Shift Happens..

7 05 2008

How many of us devote a thought to the exponential changes that happen around the world? Originally originated in 2006, this is one of those striking presentations that stays alive in my memories.

This is created from the original video made by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, makes us think about the rapid transformation happening around us.

Muse On!

Integration of Telecom and Textile via Bluetooth

16 05 2006

Mobeeline is an emotional mobile service based on wearable technology. The basic focus of this service lies in stimulating people’s emotions with an interaction between mobile and wearable technology, and to develop a social network service between friends.

The main goal is to create a wearable Bluetooth accessory that can receive data from a mobile phone. For example, let us assume that there are two mobile phone users. One user can send operative directions to the other’s clothes as the user wants. Without the two users having to meet, they can share their feelings and emotions by sending signals to each other’s clothes. Using our service, they will be changed the colors of each others garments, certain patterns or they can send emoticons to LEDs on the garment.

Check out Mobeeline for further details!

Well, the question still remains, do I want to wear my heart (rather my friend’s feelings) on the sleeve?

Click on the Real World!

12 05 2006

Sounds surprising, isn’t it? Well that’s what promises to do! GeoVector enables a User to point their mobile phones at various public spaces to get the details of an object, to buy the tickets of their favorite show, or engaging in multi party gaming with friends by incorporating a GPS component. Well, its called life empowered by technology!

Terminator Technology-A devious Invention..

14 03 2005

I just read about the Terminator Technology, which is genetic seed sterilization technology, promoted and in process of patenting by Monsanto. As per this kind of technology, the genetically modified seed is made sterile if planted from the seed obtained from harvest. Well, if this kind of technology is accepted and sanctioned in the society, just imagine the kind of ramifications it has. Even the birds which carry seeds wont be of any help to the society…

How many farmers would be aware that the seeds they cultivated through harvesting are sterile? Monsanto is a global company and if it propagated these seeds, doesn’t it result in famines and destruction of humanity? Well, does anyone know the after effects of Genetically Modified food? Its still a untested and developing technology whose side effects are not proven yet. What would happen to the people who are caught unawares of the kind of food that’s going into their system?

Life recreates itself.. How indignant it would feel if the authority of ownership of its basic right is owned by some multinational giant? How would I feel if I have to pay some MNC to carry my own child??? Feeling repulsive and pensive about the deviousness of the whole issue and thought of origin of this entire technology.

As I read some where.. Good Design starts not with thinking of what I can do but questioning what I really want to do.

Control of Technology on life

20 02 2005

I think apart from increasing convenience of Human Life, Technology has increased dependence of Man on it. It actually has taken control over my life and I am unaware of it and am wrapped in nice little lies that I am technofreak!

Technology has made Man so isolated and lonely that we need its help to get connected and stay connected. Can’t I feel connected to the world if its not through Cellphone and Internet? Can’t I enjoy little joys of life, my interaction with dew covered roses, paper boats and the misty rains? All these questions are best answered within ourselves. The answer lies in not going to primitive ages but being beware and aware of our use of technology. Its a matter of Who is in control of whom and Who runs our life?

Technology got no values..

11 02 2005

I personally feel that Technology doesn’t come up with values attached. So its no point in discussing which does more damage, a bike or a knife. Technology becomes advanced and more complex as our expectations from it increases and our curiosity, innovative spirit gets the best of the Human mind to explore new terrains of comfortable life.

Here I feel that the basic issue is to successfully marry technological advances into the culture or values of the society s technology doesn’t come with values attached. Or else we go on creating more complex and complicated technology which is soul less and valueless. They may give us comfort but then they will take out the essence of life.

Regarding the argument that being tech-savvy becomes a status Symbol issue, All I have to say is that if we measure ourselves through the Society’s Parameters, we end on doing things as a custom which may be personally nonsensical. No issues on that, but we need to be aware of our needs and actions!

Science, Technology and Ecology….

27 01 2005

Its been a long time since I sat in a class and this topic came up coz its an elective subject for this current trimester. I have absolutely no idea what this elective is going to be and I kept quiet in the whole class like a dumb soul.. If one asks me what’s your take on this issue, I have to say that I got a lot of fragmented thoughts. Well today I heard a lot of interesting observations to say the least and could see the interconnections among these terms. Science as something which is understood and technology as application of science to satisfy our current needs. Where does ecology figure in? It gets impacted by the influence of science and technology on man, his relationships and the processes which influence his quality of life. All this seem so complicated, but still it makes sense when I brood a lot on this issues. Well, one can ask the relevance of this topic, all I have to say is that science and technology in the current times have influenced the lifestyles and do dictate the standard of life. Somehow I feel that they make me dispassionate over their influence on the ecological system and I feel more distant from the relationship I have with Ecology. Guess I think this is worth pondering over, just to evaluate my stand on these issues as awareness defines maturity of thought process for me.