My Visit to Shankar Netralaya!

13 05 2006

Well, its time to pay visit to the Sankara Netralaya in Chennai, one of the most renowned eye hospitals of India. I was always little lazy to venture for LASIK, willing to make do with spectacles to correct my shortsight. The hospital is really process oriented, and yes one needs to dedicate atleast half a day with an appointment to complete the check up and I went there consecutively for three days to confirm whether my eyes are suitable for LASIK or not!

Getting an appointment at Sankara Netralaya is itself a task. In case you are wondering, you can get an appointment through Telephone, Internet or in person. If you want to get the same day appointment, well dress up and join the queue at morning 5.30 AM to collect a token against cancellation for the appointment. And, do remember that Sundays are strictly for emergencies. Also, a patient can only take a single attendant/friend/family member along with him. Looking at the crowd waiting at the main block, I can only understand the reason behind the same.

After taking the same day appointment, I reported at the reception desk at 8:15 AM and commenced on a long wait for the secretary to call me for the 8:30 AM appointment. Well, finally she took mercy on me and I get to meet the optometrist by 11:00 AM and the doctor by 12:00 PM only to hear that I need to go to the specialist for which I need to take another appointment! Lol!!! I was completely unaware of what’s happening with me and what are they trying to test apart from the haziness due to the dilation of eyes!

Gamely, I requested for the specialist appointment and luckily got it for the very next day again at 8:00 AM! So again my long wait commences for the specialist! Well, this time, I went through a battery of corneal thickness check and other check up (I lost the sequence) and finally get to meet the doctor. What I liked most is the nonmercenary approach and the safety first attitude of the doctor. He didn’t really advice me to head for LASIK. So, a little lately I decided that being lazy is the best and I cant take this waiting for cosmetic purpose.

Sankara Netralaya offers the best of eye care for sure. Yet, they can concentrate more on the communication to the patient so that he may not feel lost in the process. I am really impressed by the crowd management and the organization. Being an impatient self, my only complaint is the long waiting hours! Sure knock the door of Shankar Netralaya for the best of eye care for complicated issues and expert opinion but you can make do with your family doctor for minor ailments!



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2 11 2006
Rahul Jain


read your bolg, with reference your experince with shankar Netralaya I want show my daughter to them but I do not know the details and how to take appointment as I am presently staying in chandigarh.Pl. forward details and all procedure to my email:

14 03 2007
lokesh kumar

i want to do lasik check for my eyes . i have
-8 power on my both eyes.kindly,sent the details of whole lasik process,its risks & cost in this address:

qtr. no.-1192
bokaro steel city(jharkhand)

17 03 2007
nikhil garg

i want to do checkup of my eyes but i don`t know how to reach for checkup & sir is there any probability of special treatment (vip) please give detail about it.

nikhil garg
sanjay place

14 04 2007

recently i had undergone phaco in one of my eye.Somehow by mistake the Doc implanted a minus power lens for which everything i see, i see blur and small.I am having tremendous problem in seeing anything.I want to know that what are the ways through which it can be cured? Can this lens be removed and replaced with a new one? If so how much time will it take and what would be the fees. Kindly reply me as early as possible so that i can come to you for further necessaries. Thanhing You,
Rajeeb Sanyal
144 Road-D
Sonari West

16 04 2007


Please check the appointment details at

Alternatively, you can request an appointment by calling 04428271616 or 04428272727.

LASIK operation for my friend, which was done in feb 07 costed 40,000 INR. I am not sure of VIP treatment. You can refer to their website for details.

15 10 2007

My Mother right eye is aphakic with bullus keratopathy and marked corneal scaring. She has been visiting many hospitals here in Kenya but there is no improvements.

We have been adviced to contact you may be she can be cure.

Please let me know how i can send her Doctors report.

Thank you.

Ali Mohamed
East Africa.

3 01 2008
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21 01 2008


My sister lost her eye sight when she was 5 years old, when my brother threw a knife into her eye. She is totally blind now.
I see you have pretty good knowledge and background of what is done at sankar netralaya. Do you think, sankar netralaya can help my sister to restore her eye sight back??? Or do you suggest any other hospitals(indian or foreign) which can do the same. Any comments would be greatly helpful. We consulted many eye clinics so far but none could help.

20 07 2009

hi chaitanya,
you can try going shankar is one of best eye hospitala in world. but main thing is that u should approach it at the earlest .but still u may try.

22 09 2008

I got an eye surgery done at Shankar Netralaya some 10 years back. I agree with all the pros and cons you have brought about the hospital. Back then, I really liked the services offered by them. Well, my eyes got rectified, what more could I have expected. Recently, I visited there again and I hated it this time. It was full of all junior doctors who seemed like interns to me. I met a bunch of them but none of them seemed as competent or even close to the doctor who had operated on me earlier. I decided not to visit them again. Now, I am struggling with some eye problem and want to show to one of the doctors locally(not in Chennai) and I am struggling to get my case summary from them. FYI, they do not let you carry any of your medical papers/records back with you. When you want to get an appointment from them, they’ll reply to you asap but when you want to get your records from them, they will never revert back.

31 01 2011

Dear Sir,

Please dont go to Shankara Nethralaya for any complicated cases.As you mentioned in your mail, about the Junior doctors, It is true and I agree with you.My husband was admitted in Shankara Nethralaya, with a queue of doctors researching and experimenting on his eye which resulted more than three weeks and when they couldnt do anything positive they left us saying everything will be fine within the next month, but the very next day the worst thing in our life happened, while we travelled back to our place as per the doctors advice. It is now a hospital full of doctors who doesnt know to treat even a simple problem.
By this time, I hope your problem might have resolved.

3 10 2008
S. Raj

I hv problems with my eyes and intended to avail treatment at Sankar Netralaya, a world class eye hospital but I wonder why Smeeta put such adverse comments on hospital’s present management.
Where should I go then ?

26 10 2008
seema singh

sir this is seema singh from agra i would like to know that my eyes are very weak nd its no. is rite eye no. is 15 n left eye no. is 16 in(-) i have throw with all the check up scanning my doc in delhi n agra also but they says that no. will cum back which i dnt want i want to remove my no. parmanently so plz do let me know wat r the procedure which suit it with full details as soon as possible plz pay attention on this case thanx. Sir plz tell me the total expenses to remove the parmanently on my id or my contact no. 9411922542

2 02 2012

You may be a candidate for ICL surgery.

8 11 2008

I come to know about Shankar Netralaya recently. Now it is too late to
contact you, but still hopping for hope.

My brother aged 25 has short vision from childhood. Now he has around -23
no. in left eye.
He has undergone spot surgery in both the eyes 2 years ago so that retina
should not get ruptured.
Now he is not able to see with his right eye. After consulting other doctor
we come to know that his nerve dried and will not be able to see.
he lost his vision.

Is there any treatment on this?
what kind of documents will you require for further more investigation?
can it be mailed or require appointment?
do you have any branch in mumbai?

13 06 2009
Bharat Patel

Dear Sir,

I want to checkup my daughter’s eyes to the Sankar Netralaya , but I do not know the details and how to take appointment. As I am presently staying in Ahmedabad . Please forward details and all procedure to my email:

If I would like to send you a scan file for my daughter’s medical reports. How can I do the same ??

She is having the very short vision problem in both eyes from her childhood. We have already done the cross eye opration when she was 6 month & 21 years. Doctor’s tell us that they cant upgrad the vision because the support wain of her eyes are not fully developed.

Pls. reply me & oblige.


Bharat Patel.
12/A Satyam Bunglows,
Near Abadnagar Bus Stand,
Bopal , Ahmedabad. 380 058.
(M) 9601136364

2 11 2009
ashfaque alam

Dear Sir/Mam,
My father in law is suffering from neuro problem ,so i need to come to ur hospital for his treatment.In that case i need some information whom i m going to contact ,who is the doctor & ur contact number( Reception ) .Please help me out.

30 11 2009
Brian D Curselor

Thank you for nice article and If you want to know information about LASIK procedure, laser eye surgery complications, cost, alternatives, online directory of Laser Eye Surgeons that connects prospective patients with a surgeon in their local area. Go to

22 02 2010

dear sir/madam

i lost my eye right sight… when i was born, . i took treatment in shankar netralaya in 1997 approx. my file number is 87823 my name abdulfarook right knw iam 23 year old …….its have a possible to get eye site……..

5 03 2010
sanjay lakhamani

i want to visit sankar netralaya , want to know which the best doctor over there , i have a problem of double vision , eyesight getting weaker

21 03 2010

sir, i m having a daughter,her age is 3 yrs . we went for her eye checkup nd doctors has given left eye no is -12 nd right eye no is -14, sir i want to know is it possible that a kid who is just 3 yrs old having such high number, plz suggest me what to do as i think we are playing with her childhood, plz suggest any treatment anywhere in india. waiting for ur answer.

2 07 2010

Sir, my left seems to have gone a bit inside due to rubbing. Both eyes do not look similar . is there any surgery available for the correction of the same. what approximately will be the cost of such surgery? please reply. I am too depressed about it

10 08 2010

Sir, my son was diagnosed as R.O.P. when he was born as a preterm baby.He was refered to shankar nithyalaya and laser treatment wasdone when he was almost a month old
.Since then i have been regularly taking him to the same opthalmologist who had referred to your hospital for review , i was told by Dr PROMOD bHENDE that i can get him reviewed in my native place as it is very far from Chennai and difficult to manage a preterme baby while travelling
.Now he is 2yrs and 6 months old and he is able to see all the things properly when he was last examined by the opthalmologist she said he is doing great and to be broght to her before he goes to school,unfortunately see is transfered to Kolkatta
Now he goes to pre-nursery and i was thinking to take him to Chennai
kindly advise as what next treatment is to be done best for my son

10 08 2010

Sir, my son was diagnosed as R.O.P. when he was born as a preterm baby.He was refered to shankar nithyalaya and laser treatment wasdone when he was almost a month old
.Since then i have been regularly taking him to the same opthalmologist who had referred to your hospital for review , i was told by Dr PROMOD bHENDE that i can get him reviewed in my native place as it is very far from Chennai and difficult to manage a preterme baby while travelling
.Now he is 2yrs and 6 months old and he is able to see all the things properly when he was last examined by the opthalmologist she said he is doing great and to be broght to her before he goes to school As he might need to wear glasses,unfortunately she is transfered to Kolkatta
Now he goes to pre-nursery and i was thinking to take him to Chennai
kindly advise as what next treatment is to be done best for my son

9 09 2010
Ashish Agrawal

We have faced worst experience of our life at Sankara Nethralaya Chennai for my mother Cataract operation. Doctor with whom we got the appointment for cataract surgery, She does not know how to bahave with the patients. For example – She was looking for one certificate, it was in the file but she shouted and threw the file and said certificate is not there. Later her secretery Vidya found the paper in place in the file. From the day one doctor behavior was very rude, thretening, and non-cooperative. She is short tempered, not ready to listen anything. Rather than giving moral support to us she was scaring us. We had first appointment with her on 2 sep 2010 but she lingered on process till 9 sep 2010 and then also she didnt do the surgery. She was not able to guide – initially she sent for physically fitness no objection. We got it by 4 sep 2010 and tehn opertaion was scheduled on 7 sept 2010. Then we went on 6 sept 2010 for before operation information then a new thing came-up. Secretary told that we patient should not take Ecosprine prioe to 3 days of operation, were the staff and doctor sleeping from 2 sep 2010, we have shown all prescription on 2 sept 2010 itself, why they didn’t tell us to stop ecosprine..they again postponed surgery to 10 sept 2010. This is sheer negligence of doctor and surgical date appointment staff . Finally looking at the way of working of staff and their behaviour we decided not to go for surgery after staying in chennai for 10 days with lot of mental and physical stress. So there is lot of change is protocols of hospital 10 yras back and now. In our experience its no more temple for eye but place to get mental and physical stress. Doctors should be trained on how to behave and talk to people.

8 10 2014

may i know the name of doctor? do u have any idea of other doctor of the same hospital, good one?

16 09 2010
jay kishan kumar

sir .i am old patient(1996). i want to cosmetic surgery of right eye. what is cost of surgery about

31 08 2011
piyus raj singh

sir i want to know eye medical chekup .but my problem eye in ratina in blood again again what is cost of surgery about

8 11 2011
eajaj shaikh

hi dctr pleas give me ur contect numbr..i want trans plant surgry so talk to u 30sec..only pleas i m requvest dctr

12 02 2012
Md.Abdul Mannan

Dear Sir,
Do you have any treatement for colour blind?
Md.Abdul Mannan.

17 03 2012
J.P. Shirodkar

want to do OCT test in Sankara Netralaya please show the procedure to take the appointment

31 07 2012
Abul Kashem Md. Mohiuddin

My left eye cornea is suffering from cloudiness for about 2 months due to corneal infection (small white spots). What is the remedy/treatment?

18 02 2013
Teena Agarwal


This is teena here based @Hyderabad n my son is 3 1/2 yrs old . he has problem in his right eye,,Doctors said that its R.O.P.kindly suggest me process in shankar netralaya n wud like to consult Dr.Promod ,a known retina specialist. how cn i get in touch for an appointment before it gets too delayed for a treatment.

18 06 2013

I am suffering from edema of retina of right eys from last 2 years and getting treatment at Netradhama , Bangaore .I have been administered Avastine injections 4 times, steroid injections twice, Laser treatment 2 times , but of no improvement / cataract surgery also done in March 2013 . but no improvement . I now want to get treatment at Shankar Netralaya ,Chennau or Bangalore. Pl advise

22 02 2013

my eye irritation persists for long days ,,, i consulted nearly a dozen of doctors they are supplying some drops but still having same trouble … so i plan to go sankara nethraalaya after readinng this i confused any can guide me what to do..

12 11 2013
Mamta Kumari


I am from ranchi. My one eye have -5.25 with some cylindrical power with axis and another eye have -5.00 with some cylindrical power with axis. I want to opt lasik from sankara nethraalaya chennai. Kindly suggest me best eye hospital for lasik surgery. Is lasik risk free? whether i should go for it or not. I am very scared but at the same time i also want to be a spectacle free person. Sir i am using spectacle since 16 years. now my age is 29.

Please reply.

10 08 2014
Rakesh punia

Any solution of color blindness? @ shankar netralaya

15 10 2014
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11 01 2015
jaideep chawla

My son’s retina detaches for 2 months above he got through vitero retinal surgery will he able to regain his eye sight

8 06 2015

Hi, ashok poorustam from Mauritius ,my wife is suffering from catarac,so I want to know first of all:-) 1.costing of the operation complete with len
2.if possible for an appointment many days we must live in India
4.for the time being, what you will advise me.

24 01 2016

This is vikas my age is 24 I have undergone keroconus surgery 6months back I’m I eligible for ICL surgery I got power of-3.25 in both eyes what is the cost of ICL surgery I’m a resident of bangalore please rply for my comment

2 04 2016
Rohit kumar

I have lost my eye sight in a an accident … bullet shot accident … can you please assure me to get my sight back ???
mob no -7250418487

15 06 2016
Ashish Kumar

All sicratory take 1000rs for move appointment in JKCN branch and main branch. All sicratory are thief. Please don’t believe in your appointment.

19 08 2016

Respected sir , my mother has lost his left eye sight from last two months it is a retina problem. i have got appointment from u at 13th September at 10.15 am with doctor Dhanshree Ratra .
Sir please give me new appointment at 12 September sir i have got train reservation i will be chennai at 11th september.
sir kindly advice me how money i have to arrenge.
pacent name- Prabhavati singh , age 65

9 09 2016
D jha

My daughter is suffering from eye disease called Amblopia, is thier any cure at the hosipita.pls suggest.she is 8years old.

2 10 2016
nilesh joshi

I visited Shankara Netralaya on 27.09.2016 having appointment time @ 10.45 AM some of my test completed by 12 noon , but my turn come to check up with doctor only at 4.45 PM , when other recommended consultation n test staff moved to home. between a time i many time requested to concern that I came from Mumbai for some my complected eye issue , so take me with doctor at schedule time but without success
top to bottom staff , no one care for the patients came out side . My money n time wasted by such type of issue. I also reported , but no reply so far receive,

22 02 2018
Izhar Ahmad

Dear sir I want take a appointment to checkup my mother eyes.what is the rule of appointment. I live in Varanasi kashi state of up.I have checkup in Varanasi many doctor is saying for operation

15 08 2018
Karan Jitendra Rajeshirke

My Left eye is blurred then of which doctor should I should I take the appointment? suggest me a retina specialist in shankar Netralaya

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