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18 01 2009

Life is a set of puzzling and contradictory questions to me. Often cosmic, they do spring an endless debate in the mind. Does the end lie in the answer or in the engaging loop of discussions, I couldn’t figure it so far, either. Here are some of them that are so tantalizingly engrossing in occupying the mind and soul at times.

What’s the purpose of human life?

To realize one’s true potential. To be at peace with oneself, with the neighborhood and with the world at large.

Why should we realize our potential?

To be what we can really be, to test our limitations and possibilities. Sometimes I wonder how far I have come in realization of my own capabilities. I am afraid to test the limits not because I don’t have the capability, but because I fear my own unlimited endurance, potential and expanse.

Risk: Such a tantalizingly dangerous word, yet I am so used to toil it on a daily basis.

Somehow now, I could see the essence in the wish, ‘may you live everyday of your life’. Hmm… Somehow why is it that everything in life feels like a game of probabilities? May be all that I can do is give my 100%, hope for the best and prepare for worst.



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18 01 2009

What’s the purpose of human life?
you know I read a book how one needs to live life without any purpose..and let things happen to you rather than make them happen..very interesting take on life

18 01 2009

I would be cheating myself even if i tried answering any of your larger than life questions. But, I liked it when you mention that ‘life feels like a game of probabilities’. yeah, a complex game of probabilities, where the the probabilities which you are not aware of can be labeled as ‘fate’.

18 01 2009

every human worth his weight on this world strives to become better – emotionally, mentally and physically – and starts questioning how (a few question why too). I feel, an answer to any of these questions gives only a temporary solace, as the questions are timeless and there cant be an answer which is un-bound by time.

18 01 2009

The meaning of life is to live to the fullest..

every person has the moral duty to give back to the society, if he knows his or her full potential, he delivers the best.

There is a difference between Risk & Rash, find the gap inbetween.. Gud luck to u buddy. Its nice to see you here.. πŸ™‚

20 01 2009

Well its difficult to ‘answer’ question such as : whats the purpose of human life? as this needs to be discovered for ones self. Beauty of human life is that each human beings experience is unique. Its an eternal question whose quest continues through out ones life journey…three books that show three different dimesions are worth reading..

1. The Go giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann
2. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse –
(can b read at ) my alltime favourite, every time i read i tend to get a new perspective on life
3.Of Human Bondage By W. Somerset Maugham – another etrnal favourite.
happy reading.

20 01 2009

Purpose of human life
Live by the religous principles. Be happy and make others happy.

Realizing true potential
One can never realize their true potential because there is no end to it. But, this is often limited by the circumstances one faces in life most of them are external factors.
It sounds like bragging πŸ™‚
Try this undestand Einstein’s theories of general theory of relativity and special theory of relativity in a week and explain this to an uneducated person in a day.

This is subjective. What you perceive as risk may not be risk at all. If you try climbing everest without oxygen, that I believe is a risk.

28 01 2009

Loved this one…
How amazingly true is the fact that we ourselves do no know the expanse of our potential!

22 02 2009

erm..actually sometimes i still wondering ” what is my purpose of life?”
and all i have to do now is just try to enjoy my gratefull of everything for all that already given to me.. πŸ™‚

3 03 2009

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23 03 2009

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16 04 2009

Yes, life is a set of puzzling and contradicting questions and life is
a path that leads to the unknown. Nice to read a similar yet different
perspective on life and it’s purpose by yet another blogger.

Do read my post and take on the same topic.

All the best!

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