 so far so good bt gotta see how i ll survive thru ma saturday n sunday 😉 fingers crossed 😉

21 04 2010

finally i completed ma 7 days n lost 5 pounds ..frankly speaking i cheated on day 7.well m on it again .first week did seem like a tuff diet but i kinda got used does seem that hard…

21 04 2010

Hi all,
Interesting points of view of every one
I also start this GM diet today and I’m very motivated to keep it up. I ‘m 170LB and very curios to see at the end of this diet where I will be .
I can see one problem in here because I do drink coffee whit sugar I’m I suppose to skip on coffee?
See you guys around !

22 04 2010

Hey Cris,

u cn take black cofee or black tea …. 1spoon of sugar has about 100 calories ….avoid all white substances if u wanna lose weight like rice sugar cheese etc :)…..well u cn try green tea .Heard that too helps in losing weight .

4 05 2010

HI All ! ..for me…i have to loose weight within this month..itz the third day of the month..and the third day of my diet too….. i read the reviews from the start of the page to the end ! few of ya all who hav shared your opinion here go like …IT IZ NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A LONG TERM BASIS.. may b i would take gaps of probably a day or something..but otherwise…ill work on it consecutively for like a 4 weekz time… but i do not want to ruin my health as well…. i jst have one month..for my frenz brthday..and itz on a beach..and i dont wanna feel stupid between them all….right now m like 156 lbs..and i m in my junior year…i know iz a lot..but i generally keep loosing then gainin..past 4 monthz i have not even looked at the gym..and so i have gained a lot !! even cuz of the studies..and all honors classes (6 of them) ..i hardly get time…TIME JST FLIESSS SO FAST ! i have no time for my hobbies too….plus i have a little brother..soo..but now i m prettty determined to du it for a 4 week ! i have followed it earlier as well..and lost 8 lbs … i dont wanna ruin my health though..when i got all of my AP examz and a hecktik last month of school..BUT I HAVE TO LOOSE WEIGHT… 😦 ….. iz it going to AFFECT my health and make me not want to study ? PLZ HELP….

20 05 2010
Dare Guy

Hello friends,

I am on Day 4. I followed this diet very sincerely till day.

Day 1: Stuck only to watermelon. I ate some good amount of Watermelon. I felt better.
Day 2: Ate only Potato for the Braekfast (ate a bowl full as there is no limit for the amount). Had boilded Cabbage and Carrot for Lunch and Dinner (a bowl full each time). I felt really thirsty and drank a lot of water (2-3 litres)
Day 3: Ate a combination of fruits and Veggis (strictly no potatoes/No bananas today) — Ate a bowl of boiled Cabbage (with perrer & salt) and 1 Apple for breakfast. Ate 2 mangoes and some veggis for lunch and dinner.

Day 4: Drank a cup of milk for breakfast. Ate some 3 big bananas for lunch.

Itz 5pm now and still surviving to complete the diet.

Guys, all these days I never felf hungry as I intake sufficient amount of the prescribed items (a good sign I think). The only thing is I feel drowsy at times at which I eat some veggis or fruits so I will be normal again.

Hoping for a good result. Pray for me too …..

All teh best for all the above reviews which really motivated me to proceed further with this diet plan. If it produces a good result, I hope that I will do this once in 3 months to keep me fit.

Note: It is not necessary to starve for 7 days! Every month, U can follow the diet on Day 1 and 2 so that it will clean our digestive system (as 90% of today’s youngsters and office goers are not having good eating habits), cools our body and keeps us fit.

This is not a permanent solution. However, we can follow this once in a while.

20 05 2010
Dare Guy


Please find below the Vegetable Calorie Chart. It will be helpful to select the Veggis with low calories and increase the efficieny of your Diet Plan. All the very best! 🙂

Vegetable Calories
——– ——-
Asparagus 26
Aubergine 15
Beetroot 38
Broccoli 32
Brussels Sprouts 40
Cabbage average 24
Carrot 32
Cauliflower 32
Celery 8
Chicory 10
Courgette 20
Cucumber 10
Fennel 13
Gherkins 15
Gourd 12
Leek 22
Lettuce (average) 13
Marrow 10
Mushroom 15
Okra 30
Onion 35
Onion Spring 23
Parsnip 60
Pumpkin 12
Radish 13
Spinach 23
Sprouts 43
Swede 22
Sweet corn 24
Tomatoes 18
Tomatoes cherry 17
Turnip 21
Watercress 21
Yam 110

20 05 2010
Dare Guy

Some more tips….

Keep in Mind…
When eating Broccoli, avoid yellow pods.
Caluliflower contains purines so avoid if you have gout. Do not eat speckled specimens.
Consuming an abundance of beets can cause red urine.
Asparagus could cause an unusual scent in urine after ingesting.
Endive could cause skin rash in some individuals.
People with history of kidney diseases must avoid spinach.

20 05 2010
Dare Guy

And now, the FRUIT CALORIES…

Since I cant copy the details here, I am posting the link here

20 05 2010
Dare Guy

List of calories in different Meats ….

24 05 2010

is it necessary to eat this cabbage soup??

29 05 2010
Michael Jordan Yoga -Beyond Limitations | Yoga Beginners

[…] Living Through The GM Diet.. « A Mirror of My Thoughts! […]

5 06 2010

Today is my first day, I did GM diet a year ago and lost 6 pounds and there after was watching out the food I was having and lost some around 15 pounds in 6 months.

From the start of the new year, stopped watching my food habits and gainded 10 pounds back.

starting GM diet today June 4th 2010, planning to lose 10 pounds.

hope I stick to my diet.

today morning I was 179 pounds, will post the results tomorrow again.

by blogging I feel kind of committed, as I am letting out my feelings..

hope to stick to the diet..

6 06 2010


on my first day, I ate mostly watermelon, grapes and blue berries.
3 cups of green tea.
8 glasses of water.
Next day my weight was 176.4
I just could not believe the scale.
I lost 2.6 pounds on my first day.
Had severe headace at the end of the day.
Slept for more than 9 hours.
was ok on my 2nd day.

2nd day – Had mostly cooked veges.
Half cup water melon.
10 glasses of water.
Was not that active, but was able to go to shopping :-).

One little thing which I added was having lemon and honey with warm water first thing in the morning.

On 3rd day morning, when I checked my weight it was 174.6
Lost 4.4 pounds.

I think Green tea with no sugar and milk is helping me a lot.

7 06 2010


Day 4 – Bananas and Milk
Today morning when I checked my weight, it was 174, not much of a difference. just .6 pounds.

Today morning, I woke up really tired, also it was Monday morning.
Hate to go to work.

Had 1 glass of fat free milk and 2 bananas at home.
1 cup green tea and 1 glass of water at office at around 11:00 am

blogging this from office, my eyes are watery, light headace, feel like going home and sleeping for the rest of the day.

will post the result of Day 4 tomorrow.

8 06 2010

I have successfully completed 4 days.
today morning when I weighed myself I was 173.2
lost 0.8 pounds, not bad – atleast 0.2 pounds more than yesterday.

Had 3 egg whites for protein.
1 glass of honey and lemon
2 glasses of milk
1 cup of green tea

— update till 11:30 am.

Have to check what all I can eat on the net.
though I am not vege, I am too lazy to go out and get chicken.

will have some green gram dal in the evening with tomotoes and onions.

let’s see what would be the result tomorrow.


8 06 2010

sorry about its not 2 glasses of milk, its water.

9 06 2010

Today is day 6.
Results of day 5 – 172.6, lost 0.6 pounds only.
Cheated a little bit yesterday – Had 6 spoons brown rice and 1 cup sambar for lunch.
Dinner – Had roasted peanut handful
Moongdal curry and 1 roti.

Did some exercise
Had more than 10 glasses of water.

Today Day 6, has lemon and honey juice in the morning,
planning to have salad with chicken for lunch.
Dinner water melon.

will do little bit of crunches, have to lose atleast a pound.
God help

10 06 2010

I was really upset when I checked my weight today.
Though I have resisted eating junk at office, I weight did not reduce a bit.
Instead it increased by 0.6 pounds.

Day 6 morning weight – 173

I did not have much yesterday, just had chicken salad for lunch and water melon and yogurt for dinner.

Did not sleep well, just had 5 hours of sleep also had only 6 glasses of water.

Not sure whar the reason is, but its just disappointing.

I really want to come down to 170 by the end of Day 7.

Had oatmeal for breakfast.
Having Chicken salad for lunch, roti and curry for dinner

let’s see what will be the result.

And now I am really into it,

11 06 2010

Finally, I finished GM Diet.
Day 7 – My weight is 174.0
I gained 1 pound back from yerterday.

I just don’t get it, I did not eat something which would increase my weight.
Had oat meal for breakfast
chicken salad for lunch
1 roti and water melon for dinner.
2 cups of green tea
6 cups of water.

Not sure where I am going wrong.

its disappointing, but anyways.. over all I have reduced 6 pounds only.

not bad, I am 5.6″ and currently weight 174 pounds – June 11th 2010.

Will try to watch my diet, do exercise and would never again get back to GM diet.

From now on I want to loose weight healthy way.

My target is 140 pounds, will post as and when I reduce some weight.

I think I have given too much of detail about myself and diet, sorry about that.


15 06 2010

I did GM diet last week. It worked for me. I was 185 pounds, and im able to cut my weight to 171 Pounds. :-). This is bcoz i followed the diet very strictly, upon that I play volly Ball daily for 3 Hr. My frds around me, who were seeing me daily found the difference in me and started complimenting me. they took some suggestions and guidelines as they want to follow.
Thanks for all the feed back that is given which boosted me to do this GM diet.

19 06 2010

I’m currently on my third day of the diet, it’s not that hard when you know you’re going to get results in the end, because even if it’s just that one kilo after seven days, its better than gaining 2 kilos eating everything you can get your hands on before starting the diet and then abandonning the idea by lunchtime the next day. Haha, talking like someone who’s done this quite a few times. I weigh in at a fun 72,5 kilos or 77, lol it depends which scales i hop on.

Anyway, the diet does indeed work, ihave completed the program a couple times with cloas to five kilos of loss in weight both timeS.
Unfortunately, i have a yo-yo weight, so i’ve weighed 85 kilos and i’ve weighed 58 kilos in the same year.

One thing i do suggest for those that have trouble coping with this diet is to put a sheet of paper on the fridge with the sevey days, with little circles or stars or whatever to fill in when you take one of the ten glasses of water. And finally leave some space to put your comments like “i’m hungry” or “my scale is pissing me off”. Haha, I also have my weight written on it for everyday, so everyone in the house can follow what’s going on and on some level, it make me want to finish it just so people can like have a proper review of the diet in itself.

Well, that’s it, hopefully, my line will be more curvy for my summer vacation, i’ll keep in touch, and wish all the luck to people who consider going on the diet.

20 06 2010

This morning, i weighed 70kilos, i’ve lost three kilos officially since i started the diet. I wanted more than once to give up because of lousy scales, but this is it, i want to continue til the end.
That’s my update, so i’ll tell you what tomorrow 🙂

28 06 2010

hey.. i had a query regarding this diet
can we put a little bit of oil while cooking the vegetables for day 2 and day 3?

2 07 2010

I am on day 1 Pls lemme know ASAP if it is okay to eat mango today?

3 07 2010

i am on day one and it suck ass!!! on day 2 is it 2 baked potatoes or 1 because i have seen both 1 and 2 so im not sure how many to eat

7 07 2010

Hello everyone. I am on day 3, its not so tough since I fast on and off. Im having tons and tons of water. Although I need to know two things :

– Are sprouts considered as a vegetable since Ive been hogging on them!
– On day 5, is rice and tomatoes the official replacement of the original diet? Because i hear ppl sy we can have lean meat, so chicken etc?

I havent weighed myself but i think i must have lost about a kilo so far.


27 07 2010

Hello Everyone

I started the GM diet from yesterday.

Day 1: Started my day with an apple for breakfast, survived till lunch :), had cantaloupe & water melon for lunch, again apple for some snack and grapes for dinner. But had terrible headache & went to bed very early..It was gone in the morning..

I have lost 1.6 kgs on Day 2 morning. Yipee..!! I guess this is going to keep me motivated thruout..!!

Day 2: Little hungry..but can manage…had some bhaji (pav bhaji) excluding the pav of course..made it without oil..but yummy..lets see how d day goes by..

Will update tomorrow…

4 08 2010


I started this GM Diet from yesterday (Aug 2nd 2010), it was really bad yesterday morning to just eat fruits, I was feeling uncomfortable & dizzy until afternoon, but later in the day I got strawberries and blue berries and started feeling better. I forgot about the diet and didnt eat anything for dinner on Sunday so that might have been the reason. But from evening it was better and then had honey dew for dinner. Total of 1/2 watermelon, 1/3 honey dew, 6-8 strawberries, cup of blue berries, and I forgot about not drinking the soup 1st day and had a little.

Forgot to mention, I had little headache behind my ear from afternoon till evening, just fyi.

Lost around 2 pounds from yesterday.

Today it was not bad, had 2 medium sized baked potatoes morning, it really felt good, never thought I would like potato without any spices probably because of fruit diet from yesterday :). and for lunch I got cucumbers, broccoli, celery and carrots.

Looks like everything if fine until now, hope to continue further. All the best to everyone like me,

– Kanna

28 08 2010

So i finally begin my GM diet from tomm–29 August 2010 (Sunday)…choose Sunday on purpose…its easier doing nothing and eating fruits ;))
I have to go on this dream vacation to Goa in about 3 weeks..and loosing about 10 kgs is my aim…although i realise that ONLY the GM diet would not i plan to team it up with exercises for atleast for 30 mins a day…
Phewww…am i being unrealistic…!!!!! dont knw… ;((
reading all the above posts for headaches and dizziness has scared me…and i feel managing the exercising part is gonna be tough..along with my long working hourss…
Lets see how far i go…would keep u guys posted!!!

3 09 2010

Heyy am following this diet and every now and then chckng with my frends whether they found ny wt. loss …………. 🙂

4 09 2010

I lost a lot of weight around 7 pounds, but its no way to live, i mean for a week its good stuff but after that its hard. It helps if you have a variety of fruit and vegetables.

14 09 2010

i lost 5 kg but it’s to horible to maintain, i’t too good diat

2 11 2010


I’m going to start diet tomorrow..wish me best luck

2 11 2010

hii.. started the deit today.. hope it works 🙂

7 11 2010

Hello all I am starting this diet today… I need to reduce 10 kgs.. I hope this diet help me succeed…….
Day 1 – It sucks to just eat fruits..

Oh God I need all the control and luck…

11 11 2010

So, Hi all,
I am on Day 4 and hating every bit of it!!!! I want to break it , but my husband who is almost always on a GM diet(!!!!) is urging me to hold on.
I usually am very comfortable with any diet, but this one has wrung me out. Maybe coz I am diabetic and also nursing my 1year old baby.
Any thoughts??? Would appreciate it.

14 12 2010
chirag patel


14 12 2010
chirag patel

wonderful diet…..did 3 times at an gap of 45 days each and lost 11 kgs net……which could have costed me 46000 in any trimming beauty saloon…..izzat bacha li saale ki shadi me……great one

5 01 2011


It works well, u can try this to loose 10lbs in a week.

18 01 2011

Hey i am thinking of starting this diet from tmr, hope i will stick ot it

23 01 2011
try GM


I started on tuesday(1/18), lost weight on first and second days – total of 5pounds. No weight loss after that. is this normal? anyone lost weight on everyday throught this diet.

27 01 2011

TOday is my 4th day…Goodluck to me…im pretty sure after this day im not going to eat banana for a long time. :-)))

25 02 2011


Today is my first day had watermelon, papaya, 10 glass of water, and 4 ppiece of khaman, i will be having some grapes and papaya int the dinner.
Feeling little weakness, but i m firm to lose atleast 3 kg in a week.

My current weight is 74 kg and would like to go around 62

will update myself everyday.


28 02 2011

Hello everyone,
This blog is really interesting. I read it from top to bottom,lol.
About me, well I am a 19 years old girl and I weighed around 68 kg. Then my neighbor told me about this diet . I tried to follow it first but gave into my cravings after the first day. ( I am a kfc addict , I go crazy if its near me . and pepsi as well , i drink it instead of water, well used to)

So i gained more weight, then my mom asked me to go for this diet and it was necessary. And I agreed. Well I have to say the cedit goes to my mum. She made all the arrangements of the fruits and all. And she kept a check on me and encouraged me at each day.

I didnot cheat =D. Which is a great thing cuz I ALWAYS cheat. And this time i didnot cheat. Drank loads of water. Today was my banana day. And I ate 4 bananas and drank 2 glass of skimmed milk. Tomorrow is a hard day cuz Im still confused about it. Will see what my mum suggests. I think she’ll ask me to have some boiled chicken breasts.
AND I workout. I go for a half hour brisk walk every evening. Then I climb to the 6th floor on stairs. and do situps and crunches as well.

So the end of the story is that I have lost around 3 kgs I guess. My weight is 64.9 kgs.
I plan to repeat this diet again and again till I get back to my previous ideal weight that is 53 kgs.

Many ppl say that this is a fad diet comes and goes. Well that might be true for ppl who resume their old life style. I personally believe that if continue my new eating habits and the workouts I can maintain my weight.

AND AND Today my family treated themselves to KFC bucket and I didnot even touch it . yay me =D. just smelled it though. Im quite proud of it cuz im a major kfc fan.

Good luck everyone!

28 02 2011

Today was the day for brown rice and they sucked. I hate tomatoes as well Cant stand there smell alone. So today i mostly starved. thats why i couldnt walk and workout much either because i felt like i have very less energy.

tomorrow il replace the brown rice with boiled chicken breast.

lets see. but i guess my weight on this diet wont drop beyond 3kgs. Cuz its still fluctuating between 65.0 and 64.9 since two days. well 3 kgs is good too , atleast something is better than nothing. Will do this diet again and again after regular intervals till I get back below 55 kgs!

28 02 2011

Wow! I am surprised that this thread is going on since the last 4 years!!

I am gonna try this GM Diet for the first time. It starts 2mor. Due to some reason, I am very excited for the diet. I hope I lose around 4 kgs!!

1 03 2011

Hi guys,

GM diet works really well, I lost almost 10lbs. I am feeling good.

Try this:


2 03 2011

today m on day 5, i found it very difficult to handle it, I lost my 1.5 kgs though but lost all my test, craving. Today m consuming lots of tomato (which i do not like), Its a tough job, wanted to contiue till day 7 and will continue it until my wegt touch 50g, now m 56.5 kgs.
those who wanted to start this diet, good luck and post your experience.

3 03 2011

DAY 3!!! After having so many carrots, I feel like I am Bugs Bunny… What’s up doc? Lol…

5 03 2011


completed 7 days, lost 2.5 kgs overall, not bad but will repeat it from tomorrow, hope this time i loose 5 kgs. Wish me luck guyes …

6 03 2011

hey all!!! phew!!! Done with “Devil Diet”, i must say. BUT BUT BUT, have lost 12 lbs.. :P:P..could not ask for better than brother’s wedding is coming up..guess will do this devil diet one more time and i will all be set for the wedding!!!!!..

Best of luck guys!!
Ravneet 🙂

6 03 2011

great buddy 🙂 keep it up, yeah its devil diet :))

7 03 2011

Hi all,

I am planning to start this diet from tomm (i.e) 3/7/11
I really hope i could stick to this diet.Last time i did thisdiet almost 2 years back had lost 5lbs.Hopefully it works again for me this time around.any diet buddies?? lemme know….can motivate oneanother.
Will post tomm. Good luck to all.

7 03 2011

yeah, m with you … 🙂

7 03 2011


starts this diet since yesterday, 2nd day today….took 1 day gap and starts it again, hope to loose 5 kgs now…right now m 55 kgs….lets c what happens…wish me luch guyes.

8 03 2011

Hey all,

Today is my first day….cud’t start it yday.
So for today drink lots of water and eat yummy fruits.

Hey Shweta…..good luck buddy.Hopefully we both could motivate eachother.

I am 5’7 and weigh 69 kgs….hoping to loose 3 kgs…i hope i can.

8 03 2011


good luck, howz ur day 1 going ?? , m on day 3…!! , no weight loss till now 😦

9 03 2011

Hi there!

Well so far so goood… a lille hungry…felt like cheating a bit….but just went out for a walk .Now the cravings hav diminished.

hmmm …day3 no weight loss…i guess…need to wait and watch.
btw any ideas for day 2. just veges….dunno how to eat em.
Good luck dear.

16 03 2011

hey guys…….
GM works……. i lost 4 kg weight n i feel very fit n fine after GM.
and planning again for the same very soon 🙂
all the best to everyone…..
keep smiling n keep eating healthy food 🙂

5 04 2011
Amit R

Hi Admin and friends,

I am going to try this as eating this would not be difficult for me. I am 87.5 kg vegetarian male. my hight is 5’11” and wanna loose some 5-6 kgs specially for my abs.
My question is, I am regularly working out also. Since I would not be taking any carb diet, would there be any harmful effect on my body if i workout in gym with this diet plan for a week or so?

btw.. I would love the diet suggested.

Please advice.


27 04 2011

Amit please cut your workouts during this diet, it will have adverse effect.

5 04 2011
richa fernandes

m 70kgs want to b 60kgs, hope this diet helps.starting gm diet on 6 – 4 -11, anyone starting together.

9 04 2011

Hey everyone! I’m keeping my identity disclosed (Hence the username I have) I’m a female. I’m 19. I’m a college going student, and have everything going for me cept my weight. I really want to lose a good amount of weight. I read a lot about the GM diet before I decided to give it a try. Today is my first day on the diet, and I feel confident to carry the whole day out properly followed by the rest of the days. I know it’s going to get tough, especially tomorrow since I don’t like raw/boiled veggies. But I am going to HAVE to do this for MYSELF. 🙂 So yeah, please pray for me. And you ALL are in my prayers too. I believe that we must have faith and that if we are trying and giving this diet a shot and doing what seems impossible (ie consuming the food we would normally never dream of consuming) God is GOING to see our efforts made and will rewards us with our weight loss. I’ll keep updating. 🙂 Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

5 04 2011
richa fernandes

m 72 kgs want to b atleast 60 kgs. starting gm diet from tomorrow, will let u’ll know abt my weightloss.

9 04 2011

Also, sorry that I replied to Richa’s post, that was by accident. *slaps head*

10 04 2011

Hi all,
Am so excited to discover that I lost 3 kgs in 3 days following the GM diet. Well, I was 83 kgs on day 1, today is my 3rd day ending. I am a male, 34. I have all the habits that a healthy person should not have, I booze once a week and smoke a pack a day. I am a food lover too and would die for chicken biryanis and spicy food. I also generally take 3-4 cups of tea a day and exercise on and off.

I have been really really strict these days in not having any tea, salt, sugar, spices or anything…its just fruits & vegetables(potatoes on day 2) with only lemon, vinegar, garlic and mirchi as condiments. I hope to lose 2 more kgs in the coming 4 days and prove to myself and others that this is doable and is a question of my will power. I continue my smoking though 😀

Though I am aware that the lost weight would come back if I am lethargic, I must strive to not get back the weight as I guess this is perhaps the last chance that I have got to be strict on what I eat and lose weight forever. Though occassional indulgence is OK, the ground rule is follow a strict diet plan later on and do regular exercise.

Good luck to all who are following the plan and to those who have doubts regarding the plan. Try it once before judging it, please make sure that you follow it strictly, be true to yourself and not give in to temptations. Do not place yourself in social/family lunch/dinner situations as much as possible. You will discover how worthy it was to have stuck to the plan once you lose your weight. Thanks.

12 04 2011

Please do not follow any short term diets as they have many side effects like ruining your body’s Ph balance of the essential minerals like Sodium and putting in way too much Potassium in the body. I personally followed this diet once and did lose 5 pounds BUT acquired Hypertension after I followed this GM diet because my body becmae very sensitive to Sodium and I am only 31 and no family history of early Hypertension. I even gained all those lost pounds back within 3 weeks. So please be aware of these drastic diets. To lose weigth, CONSISTENCY is key, keep your goals for atleast 6 months to 1 year, after all, you have gained all those extra pounds not over a 7 day period……..SO BEWARE….

15 04 2011
Komal Kaur

Wow! I am surprised that this thread is going on since the last 4 years!!

I live in Delhi.
Am planning to start this as well.. If i go by the reviews , it seems my kinda thing 😉

15 04 2011

Well, I lost 4 kgs after following this diet with no side effects. Need to maintain the tempo. Will update after 2 weeks by following the normal healthy diet.

17 04 2011

hi, will be starting this diet again from tomorrow, had done it 3 yrs back and lost an incredible 25kgs, after my first week just followed three steps, dont eat junk, use to walk a lot and eat healthy, which i guess this diet helped me with.

God gonna start again this from tomorrow as i gained after delivery and did not maintain, gonna be tough but i am determined in doing it all over again and getting my young body back.

please keep me motivated, will post tomorrow after my first day of my deit…

see u then

17 04 2011

hi! everybody,
sorry m late to post. lost 2 kgs with this diet, was little depressed since, after reading the reviews was expecting to lose atleast 5-6 kgs. but still something better than nothing.

18 04 2011
Amit R

Hi Guys,

Today I bought 2 kgs of water melon to start my day one with this diet tomrrow, BTW, today I attacked of Mac’D and on lots of other junk foods in my last 11 hours today. Again my weight is 78.5 kgs and hight 5’11”. I dont look heavy with my arms and legs but my abs and face does give an impression that I am little overweight. Some people says that I am not over weight but I feel, for my hight, I am slightly over weight. So I have to take this challenge. BTW, Today I did some shopping for some slim fitted outfits to keep me motivated and I hope to see myself well fitted in these new dresses during next weeek end .
For the people who has already followed this GM diet and want to maintain similar weight with little or light pain then I have found one diet plan for them. Though this diet plan is best suited for Indians (Indian food) but every one is welcome to try this after first week of GM diet session. so please let me know if any body is interested in the plan that I have found. Please note that I am not the one who designed this diet plan, I googed like you guys and found it. and last but not least, please buy some slim fitted sexy dresses in advace to keep you motivated. And also please note that this plan would be more effective with only those people whose body is already adjusted for one week with GM Diet plan and thats why I would share my diet plan with only those people who have already completed one week and lost some weight.
Hope to see entire India HEALTY AND LIGHT.

Amit R

21 04 2011


day one is complete.

had 2 crackers and one black coffee with sweetener bcuz i was craving something solid by dinner time.

otherwise stuck to the diet.

lets c how it goes!! anybody with me here??

25 04 2011


I am planning to start from today… anybody with me?

27 04 2011

Whoa its the second day and my head is throbbing badly. This is my second time and I lost 3 kgs in the earlier one from 77 to 74Kgs. Now I weigh 78.5 though..
On my second day noon, I checked my weight and its 77.7 wow 800gms in a single day. Had a vegetable salad at work and saw people treating themselves with rich french bakery and cafe day snacks..its tough I say :((

28 04 2011

was my second day of diet, did a little cheat but promise will be proper from tomorrow. God keep me motivated

28 04 2011

My Third day. Checked my weight, voila its 75.9. A reduction of 2.6 KGs from Day one 🙂
GM never lets you down, but it does it for your taste buds though…
I do it my own way, I take lot of tender coconut water coz I am unable to bear the hunger 🙂

1 06 2011

hi! all
will b startg the diet frm6th of june anybody with me??

1 06 2011

hi! all
will b startg the diet frm 6th of june anybody with me??

5 06 2011

hi nazneen,
I am with you, same here starting from 6th june atlast. Have to loose a lot…..god give me will power and nazneen we can surely motivate each other…..what say


5 06 2011

hi nazneen,
I am with you, same here starting from 6th june atlast. Have to loose a lot…..god give me will power and nazneen we can surely motivate each other…..what say

7 06 2011

OK, the biggest hole -:) in your whole diet program was that you kept yourself starving for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the key is that you should keep munching fruit and vegetable snacks, oh well! i should have said you should be hogging on them like a starved pig – lol , anyways the key for diet is “never feel hungry in the whole day for all the 7 days” – try it once more – you should loose 10 lbs, Eshwar

14 06 2011
Beth Jones

Looks like you are the only other person to notice the flaw 🙂
For other dieting friends:
This is a fruit n veggie lovers best diet… have to eat n eat like crazy…hunger pangs and headaches are indicators that you are not eating enough.
All the best! 🙂

7 06 2011

Hi Nazneen, am there with you – started here on 6th June – Had a big watermelon of 3 kgs for the first day

11 06 2011

Since I am a veggetarian, I had look for veggie recipes from – worked pretty well. Combining surya namaskara/Yoga really really helped

Day 1: Lost 0.5 lb
Day 2: Lost 2 lb
Day 3: Remained same
Day 4: lost 2 lb
Day 5: Lost .5 lb
Day 6: Remained same
Day 7: Lost 1 lb

Overall lost around 6-7 lbs and feeling a lot lot better

Thanks and good luck

11 06 2011

hi! guys
sorry started only on 9th, lost 1kg so far. mons n eshwar – hope u’ll r still following n nishanth congrats.

14 06 2011
Beth Jones

Hi rani
It was nice to read your take on the GM diet. Im starting mine today. Going through your menu, I feel that you have not followed the main concept of this program-that is eating, eating and eating! Your first day- couple of strawberries, fruit chaat and pear are not adequate nutrition!!!! You are supposed to eat fruits in large quantities like 1/2 kilo strawberries, 2-3 pears like that. If you eat so less, it is basically starving yourself which is the opposite of GM diet. If you are planning to try again, I would suggest following the diet exactly and also drinking lots n lots of water (10 cups per day) to flush out the toxins.

Vegetarians can substitute beans or brown rice for beef. White rice will not work. And here is the recipe for soup as a supplement to have at anytime on anyday :

Wonder soup:
23oz water
6oz onions
2oz green peppers
3oz tomatoes
1oz cabbage
1oz celery
herbs n seasoning

Please remember that if you are hungry when following GM diet, you are doing it WRONG. Eat eat and eat but only what is on the menu. And THEN, see the results!

To track your calorie intake, use ‘s MyPlate function. You can add whatever you eat and see how many calories you have consumed. Best luck!
 Hope this helps.

17 06 2011

hi! everybody,
lost 3kgs with the diet.

19 06 2011
Ravikumar Narayanan

Planning to start this diet from july 2 nd. now Iam 83.3 I wanna lose 13kgs. lets see if it is possible thru GM diet

26 07 2011
Kate Joyce

I am a 5’4 female – starting weight 125 and wear a size 2….I was not sure how much I would lose as I did not really need to lose much – I was aiming for 8 lbs..
I am just starting day 4 today and so far I have lost 5 lbs….I could not be happier w/my results…
no side effects other than a headache the first 2 days b/c I had no caffiene, yesterday I added to cups of black tea to my breakfast and that took care of any HA coming on…I also work out every day – today ran 3 miles on the treadmill, other days did weights….Hoping and praying for 3-4 more lbs off..

26 07 2011
Kate Joyce

Also, the first day was my hardest b/c I felt hungry all day but since then, this is very easy to follow and seems pretty healthy to me, I have not had any bloating or indigestion that I normally have so that is a plus

27 07 2011
Kate Joyce

Another 2lbs for a total of 7 lbs in 4 days….Starting Day 5 today and feeling good..only 1lb away from my goal weight..

28 07 2011


I started the GM diet today…
Ate fruit plate consisting melons,apple,chickoo and cantaloupe for breakfast.
Again same for lunch…
I will check my weight on day 7 as i dnt want to discourage myself if nothing happens;)

31 07 2011

i used this diet plan….i lost 5 kgs in 15 days…7 days diet plan + exercises…:))
and the results were good….i am 5’8″ and my wt. was 69….i was 63.7 after 15 days…so what i can say is its a good program to loose weight fast….but there is no substitute for regular exercising…:(…one has to take time out for some daily workouts….

7 08 2011

on my 3rd day so far so good hope it works for me i gotta do dis atleast 5-6 times in coming months to get a good physique will update the results after day7 till now did not scale the weight but surely i see that my jeans is a bit loose than normal its a good sign 🙂

7 08 2011

well yes i 4got to say i had trouble sleeping on the 2nd day omg i felt my heart was running fast n i was gng dizzy n sumthing like that but i jus kept saying its alot better than sleeping with a 12 pack of beers in the belly n finally managed to sleep… the morning of 3rd day was good had an apple n peach as brkfast.. had some blueberries at 11…..waiting for lunch prbbly at 2..i m wrkin long time i.e 12-13 hrs a day cuz of work load else i wud not even hav had the headache kinda thing r dizzyness i had on the 1st day n 2nd day evng 🙂 i m sure goona make it

7 08 2011

my first day…i was a little down in afternoon..but now m fine..i wanna loose some weight 2 impress some1….hope i can make it till 7 day…

8 08 2011

sure VK if that sum1 is a opp sex u wil def make it 😛

8 08 2011

hey vk,
m sure u’ll impress that someone. all the best.

9 08 2011

4th day had a cup of milk 2 bananas and the wonder soup… so far so good 🙂

12 08 2011

This is my third time doing this diet. I lost 12lbs and 13lbs. the last two times I have done this diet and I was only weighing 190lbs at the time. I try and run 3 miles each day while I’m on the diet which helped me lose that much weight but it gets harder and harder to run each day that passes. I noticed that I continued to lose weight even off the diet if I eat healthy and continue to exercise (more than my normal weightloss without doing the diet). Good luck to anyone that wants to try it. Its not easy!!

12 08 2011

hurray i m on my 7th day, had some glitches on the 7th day…….but overall i m satisfied with the diet but now i m hating the veggies i dnt knw if i wud b interested in dng this again 😦

18 08 2011

Hi..Im a new mum and during my pregnancy i gained 30kgs. i was 54 initially and reached 84.i have manged to shed 10kgs in 5 months. I am planning to start GM and shed the extra 20 that i still have. Little scared.
Wish me luck guys as i really wana shed the xtra kilos..its really depressing to be overweight.

20 08 2011

ATB but take care because i think being a new mum u r generally supposed to eat for 2 ppl u n ur baby so tc

22 08 2011

Hi everyone,
I am in my first day of starting GM Diet.. Feeling very week and dizzy.. 😦 Don’t know if I will be able to go on… Fingers crossed, hoping to get through today since everyone say it will get better after the first day! I am planning to have one chapatti in the evening if I get too week.. hope thats ok!!

23 08 2011

hey today is my second day of the diet. yday i had a mango,pineapple,mausambi,orange..didnt find watermelon..:(
i cheated a bit.. went out.. ordered a pineapple salad.. its dressing was mayonaise..:( n 1 spoon of mashed potato also i had.. will it still work or should i start over?
im not over weight so will it be fine?
im 5 feeet 2 n weigh 52.. 22 yrs old.. i also wanna know that the rice on dats 5 n 6 n 7.. can i cook it? if yes how without oil? n the juice on day 7 can i add sugar? also the milk on day 4.. sugar is fine?

30 08 2011

anjali, u r over wid ur 7 hectic days, still take a look for for detailed diet chart at this link…

23 08 2011

On the second day of the diet…first day had a small piece of cake as it was a colleagues b’day….but stuck to the diet diligently during the rest fo the day…
Start4ed day 2 with the potato …made myself vegtable and corn salad its already 5pm few more hours to go….

23 08 2011

This is a great post u have here… will help many survive the seven challenging days of this diet.
Keep up,

24 08 2011

Im ion day three and despite eating ……i keep thinking of interesting foods..thereby making me hungry :-(……………not sure if i’ll be able to get thru this diet!!! HELP!!!

26 08 2011

hey is ma first day of GM diet.
well ma problem is i dunn like vegetables..cant hv vegetables on da second day. well i wil try to have some raw peas and cucumber.
but can anyone suggest me wht can i have in place of vegetables???
😦 😦

30 08 2011

oh god… its our day 2 of GM diet… really.. i felt myself like a monkey yesterday…. i never had soooo much fruits n onnly fruitz b4… 😦 counting days 2 get it finished… 😦 neway, njoyed ur writing a lot… 🙂

6 09 2011

I’ll start on Monday 🙂 Can’t be tmrw i have a buffet dinner on Friday 🙂

11 09 2011

ei guys! im almost done w/ day 2 and im feeling very positive about this. no headaches, no gurgling stomach. allthough 1st day seemed like a drag since im not rili used to eating only fruits the whole day and was rili in a hurry to get done w/ day 1. I gotta say the biggest challenge for me hir is the water-drinking part since im not rili fond of taking in that much fluid, esp if its juz plain water. day 1, i agonizingly gulped 10 glasses of water ( felt like my stomach was gonna burst!) and wat’s quite irritating was, i had to go to the restroom and pee every 5 mins. i wonder if u guys hav that prob too. ( quite tiring i should say esp, if the bathroom is downstairs). but on the bright side, i get to exercise as well! lol! today, bathroom breaks are stil a lot frequent than normal but much lesser than day 1. which is gud! for some pipol who find it dificult to chow down fruits and veges, i think one of the key there is about food presentation. try to make evry meal as interesting as possible ( garnishing and all that)if u dont find it pleasing to the tastebuds, at least make it pleasing to the eyes. (wink*) i remembered when i was a todd, when my mom would shape veges like carrots and potato into flowers, heart,. etc. juz so that i wud it them, and it worked! Now, I alredy lost 1 kg in juz 2 days, so im hoping to lus at least 4 more pounds. juz follow it religiously, and remember, STARVATION is not the key. it will only slow down ur metabolism. its better to eat in small amounts but frequently, because it kips ur metabolism going, than skipping meals then binge eating. well hope i was able to help u somehow.. and to those guys who arent seeing results yet, be patient… its not over until its over.. 🙂 its all about determination and positivity! 🙂 good luck to us!

19 09 2011

I was on day5 of gm diet but due to some toavoidable circumstances i had heavy dinner.what shall i do now?

19 09 2011
The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet: The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting | Diet Plans That Work

[…] Addict’s Diet: The Lifelong Solution..“Yo-Yo Dieting” Syndrome: Win The War Living Through The GM Diet.. var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-23535823-2']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); […]

20 09 2011

Its been only 7 Hours ( Yes its my first day )… and am already feeling i have past 7 days !!

I not am sure ., i am going to finish 7 day dash. being skinny is Awwawwee.
Anyway will post my review if i survive 7 days.

27 09 2011

Lost 4 kgs. Glad am Alive !!!

21 09 2011

🙂 This post has lasted for more than 3 years now 🙂 This thing must be working well!!!

I wanted to know if I will lose muscle if I go on this diet!!! I cannot skip exercising for a week,how can we accommodate exercise into this diet if we feel dizzy while being on it?

27 09 2011

Hey what happens if you falter your diet a bit

3 10 2011

Day#1 of gm diet, have to loose 12 kgs in total (the weight i gained during pregnancy, but aiming for a realistic 3-4 kg loss in a week) so far its going ok, ate soup twice, at lunch time and dinner time, had 3 apples, 2 peaches, and few dried prunes b/w meals, exercised for 30 mins. Planning to bake lots of veggies and have my soup again tomorrow. Felt a little bit dizzy today (have to look after a 3 month old and a 2 and a half yr old, plus cooking for husband and daughter, laundry, washing dishes, and am lactating too) so i guess it was inevitable, lets see how day 2 goes, wish me luck!

4 10 2011

Hi, I did GM diet before my marriage 🙂 and lost aroung 4-5 Kgs, but the sad part is the lost weight bounces back, please suggest if there any way to maintain the weight loss.

6 10 2011

Watch what u eat, don’t get over board with carbohydrates and fats, include more fruits and veggies in ur normal diet, drink lotsss of water and exercise atleast 3 days a week. After all this is what this diet teaches us, so inculcate bits of this diet in ur normal routine life forever and u will never gain back.


5 10 2011

Hello Anon,

Can the lactating mothers follow the GM Diet. Even I have a 6 months little one. I would like to lose 13-15 kgs which I gained during pregnancy. Kindly suggest.


6 10 2011

Hi priya, if u r exclusively breastfeeding then i wont recommend this diet at all, but if u r bottle feeding and ur little one has moved onto solids AND u won’t mind if ur milk supply dries up then u can go on this diet. U know breastfeeding makes u burn 500 calories per day and i have seen girls getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight just by feeding and watching what they eat. I had to introduce bottle to my baby as she wasn’t gaining weight at all otherwise i never would have given her bottle and hence never would have gone on this diet, i hope i’m making some sense to u.


10 10 2011

hi all..

Am on day 4… i have already lost 2 kg but am confused that there s no change in appearance and fit,, in fact my dresses r more tight than was earlier though i lost 2 kg.!!! Am confused!!

10 10 2011

Also i have been following the diet very strictly.. Not including salt and pepper as well… But for tomorrow, am really worried with what i can have bowl of brown rice with,,, also if chicken is substitute for beef.. hw should it be prepared,,, Pls guide me,, I need to lose weight as i am getting married next month..
Awaiting response..

11 10 2011

Hi I am following this plan and i used to do it earlier and it works and it works wonder. i feel so fresh and light. My metabolism goes high too after I complete this diet plan for one week. Now I am getting married in December so I need to lose size and extra fat. I am exercising as well along with this diet. But i feel this diet very good. My skin aklso becomes healthier after this diet. Now I am on my second day and this day is the most difficult for me always because I dont actually like eating vegetables.

Can I cook the veggies and eat them on second and third day. I used to add some amla murabba in the cut vegetables and it used to give a very nice taste before when I was in India. Now i am in Canada and amla murabba is difficult to get here….

Anyways I will stick to this diet and I will lose extra fat.Cheers to all following this plan….

14 10 2011

i did this gm diet last month and i lost 5 i started it again definitely w+ill make you feel better.i had a very sweet tooth rather i was addicted to sweets.on the first 2 days..i had to struggle alot with my sweet cravings but i did it.after the diet my sweet addiction is 95% less and am feeling super good.i suggest every to try this diet atleast once.

15 10 2011

am following this diet as well i lost lke 3kgs 😛 n ah i heard tht if we r nt overweight this diet is bit slow so i tink thts da reasn y we didn lose much weight 🙂 am nw on dai six so afta completing this i wnna follow another diet so tht i wnt gain da lost weight! i hve lost facial fat 😛

15 10 2011

Hi guys thru with day one…..
Hope to carry on, Will get back……

17 10 2011


will start of with GM diet from tomorrow , got all the stuff at home, any one starting the same should pep in just to share the experience .


24 10 2011

Hi Anon,
Thanks for your reply. I have consulted the pediatrician to check if I can follow this diet if my intake consists of lots of liquids,proteins and calcium. My baby is on solid foods yet I am feeding him. I have started my diet yesterday, I am feeling really tuff.. but dont want to stop as I am almost at the end of day 2. I am confused with the day 5 (One cup rice and tomatoes). Any one kindly suggest good recipes that can be prepared with the GM diet plan.

28 10 2011

Hey guys,

I am planning to start from tomorrow. Will keep posting about how I feel and if I lost any weight or not.


30 10 2011

i started my diet today… and already having a bad headache… dunno if will be able to stick to it.. wanna do it just to have a stronger will…hats off to all who did it for all 7 days

31 10 2011

guys.. never believed this diet cud work but still thought of giving it a shot.. today is my 5th day and have managed to loose kgs.. really motivated and planning to continue till i reach my desired weight…

31 10 2011

all those who are looking for the substitute of beef can have cottage cheese (paneer) or lean meat like fish or chicken liver… or ever tandoori chicken… the only point is u should eat lot of iron and protein..

3 11 2011

Its day two of my diet ,i started with good intention but did a few cheating here n there…yesterday woke up to a cup of sugar free tea… had water melon to my nightmare suprise my husband got me cheese cake which was quite tempting i went around the fridge some 8 times ,sniffing …oh that was a pain ….now i know what temptation exactly means!!!!

I survived the tempatation had two roasted papad ,today again i woke to a sugar free tea ,just had one boiled patato god bless me n i hope i survive today …

4 11 2011

Its day 3 i woke up to a sugar free tea was feeling weak n tired drank 2 glasses of double toned milk ….gosh i know i am trouble…

am going to have fruits and vegetable ….

If some body could help me day 3 is suppose to be a mix of veggee and fruits …boiled vegee is fine but can i cook n have normal vegee like beans .carrot , what about the oil and salt used in cooking this vegeee.

need help hope someone comes to my rescue 🙂

4 11 2011

@ Arti i too have the same doubts what can be an alternative for lean beef ? if lean beef has to be cooked about the oil n masala ? if any one has a reciepe pls frwd .

15 11 2011

Hi All…

I am on my Day 1 for GM diet, this is probably 7th or 8th time I am on this diet. The effect of this diet is not permanent because we do not keep healthy routine permanently although GM diet is the best way to kick-start your weight loss regime. Usually you do not lose weight for 1-2 weeks when you start exercising or dieting, At time you put on more weight because of water retention. GM diet helps lose atleast 2-3 kgs and thus adds to your motivation.

5 12 2011

Hi all,

I’m wondering what the long terms effects of this diet may be. I read some bad things about it on another review here:

He says that you won’t be able to maintain your weight loss. I’m wondering how you guys did with it.

5 12 2011
how many calories should i eat

I get pleasure from, result in I discovered just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

7 12 2011

does this diet plan really works?? i just wanted to know tht is there any side effect of this diet plan. im going to start this from tomorrow i.e 8/12/2011….lets hope fr d positive result….

11 12 2011
Purnima D'lima

Hi All,
Heard so much about the GM Diet at my gym that I am gonna start it from moro!! God please help me!!! Need to go thru with it…

Will keep u posted on my endeavour ha ha !!

20 12 2011

hi frends,
i am on day 2 of GM diet and doing gud..hope to reduce the desired weight..but just have a question- on day 4 we are supposed to eat 10oz of meat( which would be around 284 gms of meat) are we supposed to eat like a half kg of meat(568 gm) the entire day in intervals??? and is it ok if we eat chicken instead of beef?

please advise.

21 12 2011

hi starting my diet from tomorrow at last, aim to drop down at 2 dress sizes, hope i can do this.

Regarding ur reply i didnt eat that much of meat when i first did my diet 4 yrs ago, but chicken is fine.

Hope so u keep me motivated as well.

22 12 2011

thanx mons…will do it tom(5th day) on day 4 and already lost 1.5kg,,nothing more motivating than seeing ur weight going down..all the best..

21 12 2011

hi i am on day 1……..till evening i didn eat anything only 1 litre water coz morning i had duty nd wen i checked dere was not even a single fruit except banana,so evening once wen i’m back frm office,i ate one apple with 3 pieces of water melon after that wen i saw veg noodle in kitchen i ate 1 small plate after eating really i’m sad dont know whether i have to continue or stop

30 01 2012

always eat small portions but eat at regular intervals… not eating fasting or starving urself would make things worst.. this is a discipline… it needs fuel constantly…

2 01 2012
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5 01 2012


Today is my 4th Day..
First 2 Days were difficult for me as i am not used to eat fruits and vegetables but now i am fine with it.
Hoping for best results…

8 01 2012

finally after so many attempts started the diet yesterday which means i am on day 2 feels really nice as feeling less bloated and so light. Hope the weight loss keeps me motivated and i can get to my desired weight loss

9 01 2012

all the best mons…
i just completed mine yesterday…
will start again next week…

11 01 2012

I am planning to start from tomorrow…atlast.

im 5 feeet 2 n weigh 82kgs.. 25 yrs old.. i wanna loose around 10 kgs…
you guys will motivate me……


11 01 2012

I am planning to start from tomorrow…atlast.

im 5 feeet 2 n weigh 82kgs.. 25 yrs old.. i wanna loose around 10 kgs…
HOPE you guys will motivate me……


13 01 2012

I am back to 178pounds.. did GM diet twice till now.
each time have reduced around 6 pounds and now back to square one
This time.. will do this diet ebery month until I reach 140
just kidding.. let’s see

13 01 2012

All the best siri….

m on 2nd day of GM DIET….. my 1st day was not so good…
but m bit confused…cn i have sweetcorn on second day ??

14 01 2012

hi, yes. if you read the actual gm instructions instead of base it on this article, you would see you start the day with a MEDIUM BAKED potato and eat as much vegetables as you can. ALL veg means all veg, except potato bar your first one. lunch for me is usually ratatouille, sweetcorn cob, dinner is stirfry mounted on plate. you can snack but you won’t want to. eat eat eat.

14 01 2012

with all due respect, the writer of this article is an idiot. if you’re not going to follow the rules, you shouldn’t be reviewing it. Days1 to 3, you should literally eat the days food type until you can eat no more. Day 4, you shouldn’t substitute the milk for anything but soya milk. This is why people don’t think it works. you have to do exactly what is says. GO SHOPPING BEFOREHAND. I know 5 people now, myself included who routinely lose 10 pounds a week on this and keep about 8 off them off. ridiculous article.

30 01 2012

i agree with u

16 01 2012

Today was my 3rd day, not easy but still lost 2kgs happy abt it . looking forward to losing atleast 3 kgs more was 75 kgs whn started.

17 01 2012

Hi All,
I’ve recently put on 6kgs in the past 3 months. My weight has gone up to 58kgs. My target weight is 50. I’m determined to start this GM veggie diet from tomorrow. I hope it gives me positive results.

17 01 2012

couldn’t survive for more than 4hrs on this diet!

27 01 2012

Hi all

I had been hitting the gym for a year or so and i really worked out hard and im sure there was something wrong on how i worked out coz i did not lose weight. There was of course inch loss but i wasn’t happy since losing weight and fat was my goal. I had tried the GM diet for i guess 3 months(with a break of one week every time) and i lost about 12kgs. One way to fuel your metabolism is to eat a lot, during the diet, there are no restrictions on how much you eat or the time you eat, the more you eat the better and drink lots of water. First time was the toughest, then it became a kind of routine. I’m not sure if it cleanses your body and things but it definitely teaches you discipline. I couldn’t believe myself that i have become so disciplined (i used to eat hell lot of sweets and refined sugar earlier) even during my pregnancy i did not crave much for sweets and i wasn’t even putting on so much of weight. I did not stop hitting the gym whether i dieted or not and it did really help me in not gaining the weight i had lost. It needs a lot of willpower and determination but nothing is impossible 🙂

29 01 2012

hi, today is my last day of this diet, i didn’t check my weight before as i didn’t want to loose motivation if there wasn’t much change but today being the last day i was really tempted and to my absolute horror……i’v only lost 1 kg!!! i’m soooo devastated!! i stuck to the diet like anything, also excersized every day for 30 mins!!!! this is the third time i’v done this diet, the first time i lost 2 kg, second time 1 kg and third time 1 kg too….and this time i exercised too!!! unlike previous times!!! this diet didn’t work for me and i think i’ll never ever go on it again…….totally down and depressed!!

30 01 2012

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GM Diet Day 1

The GM diet is a seven-day weight loss management plan that consists mainly of selected fruits and vegetables, and strict amounts of meat. It can be a difficult diet to follow especially since it relies mainly on foods that are high in fiber and less in protein, fat and carbohydrates. At the same time however, this diet plan can be used for fast-paced weight loss regimens, with up to 10 lbs. lost after successfully completing one diet week.
Preparing the Body for GM Diet

On the first day of the GM diet, followers are only allowed to eat fruits. These fresh produce should contain no form of starch, potassium and carbohydrates, such as bananas. This is because on the first day of this diet plan, the body is subject to detoxification. Only fruits and water can be consumed.

Persons who are planning to start the GM diet may consume starchy foods such as potatoes, oats and bananas the day before their targeted week, so that they would be packed with enough energy to last for the next morning. They should also practice drinking lots of water, so that they will not be dehydrated in the succeeding days.

Aside from preparing the body for the diet plan, physical activities should also be set into rather lighter tasks. Warm-up exercises should be performed before and during the diet, just to maintain regular metabolic processes and not feel the fatigue. Through exercise, the body system becomes resilient to the side effects of GM diet, and rather gives way for the detoxification and weight reduction results.
Day 1 GM Diet Breakfast

The first important meal of the day in a GM diet regimen is breakfast. Followers may observe a full breakfast consisting mainly of fruits such as melons and papaya together with 1-2 glasses of water. These fruits easily make the stomach full, and at the same time the sweet tooth satisfied, thus craving for more tempting meals such as pizza and pasta can be avoided.
Day 1 GM Diet Lunch

Lunch may consist of watery fruits such as apples or watermelons. Lunch time is observed at 12:00 noon to 1:30 in the afternoon. Consuming a bowl of apples or two cups of watermelons can already make the stomach full. Other fruits such as kiwi and mangoes can as well be served.
Day 1 GM Diet Dinner

During dinner, followers may return to melons, kiwi and oranges, as well as 1-2 glasses of water. Melons can be heavy on the stomach; hence only a half-bowl serving should be consumed in order not to have a cramped stomach later at night.
Midday Meals and Beverages

While the main beverage allowed for the Day 1 of GM diet is water, followers may also turn to fresh orange juice and coconut water during midday snacks. Orange juice fills in the cravings for sweets, while coconut water keeps the stomach full the rest of the day.

Midday meals still consist of fruits, but at varying kinds and servings, so followers can still maintain a good appetite during full meal times. Raisins, oranges, and apple dices can be consumed during mid-mornings and afternoons.
Sample GM Diet Day 1 Plan

Breakfast (8:30 AM-9:00 AM)

1 cup of diced apples and 1-2 glasses of water

Mid morning Snack (10:30 AM-11:00 AM)

1 bowl raw papaya and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00 PM-1:30 PM)

1 bowl of watermelon or muskmelon and 1-2 glasses of water

Afternoon Snack (4:00-4:30 PM)

1 orange/sweet lime/chico fruit and 2 glasses of water

Evening (6:00-6:30 PM)

1 glass coconut water

Dinner (8:00-9:00 PM)

1 bowl of melon and 2 glasses of water
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GM Diet Day 2

Like the first day of the GM diet weight loss plan, the second day would entail another adjustment for the individual in terms of food intake. The first day of the diet plan required a strict fruit-only diet, while the second day would be limited only to vegetables.

All sorts of vegetables may be consumed on the Day 2 of the GM diet, and these range from green leafy vegetables to starchy crops. This is to boost the fiber intake of the body while regulating the sugar content from the first day’s consumption, and at the same time foster metabolic processes.
Preparing the Body for Day 2

Unlike in Day 1 in which followers would feel a bit lightheaded due to the lack of carbohydrate intake and continuous consumption of fluids, Day 2 would dwell more on foods that can be easily digested by the gastrointestinal tract.

To prepare for the second day of the diet week, followers should eat a full dinner consisting of heavier fruits such as melons, as they will be using supplemental fiber content the next day. Drinking as much as 10 glasses of water on Day 1 will also bring good effects on Day 2, as followers get to feel more relaxed and at ease with the diet.

Unlike in day one where bananas are restricted from being consumed, in Day 2 all vegetables can be eaten, including those that are high in starch, such as potatoes. This routine would also give more energy for the day, and followers would be more capable of doing more strenuous activities and exercises.
GM Diet Day 2 Breakfast

Day 2 of the GM diet may start off with large baked potato with a pat of butter on top. It is important to keep the stomach heavy during breakfast as this would keep the body energized the rest of the day. To those living in tropical countries, cassava or sweet potato may be used instead of the regular potato, as long as there is no sugar added to the meal.
GM Diet Day 2 Lunch

During lunchtime, foods that can be consumed must be lighter, and these may involve vegetable salads with lettuce, cucumber and cabbage. Salads may be dressed with vinaigrette or olive oil, but not mayonnaise.
GM Diet Day 2 Dinner

Dinner on Day 2 may consist of other fresh greens, such as broccoli, asparagus, as well as cabbages, lettuce and cucumber. Boiled beets also prove to be good meals, but they tend to be heavier on the stomach.
GM Diet Day 2 Midday Snacks and Beverages

When it comes to snacks and beverages, GM diet experts recommend leafy greens such as boiled cabbage or fresh lettuce in order to maintain a light stomach. Continuous water intake should be observed to keep the body hydrated. Cherry tomatoes may also be served during midday snacks, especially in afternoons as they are able to satisfy one’s sweet tooth cravings.
Sample Diet Plan for Day 2 of GM Diet

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)

1 cup boiled potato and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:30-11:00 AM)

1 bowl of cabbage or red lettuce (raw) and 1-2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)

1 cucumber, 1 tomato and ½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)

2 tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)

Boiled broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus with salt and spices and 2 glasses of water
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GM Diet Day 3

Day 3, nearly half way through the GM Diet. Things should only get easier now. Day 1 of the GM Diet and to a certain extent, Day 2 can be really hard for some people. On Day 3 of the GM diet weight loss plan, followers are now allowed to eat a combination of fruits and vegetables. There is no limit or restriction to the fruits and vegetables to be consumed on Day 3, although bananas are still not allowed. Followers of the diet plan may find less pressure to keep up with the regimen’s demands, as they have already adjusted their systems to fruit and vegetable intake during the past two days.

During the first three days of the GM diet, it is important to consume only fresh produce, as they contain more nutritional value. Organic harvests are also recommended, although these tend to be more expensive and have lesser taste.
Preparing the Body for Day 3

Preparing for Day 3 isn’t as difficult as that in days 1 and 2; it actually easier to keep up with the dietary requirements in Day 3 as the body is already used to fruit and vegetable intake. In most cases, individuals following the diet experience slight headaches in the succeeding days as they are already allowed to consume meat.

It is likewise encouraged to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in every meal on Day 3. Having a variety of servings during breakfast, lunch and dinner would not only keep the stomach satiated, but at the same time content as the appetite’s cravings are regulated at lower levels.

It is as well recommended to perform breathing exercises in the morning at the start of Day 3. Doing so will release the tensions garnered from Days 1 and 2, and followers may experience a more relaxed time ahead.

At this stage, followers should have already lost 2-4 lbs. of body mass.
GM Diet Day 3 Breakfast

Breakfast in Day 3 may start light with an apple, but those who are looking for heavier meals may consume melon. When consuming melons for breakfast, it is important to have them supplemented with two glasses of water for better digestion.
GM Diet Day 3 Lunch

The diet regimen on Day 2 may be repeated on Day 3, but with more variety. Tomatoes may be included in lettuce-cucumber salads, but still these should be dressed in olive oil or vinaigrette.
GM Diet Day 3 Dinner

A serving of boiled vegetables would be ideal during Day 3 dinners, and they can be followed up with fruit desserts like watermelon apple.
GM Diet Day 3 Midday Snacks and Beverages

A combination of tomatoes, fresh greens, and different fruits may be consumed all day. Fresh juices such derived from berries, oranges and lemons would be ideal to those who are not into drinking water, although these should be as well consumed in proportional amounts to avoid bloating.

Vegetable juice like carrot and tomato juice may be served during evenings so as to satiate the appetite for sweet snacks.
Sample GM Diet Day 3 Diet Plan

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 AM)

1 apple and 1-2 glasses of water or 1 cup of diced melon and 2 glasses of water

Mid Morning (10:00-11:00 AM)

1 bowl of cantaloupe mixed with papaya and 2 glasses of water

Lunch (12:00-1:00 PM)

1 bowl of mixed cucumber, lettuce and tomato with ½ boiled beet and 2 glasses of water

Afternoon (4:00-5:00 PM)

1 orange or ripe mango and 2 glasses of water

Dinner (7:00-8:00 PM)

1 bowl of boiled broccoli, fresh greens and raw papaya and 2 glasses of water

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GM Diet Day 4

The fourth day of the GM diet weight loss program is filled with surprises. Unlike the past three days where you are only allowed to consume fruits and vegetables, Day 4 offers three unlikely meals: bananas, milk and soup. For our full coverage of the GM Diet plan so far, read day 1, day 2 and day 3 before you continue with this article.

Day 4 can be quite boring at first glance as these are the only meals allowed for consumption but remember that by now your body has already adjusted to the big change in diet and is slowly getting used to the new dietary content.

By Day 4 the body has already garnered sufficient amounts of sweets from fruits, and at the same time fiber from vegetables. Since it already has a sustained appetite, it would no longer be responsive to the taste of bananas. Persons who have reached Day 4 would rely more on liquids, and they get their energy from milk shakes and soup.
Preparing the Body for Day 4

Preparing for Day 4 is the easiest. Since the day offers only the said three meals, followers might just as well make themselves busy with various physical activities. They already have packed energy for the day, and they might just as well be productive by working out, or engaging in different leisure events.

Most people feel different by day 4. By this stage, a livelier attitude towards life is what most people feel. By Day 4 followers of the diet have already gone through natural detoxifying processes, and they are found to be more cheerful and enthusiastic when it comes to performing physical activities.
GM Diet Day 4 Breakfast

The best way to start Day 4 is by consuming a banana paired with a glass of warm milk. Some followers prefer a bowl of sliced bananas on milk like those in breakfast cereals, only without the cereal content.

Skim milk should be used all day in this stage; full milk proves to be heavy on the stomach and filled with unnecessary nutrients that are not beneficial to the weight loss regimen.
GM Diet Day 4 Lunch

Lunch served in Day 4 consists of a bowl of vegetable soup. Most soup bowls consist of various vegetable produce flavored with herbs and spices. Best vegetable soups that can be served during lunch include tomato soup and cabbage stew, as they are packed with natural flavors that the taste buds would savor even as the day ends.
GM Diet Day 4 Dinner

Dinner in Day 4 may consist of a serving of vegetable soup and banana shake. This can be quite heavy to handle later at night, so followers may forego the shake and focus on the soup, as this alone can keep them full until the next morning.
GM Diet Day 4 Midday Snacks and Beverages

In Day 4, the only recommended snacks would be bananas and milk, which can be served in cold banana shakes. These snacks prove to be essential as they taste naturally delightful and at the same time are a popular drink even in conventional beverages.
Recipes for GM Diet Day 4

Cabbage Soup recipe for Day 4


1 cup shredded cabbage
1 cup sliced celery
1 onion, minced
2 sliced green peppers


Boil onion, peppers, cabbage and celery in water together with salt, pepper and herbs for flavoring. Any flavoring may be used as long as there is no fat included. Extra vegetables may be added except for beans as they add extra calories. Serve hot.

Banana Shake Recipe for Day 4


2 bananas, sliced
2 glasses skim milk
2 glasses crushed ice


In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. No sugar is required as the flavor is already naturally sweet. Serves 2.

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GM Diet Day 5

Continuing on with our series on GM Diet. You can find day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 here. On the fifth day of the GM diet weight loss routine, followers of the diet are now allowed to eat beef matched with tomatoes. On this day the body’s protein requirements are addressed, but not to the extent that they will be followed up with fat. Beef is used in this case as it is rich source of protein and fiber, and it does not have to be consumed in large amounts just to fulfill the cravings of one’s appetite.
Preparing yourself for Day 5 of GM Diet

When on Day 4 followers of the GM diet are allowed to consume bananas, milk and soup, on Day 5 they will be subject to only beef and tomatoes. They loss of appetite will continue to be felt on this day, and it is no longer a surprise for them to eat only sufficient portions of been and not gore over it like before.

Due to the lack of appetite for most foods, it is important to have just small servings of beef during meals. Large servings may only make the appetite worse, and this may as well continue for the next few days. It is thus best to serve the beef with good amounts of tomatoes so that the taste buds will be brought back to life.
GM Diet Day 5 Breakfast

Breakfast may start with braised beef and soup. This will keep the stomach heavy and full for most of the day. The soup provides energy, while the meat becomes a source of protein, iron and fiber. It can be a bit boring to eat beef but it may be paired with a sliced tomato.
GM Diet Day 5 Lunch

A hamburger patty may be consumed during lunch time together with tomatoes. The hamburger may be baked or fried but not in too much fat, as it already contains its own fat material. Since the body will be producing extra uric acid, it is likewise recommended to drink extra glasses of water to flush the urine out naturally.
GM Diet Day 5 Dinner

Another hamburger may be eaten by dinner, although health experts recommend beef soup and tomatoes so that the body would feel more energized. The soup also supplements the water lost during the day.
GM Diet Day 5 Midday Snacks and Beverages

During Day 5, the only beverage allowed to be consumed is water, and not juice. It is because the body has already been given doses of juice for the past three days, and water helps a lot in flushing out the excesses for Day 5. Drink up to 14 glasses of water on this day so that the body system will be detoxified and get rid of unnecessary nutrients provided by the meat.
Recipes for GM Diet Day 5

Below are a couple of recipes for you to use when you are on day 5. These recipes are really easy to prepare and should not take you very long.

Grilled Beef Slices


1 cup beef tenderloin strips
1 lemon zest
Salt and pepper


Season the meat with lemon zest, salt, pepper and coriander and rest for 10 minutes. On a hot grill place tenderloin strips and until golden brown. Serve with sliced tomatoes.

Beef Burger

1 1/8 pound beef patty
Salt and pepper


Rub beef patty with salt and pepper then place on a hot grill. Occasionally baste with a slab of butter until patty becomes tender and reddish brown. Serve with tomatoes and cucumbers.
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GM Diet Day 6

If you have been following the 7 day GM Diet then take heart in the fact that you are almost done with the diet. You can read about the previous 5 days here – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and finally Day 5.

On Day 6 of the GM diet, foods served will not only include beef but a wide variety of vegetables as well. This is also considered a feast day or a cheat day for GM diet followers as they can eat all the beef and vegetables they want. It is also great to eat on this day as the body is slowly gaining back its appetite but in a rather fructose craving mode, thus it would yearn for fresh greens.

On this day there would already be changes on how the way one looks as compared to the past days. Followers of the diet are expected to have lost as much as 10 lbs. from the past few days of dieting. Because of the previous fruit-vegetable consumption a different glow in the skin can also be seen.
Preparing for Day 6 of the GM Diet

On day 6 the body is already in a continuous process of losing the extra fat through increased metabolic processes. Thus there will be more need for beef for protein and muscle development, and fiber from vegetables to keep the body energized during the day. Those who are currently in Day 6 should take advantage of the moment and pursue lively activities, as this is where they can test the effects the diet has made to their immune system.
GM Diet Day 6 Breakfast

Breakfast on Day 6 may be started off with a bowl of mixed vegetables. These vegetables may be sauteed or stewed, so that they would have a more tender bite and taste. Having a bowl of vegetable soup with beef cutlets is likewise recommended, as this would keep the stomach satiated throughout the rest of the day.
GM Diet Day 6 Lunch

During lunchtime, any form of mixed vegetables and beef may be eaten. Asian-style cooking is the best in this mealtime, as dishes under this cuisine consist mainly of beef and vegetables. A bowl of beef and broccoli may sound ideal for Western diet followers, but as much as possible do not include potatoes or bread.
GM Diet Day 6 Dinner

Dinner may be served with vegetable soup and a hamburger, especially when the follower has gone through a long and tiring day. The soup will light up the senses and replenish the lost energy, while the beef content brings back the protein, iron and fiber lost.
GM Diet Day 6 Midday Snacks and Beverages

Beef and vegetables may continue to be eaten during snacks, although it is recommended to munch on the greens during mid-mornings and beef during afternoons. This is because the appetite has to be contained at normal levels, so as the appetite would not crave for other types of food.

Water is still the best beverage on Day 6. Water keeps the lost sweat replenished and the senses rejuvenated. Coconut water may be taken during afternoons, but this may create bloating and loss of appetite by dinner.
GM Diet Day 6 Recipes

Beef and Vegetable Kebab


1 broccoli
1 red tomato
1 yellow bell pepper
6 beef cubes
1 onion


Cut all the vegetables into quarters and skew them on barbecue sticks together with 2-3 beef cubes per stick. Baste with butter and season with salt and pepper then grill on open fire until beef is tender. Makes 3 servings.
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GM Diet Day 7

Day 7, the last day of the GM Diet. If you’ve made it this far then you would have seen significant weight loss and additionally will be feeling and looking great not to mention more active. For those looking to start the GM Diet, here is the detailed diet plan sorted by day – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6.

On the last day of the GM diet weight loss management plan, food servings vary. While no beef or other types of meat may be consumed, followers of the GM Diet are now allowed to eat starch in the form of brown rice. At the same time, the diet goes back to fruit and vegetables, which can be easier to eat as compared to Days 1 to 3.

By Day 7, significant changes can now be found in your body. A slimmer appearance is now seen and felt while a more positive outlook is observed thanks to the continuous cleansing methods of the diet taking place inside the body. Regular sleeping habits may as well be noticed as the diet schedule gets the body tired by the end of the day and energized the next morning.
Preparing for Day 7 of GM Diet

When preparing for Day 7, it is important to fresh fruits stacked. Fruits will be consumed at all times of the day, from breakfast to snacks and dinner. Vegetables may be boiled or stewed and paired with brown rice.

There are some individuals who tend to avoid brown rice servings as brown rice does not appeal to their taste buds but it is important to have a cup or two in order to keep the energy and fiber contents levels high.
GM Diet Day 7 Breakfast

A bowl of brown rice may be served during breakfast. It is best to consume brown rice in the morning as it would provide all the energy and carbohydrate requirements for the rest of the day. To those who want to save the rice for lunch, they may eat a slice of papaya or melon followed by 1-2 glasses of water.
GM Diet Day 7 Lunch

During lunchtime, a bowl of brown rice may be matched with cooked vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and asparagus. This can be a boring meal so it has to be followed up with a slice of mango or watermelon to keep the appetite satisfied.
GM Diet Day 7 Dinner

Day 7 ends with yet another bowl of greens and brown rice. However, most followers prefer to only have vegetables as they don’t want to feel bloated at night. Brown rice can be heavy for dinner, so as much as possible increased fluid intake should be observed.
GM Diet Day 7 Midday Snacks and Beverages

Midday snacks should consist of fruits, mainly berries. Raisins prove to be a great snack especially during mornings, while strawberries (without cream) may be ideal for afternoons and after-dinners. Water should be consumed at 10-12 glasses, but at the same time fruit juice can be taken during midday snacks.
GM Diet Day 7 Recipes

Moong Dhal Sprouts with Fruit


1 ripe fruit (pear, mango, apple, grape, strawberries or cherries)
1 cup moong sprouts (raw)
1 peeled and sliced cucumber
2 green chili peppers, chopped
1 tbsp cilantro
1 dash of salt


Soak the moong dhal sprouts overnight. The next morning, drain the water from the sprouts and cover loosely with cloth set for two days. Once the setting time has elapsed, rinse the sprouts and place on a bowl. Mix the sprouts together with the fruits, chili peppers and cilantro. Add salt to taste. This recipe can easily serves 4.

30 01 2012

it must be followed to the T

30 01 2012

i followed this diet to the T, infact i ate less than required for the day like i didn’t eat the potato thats allowed on the second day, i ate only 5 bananas instead of 8 and had 2 glasses of milk instead of 3, on day 5 i had only 1 portion of 10 oz skinned fish rather than 2, day 6 ate only 500 gms of lean, deskinned and fat free chicken instead of eating as much as u want, if i ever felt hungry on any day i would eat either fresh fruit or raw veggie, i didn’t use anything for seasoning apart from salt, pepper, dried oregano, lemon, vinegar or dash of soya sauce for stir fries, i only used 2 teaspoon vegetable oil in the whole 7 days, and i excersized on a treadmill every day for 30 mins………i dunno where i went wrong and why only 1 kg loss…….i suppose this diet doesn’t work for everybody…..i’ll just continue to eat balanced and healthy meals and excersize daily, i lost all my pregnancy fat with my first baby by just eating right and excersizing, it did take 3-4 mnths but i got back to my pre-preg weight, this time i thought this diet might be a short cut to getting me back to my pre-preg quicker, but its no help…..i can loose more than this if i stick to my previous plan… will take time but i’ll be eating without any restrictions and wont feel depressed when i hit the scales…..back to the treadmill for me…….good luck everybody!

30 01 2012

Hi all the GM dieters:)
i want to start this diet but wanna ask 2 Qs.
first is can we use wonder soup from day 1?
and what if someone commits littl cheating on day 1:P

2 02 2012

You can have soup any day, any quantity…
Little Cheating is ok you continue with your diet…
Today is my 2nd Day…

4 02 2012

I performed this diet 1st time for 6 days and lost around 4 kgs. For my surprise my colleague who was on leave when I did this diet, saided I am looking thinner. I than told him about my diet.
But than after I did this diet for 2 times but could not go beyond 3 days due to my love towards fast food. I also had once done diet as per plan from my dietitian, but believe me I loosed only 5 kgs in month with diet plan from him and walking every morning for half an hour. Here also for first 1 week I felt low energy.
I think GM diet is best. In just 8 days you loose 5kgs. But important is to not immediately ramp up to your beloved food say biryani just on 9th day. After diet you should increase your food intake in a weeks time and slowly

11 02 2012

m starting from tmrw…. this is my second time …last time i loosed 4 kgs….
aft loosing 4 kgs now i am 78…

wanna loose around 20 kgs…. in 4 months ..

12 02 2012

I think this is better Fat Loss tips… When it comes to losing weight, snacking is where most of us end up getting it all wrong. We either completely ignore health when it comes to our favorite between meal snacks or we simply eat too much of an otherwise healthy snack. Either way the result is that we eat more calories, fat and sodium than is necessary to lose weight and end up with the exact opposite outcome. What we need are healthy snacks for weight loss because eliminating snacks altogether is unrealistic. The key is finding healthy snacks that are both easy and tasty so we can enjoy weight loss without starvation. Keep reading to learn more! Thanks..

13 02 2012
Krinali Parekh

Hi everyone,
I just went through peoples blog and various site for GM diet and then just realised i shuld try the same, I started the GM diet and i am on day 5 going on with an amazing experience of eating furits and veges… which i havent counsumed so much in one shot, but really loving to see my self in the mirror lost 3 kgs in four days….hope to finish it sucessfully…:)

15 02 2012
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22 02 2012

I followed this diet and now am on the 5th day but there is no weight lost,.. I was worried a lot,.. i don know whether it works for me…?????

23 02 2012
65 again :)

I am on Day 1, its very hard. Have a headache and I really feel hungry, I have run out of my fruit so I am going to sleep so I don’t think about food anymore….
I weigh 85kg, 5.7 tall, so need to lose 20kg to be healthy again. This is a good start to a healthier and thinner me : )

24 02 2012
65 again :)

Day 3 and I am cheerful again. Lost 1.4kg so far : ) and my tummy is noticeably flatter already.
Feel more positive about this GM diet especially with quick results, a good incentive to carry on until then end.

29 02 2012
Arun SR


Today I finished my GM diet .. stick on it strictly, but 6th day had one Rava Idly. Lost around 5 kgs… I am planning to follow that once in a month

5 03 2012
17 day diet recipes

I haven’t even started my diet yet, but this is gonna help me. I find it hard to stick to them.

5 03 2012

i hv done it 4 tyms already and strtng it 2day does work..and u feel gr8 and flatter indeed..;)!!!!

5 03 2012

hi. is it okay to have salad during lunch everyday, and have fruits and vegetables at dinner according to the diet? I cant have fruits and vegetables everyday at office. Looks weird when you are out eating with all your colleagues!! 😀

19 03 2012

I have started the GM diet from yestdrat. Today is my day 2 and getting too much of headache. Still 5 more days to just counting my days as I am finidng it too hard today 😦

21 03 2012

Hi. I m on the third day. I am cheating a little too but only with very small portions. So far lost 1.5 kgs. Loving it 😀

21 03 2012

Hi Guys,

I am planning to start the GM diet on 26th march- monday. .
Would anyone like to start the diet with me?


21 03 2012

Hi Guys,

I am planning to start the GM diet on 13th Oct .Would anyone like to start the diet with me?

22 03 2012

I weigh 108kg. and im going to do this diet how much do u think I can loose on it?

22 03 2012

I think one can loose min 2 kg at least in a week. I m on the 4th day and have lost about 1.8 kgs so far

23 03 2012

hey i hv done it for twice… n i lost abt 6 kgs..i was 88 and nw i am 82 …. planning to start from this monday …..

23 03 2012

hey can someone tell me if we can take salt and especially on the 5th day. I m eating tomato and rice but it tastes bad and i m nt sure rice can help even if its brown rice

23 03 2012

only two days to go for g m diet :)))))))))))))))))

25 03 2012
weight loss

The results of this program have been nothing short of amazing. It was a very easy plan to follow and I never felt hungry. If that wasn�t enough, I felt like my energy level kept getting higher and higher. All my friends and family could see the difference and asked what I was doing!

28 03 2012

This review was a great help for me, and a good push to do the GM Diet myself! I’m starting day 4 today…i’ve been keeping my own reviews, love if you’d check it out 🙂

28 03 2012

starting agn as i screwed up on day 5:(. Hope i get through this tym.

30 03 2012

lost 1.3 kg on day 1, starting weigt 63.4, weight on day 2- 62.1 🙂

31 03 2012

anyone going to start with it as m planning to start with it tommorow …..jus looking for a company …..which will give me a kind f moral support dt someone on dis plaanet is also following such a hard diet ………

1 04 2012

I start my diet today it gives me a bit of a headache and tummy ache.

4 04 2012
Shilfa J

Hi people,
I dont like tomato…what else we can eat??????/

4 04 2012
Shilfa J

anything can replace tomato….?????????

4 04 2012

hey guys completed g m diet last week… planing to start on this monday ….anyone wanna join me????

11 04 2012

A question to those who have tried the gm diet
Did you regain the weight back?Does a balanced diet and exercise help to keep it off?

14 04 2012
Weight Loss Diet Solution

Fantastic beat ! I would like to apprentice at the same time as you amend your web site, how could i subscribe for a weblog website? The account aided me a applicable deal. I were a little bit familiar of this your broadcast provided brilliant transparent idea

15 04 2012

Hello everyone,

We’ve started this diet me and my husband and we’re on day 6, the most difficult day is the first, but after that it goes on really ease, I’ve loost 4 kgs so far, but my husband didn’t weight in yet,

Good luck everybody!

17 04 2012

Hi guys…
I am going to start GM diet from tomo.. I have a few queries, if anyone will be kind enough to help…
1. Soup- Can be any vegetable soup? Homemade or packeted Knorr, Maggi etc? Tomato Soup is also helpful?
2. Can beef be replaced with Chicken? And how it should be cooked. I guessed Indian Curry style wont work.
3. Most importantly- I don’t eat bananas, so what should be the perfect substitute for bananas on day 4. Its very crucial for Potassium, sodium and sugar content.

Please help.
Thanks in advance

19 04 2012

1- no other soup can be used
2. instead of beef use brown rice as that has protein or you can try egg whites
3. no substitues for banana

26 04 2012

this diet is effective…

1 05 2012

I am planning to start from tomorrow….wanna loose 15 -20 kgs ….

1 05 2012

I am planning to start from tomorrow….wanna loose 15 -20 kgs in 2 months

11 05 2012

I’ve been applying GM over the past 12 years, and have modified immensely to get over the weakness element, and putting on the pounds back after the diet. My key is:
1- Cut down on carbs the first 4 days to nil, but I compensate that with walnuts and raisins along the day, but no more than 1/2 cup
2- No sugar, only green tea, or regular elaichi tea, brewed with 1/2 tsp of skimmed milk
3- Have the wonder soup (lots of veggies) with chicken broth every day, yes every day, that’s mandatory, try to chew on all the veggies including broccoli, celery, carrots, cabbage, onions. Lunch-1 cup & Dinner 1 cup
4- For night sweet pangs, make yourself a steaming hot cup of flavored tea, like jasmine, peach, oolong etc. no milk required, remember no sugar
5- VERY IMPORTANT, light exercise everyday
6- EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, about 10-14 glasses of water everyday

I’m a person of small stature, so I generally lose about 2-5 lbs in 1 week, but I continue to do this for 3-4 weeks in a row. It makes me feel lighter, energetic and healthier.

This has always helped me to get rid of the extra fat after vacations, binging, or after the babies

Hope it helps,

14 05 2012

Hmmmmmmmmmm… day 7 everybody around me compliments the slimmer frame and fairer complexion, unfortunately, the scale pointer has not changed.

GM diet re- enforces self control. I have a strong weakness for malted milk biscuit and i have a packet on my table for the last six days….

Summarily, i have learnt self control and how to drink milk…

17 05 2012

Hi, thanks to everyone for blogging about their experience with the diet. I have a quick question – the original blogger says that on Day 5 they replaced 3 OZ of meet with veggies, tofu etc. – but doesn’t the original diet say one has to eat two 10 OZ serving of beef with 5 tomatoes? Thanks for clarifying!

16 06 2012

hi every one can we consume sugarcane juice or cocunut juice cause i dont like fruits too much

17 06 2012

So I too have started with the GM diet today. Planning a trip out with friends and need to lose weight before that!! Though, I do have a question – does this diet help reduce inches as well? Or just like your body/water weight? Also, I’m doing some crunches and swimming for an hour everyday. Should I stop all of that during this diet? Please please advise.

5 07 2012

I’m on day 3 and I hadn’t cheated at all until today… I cheated today and i feel so guilty! is the whole thing ruined?! I ate fruits and veggies but then I had a very small bowl of pasta, 4 fig newtons and 4 oatmeal cookies! is the whole diet ruined?!!

11 07 2012

Hi iam on day 6 , lost 4 kgs Till now ………. How to resume normal eating after the diet , An early answer would be of great help.

19 07 2012

Fisrt Day for me and already feeling dizzy which leads to giving up………………I am struggling with myself to keeping it up. Though half day gone but its really difficult to keep it up while working in office. WIll reply back tomorrow if I would not give up.

1 08 2012

Dear blogger (I dont know your name though – Rani??)
i was scouting for some info on GM diet and landed your post is super awesome. Love reading it over and again. Kudos.
BTW i just finished my 7th day of GM diet and am giving the finial touches to my post before publishing…..before i publish i wanted to let you know that i hav stolen few lines from your post – i hope you dont mind 😉

7 09 2012
want to be 52

Its my 6th day and feeling very good by looking my body in mirror i almost lost 4 kg. i will do it again in a month 🙂

10 09 2012

hi ….since there are so many replies and personal experiences shared which seem very helpful indeed… i have couple of questions racking to please my heart and brains.. A- its obvious that something which is helping u so fast will not last long so i just dont want temporary results… B- i am still keen on trying it once but i just want to know whether someone has tried vegetarian diet with eggs (no NONVEG) and got results.. C- after that week how does one come back gradually to the normal eating routine.. I want to start it but need a boost with some worthy answers to my questions and some extra tips would be like bonus points … hoping to get a quick response and NRSL .. ur post is truly appreciated..

14 09 2012

oh god save me am so hunger but am feeling tasteless so cant eat

18 09 2012

seven days of diet makes one weak! :))

30 09 2012
want to be 52

Again started the diet from yesterday, i checked my weight yesterday and it was 63, let’s see what will be after 5 more days, i hope this time it will be 61 atleast :), i will share my experience in coming days.

2 10 2012
want to be 52

Today is my 4th day and weight is 62.5 not going down :(, lets see what it will be after 3 more days.

3 10 2012
want to be 52

Today is my 5th day and i saw my weight to be 61.8 :), lets what will be tomorrow

16 10 2012
kaps21 Advani

Started GM diet today. Stared my day with an sliced apple. No salt. Just had a cup of green tea without sugar at 11. Lots of water, maybe 6 glasses uptil now. a bit light hearted but i am having water melon soon so i guess I should be ok.

Its all in ur mind. Once u decide you can do it, whats the big deal?!! its a smooth sail. But be calm and keep thinking that, “Ii have been eating since i was born, so avoiding a few good things for just a week is no big challenge”!

5 11 2012
want to be 52

I am back after one month,

in my 1st diet i reduced from 68kg to 64kg
reduced 500g in between

in my 2nd diet i reduced from 63.5kg to 61.5kg
gain 200g in between

Note : in 2nd diet i did some mistakes (eat more salt, drink less water, did not walk much) so i reduced less.

now yesterday i started with 3rd diet and my start weight was 61.7
and today (2nd day) i found weight to be 60.9 🙂

Lets see how much i will reduced in 3rd diet. but its looking very effective for me 🙂

6 11 2012
want to be 52

3rd day (3rd diet) i saw weight today in the early morning and found it to be 60.4 its working 🙂

yesterday i had carrots, cucumber, cabbage, onion, tomato, patato (1) and Broccoli.

today planning to eat – apple, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, kiwi, peer, carrot, cucumber and cabbage.

7 11 2012
want to be 52


latest update of 4th day, today my weight is 59.6 , i was so happy to see in 5th figure 🙂

Yesterday i had 2-3 green tea too.

Today i had 1 banana + 1 glass of milk, whole day i am planning to have 5 more bananas and i veg soup in the evening.

Everyday drinking 8-10 glass of water.

Seriously its effective 🙂

Everybody around is noticing and praising my effort 🙂

8 11 2012
want to be 52

I am back on 5th day

today my weight is 59.4 not very motivating but still OK, at least not going up.

yesterday i had 5 bananas + 2 cup of milk + i bowl of veg soup (very little salt)

on 5th day i started with 1 chapati + small bowl of mung daal (protein)

next half i am planning to have 6 tomatoes + wonder soup for dinner.

hope tomorrow it will be in 58…:)

9 11 2012
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

6th day and really i am feeling very light and regarding my weight i found it’s fluctuating between 59.3 and 58.8.

i am happy that at least i saw it in 58.

today again i had 1 chapati + small bowl of daal (protein) in breakfast.

and vegetables in rest of the day..

i am not thinking about nice food anymore, no cravings at all..

now for next diet i will maintain it to be 58.5, i hope i can do that.

see you guys again in 1 month.

so total weight loss i will say around 2.5 kg, not very bad.

25 11 2012
want to be 52

Tomorrow again i am starting with my diet plan, this time i planned it 1 week earlier as i have planned vacations in december.
today i saw my weight to be fluctuating between 59.3 and 58.8.
i could not reduce more as i had many dinner parties in between.

i will write tomorrow again about my feeling of 4th diet first day.
i am a bit nervous and also excited about my 4th diet.
i hope after this diet i will be able to see my weight in 56 or 57. i keep my finger cross 🙂
God please give me strenght to complete my 4th diet successfully.
thanks to general motor diet to help me in reaching my weight target.
thanks to the person who initiated this thread 🙂

25 11 2012
want to be 52

Hi Friend, My first day on 4th diet. i weight my self and it found to be 59.
so start weight is 59, lets see how much i reduce in 4th diet.hopefully 56.5 🙂

today i am planning to eat –
1 Pomogranate in breakfast around 9: 30
1 grapefruit at 10:30
1 kiwifruit at 11:30
lots of water approx 8-10 glass
1/4 pine apple at 1:00
1 apple at 3:00
1 kiwifruit at 5:00
1/4 pine apple at 7:00
1 grapefruit/ apple at 8:00

I will write tomorrow again my weight.

26 11 2012
want to be 52

hello friend,

my second day and today i checked my weight to be 58.3 good start.
700 gm in 1 day, its good start.

today i am planning to eat –
1 patato
cabbage soup.

looking forward for tomorrows morning 🙂

27 11 2012
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

My third day started with some disappointment as i saw my weight found to be same 58.3 😦

Strange, i did not do anything wrong except that i ate 2 potatoes in place of one and i think that should not be problem as potatoes were bit small.

but still i am continuing with positive mind and will eat veg + fruit

planning to eat –

2 apples
2 cucumber
1 grapefruit
2 kiwi
some carrots.
cabbage soup in the evening

3 12 2012

Hi everyone, it’s so motivating to see everyone’s progress, well done!

I’m starting the GM diet today and so far have had only watermelons and water. (oh, and one cup of tea in the morning).

I weighed in at 63kg, I think (scales are a bit weird).

I will post my results tomorrow…hopefully some progress, fingers crossed!

5 12 2012

Day 3

So my sales were a bit weird and I actually started off with 141lb..

Day 1 : mainly I had watermelon and water..(pinched a couple of prawns from huby’s plate..sorry). Felt ok..done 20mins interval run on treadmill first thing in the morning and 20mins Jillian Micheals vid in the evening.

Day 2: small baked potato with a tiny bit of butter for breakfast..then veggies all day..unfortunately, I went to my aunties house in the evening and was force fed two samosa’s..aaarrgghh!! 20min interval run in the morning and 10mins strength training before bed. Lots of water..

Day 3: Today, first thing in the morning, I run to my new scales and weigh myself..138lbs! Result!!! I had been stuck above 140 for the last two years….finally I can see the 130’s!! Bring it on!!!! Had watermelon and water so far, will have some veggies exercise yet! 😦 hopefully I will later on..x

29 01 2013

Wow Shahnaz…inspiring… I am stuck in XX2 pound for 3 years…hell !! GM help!

9 12 2012

i am starting the gm diet today ..i weigh arnd 158-160 lbs
hoping to lose 7 lbs at the end of the week

9 01 2013
kavita r

im on day 5 today – looking forward to meat . i have lost 1.8 kg only so far ( but that maybe because i only have about a maximum of 10kg extra weight on my body …so im aiming to reduce 5kg now ). About day 1- if u eat some fruit or the other whenever u are hungry on day one u should have no problems. Strangely i had bad headaches from noon on day 2 when i could eat plenty of vegetables which was reasonably more filling than day 1. I could not endure my headache ended up taking a crocin tablet at 4pm ( so much for trying to detox myself) I also recall feeling a bit drowsy on day 2. No more headaches after that .I hope i can acheive my current weight loss target of 5kg and keep it off . Wishing myself and everyone good luck . If nothing else , the discipline to follow it is worth the effort .

27 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

I am back with my 5th dieting, i could not complete my 4th diet due to several reasons, so i am a bit conscious if i will be able to complete it but i am motivating myself with my 3 successful diets. (67 -> 59.8 is very motivatng)

i had vacations in decmber so gained some weight and i noted my weight today it was 59.8, i hope i will be able to reduce it too 57 somewhere.

Today i ate

1 Pomogranate in breakfast
lots of water approx 8-10 glass
2 apples
half watermelon
cabbage soup.

i had 35 minutes walk on trademill too in the morning.

With my experience i found that if you complete it 7 days then the lost weight is not coming back but if you are leaving on 3rd or 4th day then lost weight is coming back so if you are doing GM diet then complete it for atleast 6 days. last day just ignore suger, milk, oil and fried things.

27 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

2nd day of 5th diet and i checked my weight and wow scale shows 59.1 🙂
i am very happy with the result of first day (59.8 -> 59.1) 700gm in one day.

today i am planning to eat –
1 patato
cabbage soup.

28 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

3rd day of 5th diet and scale showed my weight to be 58.8 so till now i have lost 1 kg total. not bad so far. Yesterday i had some headache too but today i am feeling much better.

a bit scared as last time i gave up on 3rd day 😦 i need to motivate myself today with anything.

today i started with watermelon in breakfast and in lunch planning to eat apple, cucumber, orange, carrots and evening cabbage soup.

looking forward for tomorrow, tomorrow is my best day as i am big fan of milk and bananas 🙂

28 01 2013

Started today
So it’s day 1 only fruits. Will keep u all posted how its going

29 01 2013

Me CloudRaja – I have also started today :: DAY 1 :d

Only black grapes, papaya, gauva (for cravings) …1 mosambi for evening

29 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

My 4th day and which is my favorite day. Today i found my weight to be 58.4 so i have lost total 1.4 kg till now.

In breakfast i had 1 cup of warm milk with 1 banana. i have 4 more bananas with me and in lunch i am planning 2 with 1 cup of milk and 2 for evening, i will have veg soup in the night too.

Today in the morning i walked around 35 minutes on treadmill and also have 1 glass of lemon water. lets see what scale will tell tomorrow. i am targeting 2.5 till 3 kg as this time i am planning to walk 35 minutes in 5 days out of total 7 diet days.

Saturday – 35 minutes
Sunday – 10 minutes
Monday – no
Tuesday – 35 minutes

still to do…
Wednesday – 25 minutes
Thursday – 35 minutes
Friday – 35 Minutes

also i am taking a lot of water and planning to do the same for remaining days..

29 01 2013

DAY 1:: Planning to do BULLWORKER string pull too for biceps, triceps and forehand .. Rest of my body is toooooooooooo tireDDDDdddddzzzzzzzzzz !!

29 01 2013

Yesterday was good did a little bit cheating but still managed to loose half kilo.
Day 2 today will stick to the plan and have only veg.
Keep me motivated.

30 01 2013

Share more thoughts 😀

30 01 2013

DAY :: 2
Had a migraine on day 1 @ 9 pm and had to doze off

Woke up @ 6 .30 am

Prepared tomato base for ” veggie day” and added cauli, peas, carrot and spice for boil-n-eat

Had soya nuggets in place of potato with some paneer in place of butter – feeling full now

WIll have the veg curry through the day till 9 pm

Pl. share your experiences

30 01 2013
Mr X

not a fan of diets.

30 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

5th day but not major change in weight still showing 58.4 but from my past dieting experience generally on 5th days scale shows the same weight as of day 4. but i am still motivated and want to complete 7 days.

Today in the morning i had 1 chapati + 3 mashed tomatoes with little salt and pepper.

planning to have 2 eggs (only white part) with 3 tomatoes in lunch

and dinner 1 small bowl of yellow lentil. hope tomorrow scale will show some good change. Need to motivate myself for 3 more days 🙂

i do need to take 10-12 glass of water today already started with 2. and 25 minutes walk on treadmill.

31 01 2013
want to be 52

Hello Friends,

6th day and scale showed 58 so reduced 400 more so total 1.8 kg till now. but i hope it will reduced more in 2 days.

just today and tomorrow then i can take my normal food but now i am not dreaming about good food 🙂

Today i had 1 chapati with vegetables in the breakfast and in lunch planning to have one or 2 egg with cucumber and carrots, in the evening one more chapati with 1 bowl of lentils and then i am done for the day.

today i had 30 mints walk on treadmill and lemon water in the morning. looking forward for my last day of 5th diet. thanks for being with me.

3 02 2013

Lost 8 pounds till now with NO EXERCISE AND SOME CHEATING ON BANANNA DAY (had a plate of dahi puri to avoid fainting !) and 2 CHAPATI to swallow the VEGGIE (UGH!)… WILL START ROUND 2 AFTER 3 DAYS coming SAT..

22 02 2013

Hey “want to be 52″…Ia am spying you :D…let me know the 5th, 6th and 7th day of your diet and your plans of 6th diet

ENjoy! 🙂

23 02 2013

Hi cloud raja, I started my diet again today, this time determined to loose weight. Wish me luck and keep posting the progress so that I can get some inspiration as well. I have a whole lot of :at least 25 kgs to reduce. Last time lost the same but gained again due to two pregnancies.

31 01 2013

hi on day 3 today…lost half a kg only….but am glad..cos its mkin me feel lighter. No sickness atal

31 01 2013

Mee too feeling lighter on day 3 … 😀

1 02 2013
Target 57 ..

day 4…..lets see how it goes..:)

3 02 2013

Lost 8 pounds till now with NO EXERCISE AND SOME CHEATING ON BANANNA DAY (had a plate of dahi puri to avoid fainting !) and 2 CHAPATI to swallow the VEGGIE (UGH!)… WILL START ROUND 2 AFTER 3 DAYS coming SAT..

22 02 2013

I lost 8 pounds and then 5 pounds in round-1 and 2…Not started after that due to work constraint..will do soon..Below works for me->

1.Have Green tea when you are hungry or Jaljeera or lime juice. (No issues I would say to have this customisation from the GM menu)
2. Put some Garam Masala or jeera pwder…Just a minute drop on tongue to have Unani salt effect of feeling eating.
3. Dont have grapes or stawberry or other sweety fruit…Go for watermelon…Payapya (as it has acid but less sweet) and cucumber
4. For soup, put garam masala in boiled water…add onion and garlick and some oregano/jeera powder…add onion …peas and instead salt add lots of lemon juice.
5. Start on 1st and end on 8th…Moderate Feast on 9th and 10th…then round-2 from 11th and then repeat on 21st of each month

Let me know the result 🙂

22 02 2013
Target 57 ..

thanks guys

31 01 2013

when can v start with brown rice n chicken??

3 02 2013

Lost 8 pounds till now with NO EXERCISE AND SOME CHEATING ON BANANNA DAY (had a plate of dahi puri to avoid fainting !) and 2 CHAPATI to swallow the VEGGIE (UGH!)… WILL START ROUND 2 AFTER 3 DAYS coming SAT..

9 02 2013


8 02 2013
fingers crossed

its 3rd day of my 1st attempt to follow gm diet.jst broke one rule by having 1/2 cup of tea evry morning 😦 (every sip made me feel guilty) . hope it doesnt affect my weight loss plan much.

8 02 2013

Hey Toadys my 2nd day of GM Diet, I tried before also, and i loosed about 5 kilo from my body, It was amazing. People can observe that one. But last 2 months i gained few kilos. So again I am on diet. I know one thing that if you really want to loose you can sacrifice for 7 days . Its mirracle. Please pray for me that again i can loose that much wait.

8 02 2013
Target 57 ..

alll the bestt guys…..

9 02 2013

Starting my diet today. Wish me luck. Will keep everyone posted.

9 02 2013

I tool lost 8 and gained 3 in 5 days…Starting ROUND-2 today after gap of 5 days

9 02 2013

I too lost 8 and gained 3 in 5 days which is normal way of body…Starting ROUND-2 today after gap of 5 days

22 02 2013

I lost 8 pounds and then 5 pounds in round-1 and 2…Not started after that due to work constraint..will do soon..Below works for me->

1.Have Green tea when you are hungry or Jaljeera or lime juice. (No issues I would say to have this customisation from the GM menu)
2. Put some Garam Masala or jeera pwder…Just a minute drop on tongue to have Unani salt effect of feeling eating.
3. Dont have grapes or stawberry or other sweety fruit…Go for watermelon…Payapya (as it has acid but less sweet) and cucumber
4. For soup, put garam masala in boiled water…add onion and garlick and some oregano/jeera powder…add onion …peas and instead salt add lots of lemon juice.
5. Start on 1st and end on 8th…Moderate Feast on 9th and 10th…then round-2 from 11th and then repeat on 21st of each month

Let me know the result 🙂

16 02 2013

Hi all.. I’m on week 5. after week three week i reduced 9kg weight. But in 4th week i lost 1/2 pound only…..and it is my 6th day of 5th week …but no weight loss….why? can anybody tell me..the cause pls…..i used to take rest 1 day rest from the diet after every week…..what should i do now?…i want to continue it for 12 week….I need to lose 15 kg more….

22 02 2013

I lost 8 pounds and then 5 pounds in round-1 and 2…Not started after that due to work constraint..will do soon..Below works for me->

1.Have Green tea when you are hungry or Jaljeera or lime juice. (No issues I would say to have this customisation from the GM menu)
2. Put some Garam Masala or jeera pwder…Just a minute drop on tongue to have Unani salt effect of feeling eating.
3. Dont have grapes or stawberry or other sweety fruit…Go for watermelon…Payapya (as it has acid but less sweet) and cucumber
4. For soup, put garam masala in boiled water…add onion and garlick and some oregano/jeera powder…add onion …peas and instead salt add lots of lemon juice.
5. Start on 1st and end on 8th…Moderate Feast on 9th and 10th…then round-2 from 11th and then repeat on 21st of each month

Let me know the result 🙂

22 02 2013

For Soup forgot to mention to add Cabbage and Yam (I love yams coated with garam masala and jeera pwder/pepper powder!)

22 02 2013

I lost 8 pounds and then 5 pounds in round-1 and 2…Not started after that due to work constraint..will do soon..Below works for me->

1.Have Green tea when you are hungry or Jaljeera or lime juice. (No issues I would say to have this customisation from the GM menu)
2. Put some Garam Masala or jeera pwder…Just a minute drop on tongue to have Unani salt effect of feeling eating.
3. Dont have grapes or stawberry or other sweety fruit…Go for watermelon…Payapya (as it has acid but less sweet) and cucumber
4. For soup, put garam masala in boiled water…add onion and garlick and some oregano/jeera powder…add onion …peas and instead salt add lots of lemon juice.
5. Start on 1st and end on 8th…Moderate Feast on 9th and 10th…then round-2 from 11th and then repeat on 21st of each month

Let me know the result 🙂

22 02 2013

For Soup forgot to mention to add Cabbage and Yam (I love yams coated with garam masala and jeera pwder/pepper powder!)

28 02 2013

Followed this diet very strictly. 1 kgs lost!! damn!! m still 57.7 kgs!!

3 03 2013

Follow my tips to lose more 🙂

17 03 2013

Wich diet is better? The 13 Days Metabolism diet or the GM Diet?

17 03 2013

Wich diet works best? The GM diet or 13 days metabolism diet?

19 03 2013

The Slow Carb diet is effective and faster for 3 attempts

17 04 2013

Am on 6th day of GM diet and i already lost 3kg. Hoping to loose some more soon.

When we talk about keeping the weight off of GM diet it completely depends on individual. If we start having junk right from next day of GM diet cycle there is no point in not expecting weight gain again.Regular work out and having balanced food plays vital role in keeping weight off.And ofcourse having your fav junk now and then is allowed when u watch ur intake of food regulary.

So GM diet does wonders with no side effects and effectively cleaning your system.Who can not follow this diet, in such case any diet, talk negatively about this coz that is how they feel satisfied for not following this wonderful diet:-)….

1 05 2013

I am on day 3 of the GM diet today.. by far has been the hardest. I woke up sweaty and sick feeling and pretty shakey. Had an orange and felt better. We will see what the day brings. I have lost 2.5 pounds so far. I am looking forward to day 5 when i can have some meat and add some spices to it. lol

5 05 2013

I’m Starting GM today. However I’m not weighing myself, I wish to see if it makes me feel better and lighter.

Day 1 – fruits (too easy) & YUMMY.

9 05 2013

Today is my second day of week 2. In first week i lost 4 kgs and in second day of week 2 i lost 2 more kgs. Earlier I was 70+ and now am 66… am looking forward to loose up to 60-62 kgs. this week. Wish me good luck.

15 05 2013

Romil-Good luck to you.
I tried twice and when I tried the thrid time i lost my appetite.
Planning to start again from 2mrw.. I’m 75 now.. want to be atleast 68 on my wedding. Wish me good luck

27 05 2013

Today is my 2nd day and when i started my weight was 60.5 and today morning it was 59.6 almost 900 kg in one day.

I am aiming around 57, i hope i can do that.

Good luck to all who has just started.

28 05 2013

My 3rd day and weight was 59.4 i managed to reduce 200gm more. today i had watermelon + apple + grapefruit and planning to eat more fruits till evening and evening i will have cabbage soup with other vegetables.

29 05 2013

my 4th day –

weight reflected on scale is – 58.9 so reduced 500 gm more

So total 1.6 kg till now

today i had 1 cup of milk + one banana

and at 10 one more banana…

in the evening planning to have veg soup.

30 05 2013

My 5th day

weight reflected on scale is – 58.5 so reduced total 2 kg till now

today i had i chapati with beans (Moong)

lunch planning to have tomatoes and evening with wonder soup and lots of water througout the day.

1 06 2013

6th day & weight was 58.3 and today the last day weight is 57.9 so total weight reduced is 2.6

It’s really worth to do this diet once in a while 🙂

1 06 2013
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7 07 2013
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Normally I do not examine content about websites, however i desire to declare that this specific write-up incredibly motivated my family to carry out hence! Your own producing flavor continues to be pleasantly surprised me personally. Appreciate it, great post.

19 07 2013

I have started this diet for 3rd time 1st time i had completed but couldn’t complete 2nd due to some reasons…

Today is my 3rd day… hoping for best results.

12 08 2013

Dear Friends,

i am back with my next diet total weight today is 58.9 so gained 1 kg atleast.

today is my first day and started with –

watermelon and apple.

till evening planning to eat more apples, watermelon, cataloupes…

lets see tomorrow morning..

13 08 2013

2nd day started with some disappointment and weight was 58.8 so only 100 gm is reduced, i did not drink much water yesterday and also i was really sleepy the whole day.

today i had boiled Broccoli in the breakfast and brought carrots and cucumber to munch the whole day.

in the evening planning to have mashed vegitables with patato as dinner.

15 08 2013

4th day and weight reflected is 58.4 reducing very slow. yesterday there were no change. today i had 1 banana and 1 glass of milk in the morning.
rest planning to have 4-5 more bananas and 2 more cup of milk.

in the evening Veg soup.

8 09 2013

I’m doing the GM diet for the second time this yr, lost 7lbs last june, i haven’t checked my progress yet this time, i’m currently on Day 6…1 more… 1 more…

My main reason for doing this is the cleanse (Losing weight is a great bonus)…

5 10 2013

As they claim 8 Kgs maximum.. I was hoping for 4-5 Kg but GM Diet left me unhappy.. I have followed the diet like one follows a religion and i did workout daily but i have lost just 2 Kg and that makes me sad.. I was hoping to shed some more.. 😦

26 12 2013

hey guys im starting tomorrow my weight now is 60.5kg will update u all how much weight i lost by day 7 wish me luck n pray for me i really wish to be 8kg lighter in 7 days

13 01 2014

Starting diet today with weight 61.9 and expect to reduce till 59.
First day started with apple.

16 01 2014

4th day and i found my weight to be 61.

I admit i did some cheating like 2nd day 2 wheat cookies, 4 almond nuts.

1/2 chapati on 3rd day.

also added some salt when cooking vegetables.

29 01 2014
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4 03 2014

Im on my second go at the gm diet with 9 friends. None of us have had any of the pangs, headaches, weakness you talk about and the average weight loss was 8 lbs. You are not limited in the amount you eat and it seams you maybe just didnt eat enough.

20 03 2014

Loving the gm diet!
Day 1: I weighed 68kg.
I ate nothing but fruit. 3 apples, about 0.5kg of grapes, and half of a medium-size papaya. I drank lots and lots of water. Over 3 liters. In the evening I went on a 30 minute run. And finally I had about 9 hours of sleep last night.
I feel great this morning. And guess what! It’s day 2 and I weigh 66kg! Lost 2kg in 24 hours. And I feel great!
I’ll start this morning with some yoga, and then get on with today’s diet. Veggies and only veggies. Remember to hydrate a lot. I’ll put an update here tomorrow. 🙂

21 03 2014

Day 2: I weighed 66kg.
I ate nothing but vegetable. I had a bad headache at night but otherwise a good day. Yoga in the morning and my usual 30 minute run in the evening.
This morning I felt a bit bloated then realised why: my “monthly” was here. I took my weight and it was 65kg. One more kg down!
Today instead of yoga I’ll take a 1 hour walk to the market. I feel great!

23 03 2014

Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed!
Extremely helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot.
I was seeking this particular info for a long time.

Thank you and good luck.

22 04 2014

Wake up in 3pm nd Starting my diet from nOw …is it safe ?

5 05 2014

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem resolved soon.

12 05 2014

I have started today, done 15mins HIIT in the morning and fruit all day. One bowl of soup too. It was delish!!!! Not enough water though.

I weighed 66.3kg this morning, how did I get here!!!! 😫😢😣😒

See what the scales say tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!


13 05 2014

Day 2- 65.8kg

A little disappointed with the weight loss, was really hoping for more, but it’s better than nothing!

Had one toast and tea for breakfast…microwave isn’t working, so couldn’t do a potato…then 2 bowls of soup so far! Will have some veg n more soup.

Hope for better results tomorrow!

15 05 2014

Day 3- 65.6kg

Last night I had a full meal of rice and curry. Went to visit my parents as my dad came from abroad and stuffed my face with food!!!😫😫😫😫

But had soup all day. Still not enough water!!

Oh well, not as strong as I thought I was!!!

15 05 2014

Day 4- 64.9kg

Hmmmm, kinda relaxing the diet a bit..😣😣

Had a cup of tea with 2 slices of brown bread. Will have soup all day!! I love the soup btw😋😋😋😋😋😋

Ciao! 👋

8 07 2014

I was 85 kg and now 65 kg. I follow this diet for 5 months and lost 20 kg. Its amazing 🙂 and now I started again 🙂

6 10 2014

hey, i also want to lose 20-25 kg, may i know proper plan from you which followed exactly..please i really need 🙂
thanks in advance

8 07 2014

mine is 2nd menstrual cycle shall i continue gm diet

25 07 2014
Raajesh Varma

Started my GM Doet today with 98 kgs
Its evening now
I am almost drained out
Pls pray for me to complete this diet successfully

17 10 2014

this is the 3rd day my second attempt with GM diet. i started with 67 kgs. i lost 4 kgs in my first attempt. i want to loose 12 kgs more which i have gained during my pregnancy. wishing my self luck and a slimmer body 🙂

29 10 2014

Hi this is my day 3 of GM diet. I think it works. I did the diet in 2009 and lost 10kg in 3 months. I was not following the diet strictly. Just had a baby and put on 15kg so I aim to loss the weight in 3 months. pls pray for me.

19 12 2014

Hi,I am on 3 day of my diet and havent lost any weight. Started with 81.5 and still there:-( any reasons

13 02 2015

On day 5 one can have chicken soup if you are a chicken lover. Boil lots of water and add two chopped onions, grinded ginger and garlic, 3 chopped tomatoes, only the onion of spring onion( add the leafy ones later when your soup is cooked) and add salt to your taste. Boil it for atleast 25-30 mins and once the chicken is cooked tear d chicken into small pieces and let it boil again. Tadaa our chicken soup is ready…i am having this today and trust me this is the best chicken soup i have ever had. Slurp! 😉

6 04 2015

hi i started my gm first day yesterday, i got my period during the day but i continued, today i went on the scale and i didnt lose anything . ususally i do on the first fruit day so in the morning i had a toast with peanut butter i thought ill start when i finish my cycle but i prefper to continue you think i will lose or no thank you

10 06 2015

Is this diet suitable for teens

11 10 2015

Day 1 today and aiming to just have watermelon until dinner. hope this works.

7 03 2016
Ketaki Mavinkurve

i’m planning to start the diet tomorrow. how do you keep the kilos off afterwards though?

16 03 2016

I started this diet, this my 3day …really feeling sick, dizzyness…had lemon juice..fully following as per the diet chart..

4 11 2016

I have seen guys loosing weight with General Motors Diet

21 11 2017

I have completed my gm diet yesterday. Today I had normal food that I was following before diet. But I’m feeling really sick,little headache and weakness. Is it normal or it’s something else?pls reply

21 11 2017

I have lost 4kgs on this diet. After completing,on 8th day im feeling very tired and weakness. Why?

25 09 2018
Sally Bell

I have done this diet with a few modifications, for 3 weeks in a row, and lost close to 10kgs. It is very effective and sustainable. I was able to keep the weight off for quite a while. I’ve just had 5 months of forced cessation of exercise due to injury, and a couple of holidays with a few too many drinks and nibbles, so I have put weight back on… so I’ve just started the diet again.

I don’t believe it is at all dangerous, or a bad ‘fad’ diet – even if you do it for consecutive weeks, so long as you apply a few modifications. The diet mimics our ancestors’ eating habits AND it has ‘unlimited’ quantities of various types of healthy foods on various days… so how can it be bad?(I have a friend who’s just done the Chinese herb 101 diet which has you eating NOTHING for 2 weeks! That’s got to be worse!)

My modifications are as follows (nothing drastic, nothing that takes away from the original intent):

DAYS 1 to 3: All these days are unlimited vegetables and fruit (no bananas), but you ARE allowed to include legumes (tinned beans/chickpeas) and potatoes, but don’t overdo either of these.

DAY 4: Up to 8 bananas and 6 cups of milk (I allow normal not skim… full cream milk is still only 3% fat). I usually stop at 6-7 bananas.

DAYS 5 & 6: Meat (max 750g in the day) plus unlimited veges and fruit (no bananas).

DAY 7: Up to 3 cups of cooked brown rice and unlimited veges and fruit (no bananas).

I drink black coffee/tea on all days except Day 4… when I allow myself to have a cappuccino!

I do not make/include a cabbage soup (not necessary)… I just drink a lot of water and I do allow myself a few diet soft drinks with a slice of lime.

These modifications allow you to stay on the diet longer, not feel quite as hungry or bored, but still means you’re not having anything other than fruit and veg on those days… if you’re happy, like I am, to count legumes as a veg.

Go for it, and don’t feel guilty that you’re doing something faddish and unrealistic. You’re not.

17 04 2019

Is it safe to do GM diet?
I have read an article “How to lose 2kg in a week
Where that guy suggested to do GM diet for short period of time.

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