Godavari: Movie of A Different Breed!

17 09 2006

Some movies come like a fresh summer rain, and touch my heart just like a refreshing rainbow. Anand and Godavari are sure such movies which stood apart from the current day masala Telugu movies. They sure revived my hope about Telugu movie industry. Anand is rather an old movie, yet I watched it after I watched Godavari. Melodious music has only enhanced the flavor. Somehow I lived both the movies, agreeing with the gal that Kamalini Mukherjee stood for.


Godavari is a love story of two independent people who discover each other over a picturesque journey to Bhadrachalam over Godavari. It’s quite delightful to watch Kamalini Mukharjee’s expressions, which are a perfect blend with the surroundings. The story is simple, yet the screenplay made all the difference!

This movie is even closer to heart as it depicts the scenic beauty of Rajahmundry and the Godavari which is my hometown. Since childhood I am always drawn towards Godavari. Listening to the whisper of the waves, the humming of the river, the glistering sun rays dancing on the water always inspires intense feelings whenever I visit those river banks. This movie is a sensual treat for all those wishful nostalgic souls like me. Immediately, I bought the DVD to treasure this movie in collectables!



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