A Place That Spells Peace..

21 11 2008

And a memory that I would treasure for a life time. It took me an year to discover this beautiful sojourn in the Bangalore city. Yes, I am talking about the same good old Kempfort ShivMandir on airport road in Bangalore.

Now, you might ask me why is it so special for me? Its because it gifted me a peaceful and serene memory at the darkest hour of the day. I was exhausted and drained from the day to day turmoil of the work, and all I wanted at night is some place to relax and reflect in peace with a close friend. And a thought crossed my mind to venture to this place, and we were amply rewarded as we walked in just when the last aarti of the temple was about to commence. The night turned radiant and I was spellbound to watch the mighty magnificence of the prayer. The feeling was beyond an expression that words could lace and the divine solace that enveloped me was soothing and comforting in gentle grace. There I was, at peace with myself, in unison with the environment, and God.

I would never claim to be a traditional theist, yet I avow by the faith and belief that makes a place of worship divine. What are rituals, if they don’t enhance and  magnify the inner hope and faith. What are temples, if they don’t stand as a testament of faith. I believe. How powerful that expression could be! I realize it whenever I visit a temple, for always it calms my mind and brings peace.  The sheer might of faith enlivens the God for me.

After so many days, the experience still remains just a thought away, like a fond caress of a gentle breeze. After discovering this little alcove, which is the only peaceful temple that I have known to be open for 24 hours throughout the day, I am sure to garner further memories.

P.S.: Thanks to Srijith for this beautiful capture.

A Quiet Evening…

27 07 2008

After being thoroughly drenched by the rain that caught me off guard on my way back to home, I stepped into a typical roadside restaurant called (I guess) ‘Tandoori Garden’ on BTM main road in Bangalore that offered a quick relief. I was surprised to discover a highway side Dhaba kind of ambiance amidst the city with old seventies music humming softly in the background that paled in comparison to the noisy discussions around the tables, rustic walls painted in dark red and bright green shades warming up the environment and the dinner tables set with table lamp lights that are made of straw and are suspended from ceiling. I lived just across the road, yet it took me about an year to discover the beauty of this little restaurant. May be all I needed is a new set of eyes to enjoy the environment around.

Something I spotted on A Pamphlet

30 06 2008

Found this in a Pamphlet for the play “the Woman in Me’ by Pawan. Its hosted at Ranga Shankara, Bangalore at 7:30 PM on 17,18, 19th July 2008.


A Mirror tells the truth! Isn’t that a lie? Stand in the front of a mirror and look to your right, where does the reflection look? It looks to the left! You raise your right hand and it raises its left. A mirror only tells you the opposite!

Our lives are depended on the sotries that we build of our past. Some are true and some are just subconsciously made up.

I wonder sometimes, what really happens? How much of what I feel and what I see is really happening the same way? How different is “Reality” from the way I perceive it?

Is the color Red really red?

That’s indeed a compelling writeup for a play. Am tempted to check it out.

Some Great Times Remembered..

24 06 2008

A few moments celebrated..

I am not one of those people who love hanging around coffee shops indulging in coffee and conversations. Yet, this Barista coffee shop at the Barton Centre on M.G. Road in Bangalore really treated me with the right kind of music and a beautiful ambiance on a lazy evening.

Here is a view from outside. (Looks like any plain coffee shop, isn’t it?)

(Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/damp/)

What delighted me was the beauty of a serene recess that this open air coffee shop offers from the traffic humdrum right in the heart of M.G. area. I took to my heart’s content the gentle breeze and the peppy music along with fun filled company. Here I am, gladly thanking Barista for the great time I had there.

Here is where we seated. Our private alcove from the hectic traffic reality. 🙂 A step inside can assure you a great time if you are with the right company. The music is just apt for a chilled out discussion with good pals. But make sure you give the order at the counter, for rarely you find any waiters roaming with the Menu. We sat there for an hour happily chatting and noone offered us Menu, and slowly it dawned on us that its a self-service coffee shop. 🙂

Coffee, Conversations, Breeze and Music, just apt for my idea of a perfect evening. Looks can be deceptive, isn’t it?

Antargange Trek..

23 06 2008

Pure Exhiliaration is the word of the day. Thanks for the insistence of a sweet pal, which made me head for this trek instead of watching ‘Dasavatharam’ or indulging in window shopping.

This is the first time that I tried ‘Bangalore Mountaineering Club’ and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the experience. We boarded the bus at 8 AM at K.R. Puram busstop and I was surprised to see 50 plus people in the bus, given the short notice. I guess the quality of the companionship in the group made all the difference to this trekking experience.

The trip started with around 90 minutes of bus journey from Bangalore to reach Kolar. We caught up with the breakfast at ShanthiSagar in Kolar which is around 3 km from the ‘Antargange’ location. We reached the place in no time and there was a pack of stairs leading up to the temple. We were welcomed by loads of monkeys, and the pleasant sunny breeze warmed us for the trek ahead.

We reached the Antargange temple after a little climb of stairs, and I already had doubts forming in my mind, if the trek actually is over before it even began. The temple is filled with serene silence and the group is abuzz with action for the impending climb. Making the temple as our base camp, we started the trek with Janak playing the lead trekker and Neeraj trailing to support the cozy climbers.

The path is paved with sand, rock, thorns and the sun, in his blazing glory, wasn’t playing the good Samaritan. Yet, undaunted, many were climbing ahead, one step at a time, in a quiet determination to discover the terrain. I really marvelled at the energy of the crowd in climbing and cave exploring in the region. By noon, we reached the peak of a mountain(if I can call it that) and were ready to go for cave exploration after a relaxed lunch on the peak of a mountain by the side of a small brook filled with chilled water. Cold feet takes a different meaning when you get to rest by dipping feet in chilled water on the top of a mountain in sooting breeze after a hectic trek uphill.

The beauty of mingling with a group in an organized trek, is the sheer experience of encountering different people with different choices and interests. There would be some exploring the untrodden path, some who would take time around to smell the roses and savour the scenary around, while some who run ahead in childlike enthusiam of scaling the peak ahead only to discover that there is no dearth of rocks. Everyone discovering his or her own private definition of solitude and enjoyment amidst wilderness and sun.

If the climb uphill through the rocks in no definite path was a journey on its own, filled with a different thrill of navigating through the boulders that challenge your endurance, the cave exploration post lunch unleashed the childlike exuberance of discovering the unknown. Armed with a naive faith that the dark holds no terror, we all went through the natural caves, to discover our own recess for solitude amidst the mammoth rocks that are resting since centuries. Those rocks filled with small crevices are loaded with umpteen challenges. Often, finding a way ahead in the maze of boulders becomes daunting as the chances of hitting a dead end means reinventing the wheel once again. The wild flowers with their gentle fragrance, and the natural caves with their cold soothing embrace did offer some sanctury against the sultry weather. We did learn some gymnastics, prodding ourselves though the closely nested rocks to reach no definite destination in an easy pace.

The view from the top is breath taking! Enveloped by sand, rock, sky and sun, the town of Kolar looks serene and calm. All I could feel was numbing contentment. With so many people sharing the joy of experience, the thought that lingered in that moment was, ‘who said its lonely at the top?’. 🙂 I was in for a treat while getting down. We discovered a small well with pristine sweet water and I relived the fantasy of a village gal by drawing water from the well and enjoying its sweet taste in primitive fashion. With loads of memories and sated satisfaction, we headed for Bangalore playing Antakshari enroute with the new found pals. We sealed off the day with a quiet dinner at Malgudi and bid our farewell. I had my much needed break, and I confess this, even though the after effects of the trek still remain in my hoarse throat and aching muscles.

SmartTechie Startup City in Bangalore

25 05 2008

This Saturday was quite eventful with the SmartTechie’s Startup City Event happening at NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bangalore. I was about to collect my notes, but a little bit of googling helped me land up at Swaroop’s notes on the event which captured the essence of the event in a remarkable fashion.

Here are those aspects of the event that I loved most. R.K.Misra is positively charging and I loved Ashish Gupta’s keen insightful address that traced the evolution of startups. His perspective of looking at India as a huge startup offered a great food for thought. The panel discussion focussed on Innovation Marketing was moderated by Dr. Y L R Moorthi – IIMB professor of marketing. Some of Moorthi’s candid remarks like

‘Marketing is too serious a stuff to leave it to Marketing professors or Marketing professionals’
‘Technology has the shelf life of a banana’

got me thinking. How true!

The Marketing Panel discussion was quite insightful as Paul Murphy, Director of Innovation, Microsoft India emphasized on the importance of Business case, on building products that customer wants, and Marketing in Promoting ideas, Bharath Chinamanthur from Amazon India Development Center and Suresh Vedula, Head – Business Mobility,from Nokia India expounded on their experiences. Sharad Sharma proved to be a great moderator in the CEO Conclave. Overall, this event surpassed my expectations!

Waking Up Into The Paradise…

17 05 2008

Jannat.. Is this it?

These days my mornings are filled with tranquil repose. Such is the sheer morning bliss of waking up into a quiescent paradise marked by perfect harmony that I am indulging in lazy languor. Slowly the alarm at 5:30 AM lost its prominence and I am able to greet the clock and the sun only after another hour flies by the window panes. Now, what eases my conscience is the beautiful Bangalore Morning Weather. If I discount the roars of the street, the cool soothing breeze and the gentle sun rays are perfect for the sunny summers.

Musing on memories, early mornings and the wafting gentle breeze are a part of me since childhood. My pride of being a little town girl springs from the luxury of being softly transported to reality by either the mellifluous chirping of the country birds or by the divinely melodious Suprabhatam. If I was lucky that day, I would even be bribed from the sands of dreamland by my Granny or Mamma with a gentle kiss. Those were the days of contentment, tradition and values. Those are the days when you believe that Goddess Saraswati blesses those who study at Brahma Muhurta (at 4 AM) and soaking the warm Sunrays in the early morning with Surya Namaskara fills one with energy and strength. Though the idea of being stolen from the land of dreams isn’t appealing, the purposeful morning chores fill life with activity and spirit. Often, at home early mornings happen as an act of tradition. Our small home is abuzz with activity by 5 AM and I end up vying for my share in Mamma’s tea.

Those days of simple rhythm and family warmth are so afresh. The custom carries on. Come what may, I rarely miss a chance to greet the Sun in my way, for, I get a sense of being transgressed from an age old value thats been a part of me since childhood, which I humbly followed as an act of reverence to the customs and traditions of generations.

Bangalore And Its Maddening Traffic Woes..

20 04 2008

Now, this post is triggered by Blogathon Topics list. Especially because I believe that Bangalore is chocked by maddening rush of vehicles and in my personal experience, I might have spent some hours caught in jams. Bangalore traffic steals the hot seat for any coffee time discussion and since Blogathon offered me an official reason for this rant, I might as well capitalize on it. 🙂 Though I have been a Bangalorean since only 8 months, the tall, centennial trees and the sprawling greenery across the city has captured my loyalty. Its easy to crib about how life has become difficult while maneuvering through the Bangalore Roads, but I am really unused to applying thought to combat the traffic woes rather than opting for staying at home, that is. 🙂

For a hightech city, that once used to be known as retired people’s paradise, it is a huge shift from being a peaceful little garden city to the ultramodern silicon valley of India. We paid the price for this development through increased floating population, congested roads, longer routes, maddening polution, and increasing mercury levels that are making their presence felt during this hot sunday afternoon.

A quick look at Bangalore Traffic Website  bought forward some interesting facts. We are a city with over 80 lakhs of people using more than 28 lakhs of personal transportation. Our public means of transportation (BMTC) carries over 28 lakhs of passenger trips everyday, and still bears the venom of public for being less frequent and inaccessable. Its a nightmare to navigate through M.G. Road, Bannerghatta Road, Jaya Nagar, Majestic etc. during the official hours. Yes, the idea of Metro Railway and Mass Transit Facilities sound easy on harrowed throats, yet they are still some years away. If I have to think about some interm means, these do come to my mind.

Multi Floored Parking Joints to ease the traffic woes in narrow congested roads like M.G. Road, Brigade Road, Sankey Road, Cubbon Park Road, J.C.Road, Kempegowda Road, Sheshadri Road, Richmond Road, and Residency Road. Hunting for parking slots on these streets is a daunting task and we can often notice people making rounds for dropping their vehicles off. Multi Floored Steel Paid Parking Joints can save a lot of space on these roads and can ease some congestion as well.

A Realtime updated Postit Website that reflects the current state of traffic on popular routes and suggests alternative routes is much needed in this techie city. If it has a facility to bring people together for car pooling or ride sharing, it would be just apt. Car Pooling is not a new idea, it must have been there for ages. And it requires some serious consideration for innovative implementation in Bangalore. As the ambitious plan to make Bangalore a Digital city with city Wi-Fi comes live, getting real time updates on the traffic status becomes much more easier.

SMS updates for telecom subscribers on their regular routes. Most of us have regular routes for frequent travel, either to office or home that we cannot avoid. However a realtime update on the traffic status over SMS or on FM would help us in either easing our blood pressure levels or making way for some intelligent planning.

Some Ownership from us, the citizens in ensuring responsible driving and sensitive attitude. I have seen some really insensitive drivers on Bangalore roads, who consider breaking traffic rules as their birth right and are truly inconsiderate for fellow drivers. I suggest carrying a newspaper and spending some time on Page 3 gossip or SENSEX updates, rather than enriching our vocabulary of expletives on fellow drivers or Bangalore Traffic. Getting cheesed off on things like inevitable Traffic Jams may not bring an earth shattering change to Bangalore, but would surely effect our mental atitude and stress levels. Be easy on yourself and those frayed nerves, switch on that favorite music of yours, twitter on traffic status and enjoy the chilled Bangalore weather while waiting for traffic to clear up.


Ragi Gudda Temple..

3 03 2008

This temple is one of my favorites in Bangalore. Its truly a no brainer to guess why though. A little temple on hill surrounded by loads of Gods, Ample space, limited crowd, well planned design and peaceful environment. What more can I ask for? I loved the beauty of those bougainvillea arcades that envelop the devotees on their way to God. For those fashioning a little trek, a small route is paved on the rocky terrain to climb atop. But that wouldn’t allow you a direct entry to the temple, unless the door is open or the Pujari takes mercy on your knocking, of course. 🙂

Ragi Gudda Temple

There is this little anecdote thats oft told in my household. For an innocuous inquiry about – “Grandma why are all these temples located on hills? Why do Gods make us climb so much? – earned me an answer – “Earlier all the temples were located on same plane little one. But as mankind grew, they sinned a lot and the land in which they lived has fallen down due to the burden of their sins. Hence we feel Gods are located on hills.” That sounded a reason good enough at those carefree times.

Sometimes, the little effort that we put into and the huge bang that we make about visiting temples can make me dazed. For those who care to follow, I can recount at least 20 instructions on the top of my head. Take Tirupati for instance. Many families that I know have this temple in their travel agenda, even when its not easy to climb up the seven hills on foot route. Guess pain is gain at those times. Guess the effort that we expend nurtures peace in a way. Guess these are those little practices in our religion that teaches restraint in a way.

Today’s Forwarded Email..

10 01 2008


Dear All,

I would like to get one of the incident happened this weekend to your notice.

One of my co-brother met with an bike accident and expired on Friday night.(A BMTC bus came in wrong side and hitted him)

This accident happened around 6.30 PM near whitefield and initially he got admitted to a hospital called Vydehi near whitefield. Later it was proposed by Vydehi doctors to take him to either Nimhance or Manipal.

So we took him to Manipal around 8.00 PM since NIMHANCE is very far and also by considering traffic at that time. To reach even Manipal it took too much time, Most of the delay caused because of Heavy Traffic in airport road. As soon as we took him to the Manipal hospital doctors said his state is very critical and 95 % he is out. Still they said they will do CT-Scanning and then they can clearly confirm the status.

Then around 10.30 PM they arranged for CT-Scanning (Too much of delay). Soon after the CT-Scanning one of the doctor reported his BRAIN is damaged, 2 kidney’s and small lever also was damaged for which he needs to be operated for a head surgery and a stomach surgery, during the operation he may die also or at any moment he may die. Soon after they took him to ICU instead of taking him to Operation Theatre. There was around 1 hr delay in answering us back from this point. They didnt allow any of us to see him when he was in ICU until we demanded and shouted on them. When we demanded and asked them to discharge so that we will take him to NIMHANCE, Then the answer from them was they will operate immediately but we need to Admit and pay around 2 lack Rs. Since we didnt had that much of cash and also we doubted on whether he is still alive or simply these doctors playing a game…, But still since they demanded around 2 lack rupees for the operation before they start it, I went ahead to fill up the forms and pay money immediately with using credit card , But when our uncle had a look at him in ICU noticed that he is already dead (this was around 11.30 PM). Then immediately he asked me to not to make any payment. We went to doctor in-charge and asked(when we shouted) about his status and chances of he being saved. Doctor infomred that chances are less than 1 percent, then only we realized that MANIPAL Administration guys playing a game, and trying to fool us to collect some money in the name of operations to operate a dead body !!!

We took it seriously and tried to contact TV9 on the same day but could not get the contact numbers, Since we were strong enough fight back on Manipal Hospital they agreed that he is dead and asked us to pay Rs. 30,000 to release dead body.

As we know they didn’t give any treatment other than doing a CT-Scan and keeping the dead body in ICU fr 2 Hrs.. We shouted on them and demanded to release the dead body with CT-Scan charges only. Finally we were able to fight and take the body with out paying any money as they were trying to cheat us.

Some how we escaped from being paid for dummy operations being planned by Manipal Doctors. But if it was some other innocent poor people they would have ended up with paying full money and cheated by MANIPAL.

The whole idea behind my writeup is : we all know MANIPAL is one of the big and well known Hospital in bangalore. But these people cheat innocent people by colleting huge money to operate even dead body!!! and try to fool as if they are going to save the patient. I request you all to forward this mail to all your friends and inform every one on how BIG Private Hospitals can cheat .. and to Be aware of these..

For more details you can reach me on 9880029811.

Thanks & Regards
Ravikumara YM
India Solution Centre
i2 Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
‘One i2 Place’
#132 / 133, DivyaSree Technopolis
Yamalur Post, Off Airport Road
Bangalore, 560037, India
Tel : + 91-80-3028 8380
Mob: +91 (0)9880029811


Order In Chaos

27 08 2007

Life is settling into a comfortable rhythm.. I am in Bangalore finally! And I regret that why haven’t I explored this city earlier! The weather is an absolute bliss, an absolute welcome change from the hot and humid Chennai climate. People are warm, friendly and chilled out. And I realized that my mother tongue ‘Telugu’ can give me an advantage in this city, unlike the other places that I have been, or lived. I am seven days old in this city and I guess am aready loving the place. So what if the roads are stiff crowded by honkering autos and buzzing cars. I just love the cool breeze and the ‘about to rain anytime’ kind of pretense that the weather carries. I am actually rediscovering the joy of the long walks in this chilled cocoon of comfort.

I have had a sad experience checking out the paying guest accommodations in the city. People live in bunk beds, and cramped living spaces. I just wonder how can people accommodate such degree of forced intimacy in those space challenged hostels.

Let me thank chance, networks, luck or God, for I could finally find a peaceful dwelling at the BTM Layout which is just a stone’s throwaway from my office. Life seems beautiful and balanced now as I soak in the fresh morning sun from the veranda which opens into a glorious sight of sun kissed flowers in the morning.

Life has gained some semblance after the hectic humdrum that happened in the recent times. I have been away from keyboard, music and books for long grappling with the mounting chaos. Looking back am amazed, though so much has changed in life, so little of it has actually mattered.

Robert Kincaid’s this quote from ‘Bridges of Madison County’ has been quite a source of comfort when I was going through the hectic pace of resignation, relocation, house hunt and shift. Here is how it goes.. “Things change. They always do, it’s one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort.”