27 06 2008

Ever experienced it?

A sicking sensation of nothingness. A quiet despair creeping into the numbing spirit. A hushed space suspended in vacuum where the sounds of silence throb deeper into the hollow of the heart.

Sometimes the disquietening lull of life haunts more than words can ever will.

Noise, Noise, Noise Everywhere..

28 12 2007

The twentieth century is, among other things, the Age of Noise. Physical noise, mental noise and noise of desire — we hold history’s record for all of them. And no wonder; for all the resources of our almost miraculous technology have been thrown into the current assault against silence. That most popular and influential of all recent inventions, the radio is nothing but a conduit through which pre-fabricated din can flow into our homes. And this din goes far deeper, of course, than the eardrums. It penetrates the mind, filling it with a babel of distractions, blasts of corybantic or sentimental music, continually repeated doses of drama that bring no catharsis, but usually create a craving for daily or even hourly emotional enemas. And where, as in most countries, the broadcasting stations support themselves by selling time to advertisers, the noise is carried from the ear, through the realms of fantasy, knowledge and feeling to the ego’s core of wish and desire. Spoken or printed, broadcast over the ether or on wood-pulp, all advertising copy has but one purpose — to prevent the will from ever achieving silence. Desirelessness is the condition of deliverance and illumination. The condition of an expanding and technologically progressive system of mass production is universal craving. Advertising is the organized effort to extend and intensify the workings of that force, which (as all the saints and teachers of all the higher religions have always taught) is the principal cause of suffering and wrong-doing and the greatest obstacle between the human soul and its Divine Ground.

— from Silence, Liberty, and Peace by Aldous Huxley

Just sharing a lingering thought of the day which made me reflect on the FM Generation.

In The Spirit of Silent Music..

8 12 2007

In a Blue Evening, Clear and Chilled,
Stilled in the Silent Chords of Music..
I sighed at the sight of soulful melody..

Music is a feeling and not sound,
How content I am, I can’t place in words,
As the joy of living is only sung and felt..

As the touch of resonating notes breath life,
And evoke the gentlest rhythms in my cold being,
I lay thawed there in spent emotions..

Silent Despair..

28 11 2007

Most people resign themselves in life for that. At times I do that too. Dreaming for four leaved cloves while the life is happening around me. Is it ennui or desperation?

These days, life is filled with silent despair..

So much that there is little interest left in anything. Running through one of those phases of life where patience is everything. Whats keeping my sanity is some calming and soothing music.

Soul searching is like peeling an onion. I never know whether I will end up with a a valid criticism, reason or a perspective for all sorts of actions that I do. Boredom is winning the battle with me these days and guess I really cant relate to those multitude of things that cheesed me off. The chaos around me is affecting my composure and balance with blank noises. I know naught what I feel anymore.. Hmm.. One of those muted times..

Life is Muted!

15 06 2007

Guess the title speaks for itself.. Am in a process of transition, playing the role of a passive observer, and loosing myself in the predictable humdrum. A lot of thinking is keeping me occupied and guess this little private space gives me an opportunity to depict those muffled expressions of silence. What would you do if several pulsating stimuli make you indecisive, when the choices are very limited? Doused in the fragmented reality, life is currently muted..

Silence in Chaos…

23 02 2005

Yes, That’s the current state of mine. It seems as if I am standing in a chaos and don’t understand what’s happening around me. Life is rolling in a slow pace at IMDR, and with two more months to bid farewell, suddenly I find myself doing nothing productive. Yes I am reading a lot of books to kill the leisure but I am absolutely doing nothing which puts my creative skills to work. Just trying to enjoy leisure.. This weekend is supposed to be full of verve as its convocation time at IMDR, but somehow I fail to identify myself with it. May be I am getting effected by the inactivity bug! It seems as if I am surrounded by deadening silence and no where to go! People say Silence speaks, but for me, at times, it haunts!