A Smile In the Sky!

1 12 2008

Today I am rewarded with a beautiful smile that got unveiled in the sky. One of those rare moments, when the Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon came together to spread some cheer in the sky.

It looked so beautiful and radiant for the moment it lasted! How beautiful simplest joys of life can be! They sure made my evening before clouds stealthily stole them away for themselves. Some moments really last for a lifetime!

Though I couldn’t do justice to the memory of such marvelous beauty, I still love to share this with you all.



5 responses

2 12 2008

actually saw this in the newspaper today..it would have been fun to have seen that live, in the sky

2 12 2008

@ Rambler

Yes, Indeed. It just lasted for few minutes in the Bangalore skies, before the clouds got possessive and hid the beauty for themselves.

4 12 2008
Writing for Crows

Wow. this is beauty. atleast u have have a picture.

9 12 2008

Took a similar picture while I was in Shirdi. Don’t have it with me to share it. You captured it very nicely.


28 02 2009

I witnessed something saimilar, which led to the birth of a poem by me 😉


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