25 02 2008

Now I know there is such a complicated name for all those phantom rings that I hear at times! 🙂 I can vouch for the advantages of being truly connected always, though I love the solitary solace of being switched off from the world at times.. Yet, beware of anything that becomes a habit or an obsession. Sadly for many of us, mobile is.

What to Do If Your Phone Has Taken a Shower?

20 08 2007

After doing all wrong things with my N70 finally I got the process right.

1) Switch the phone Off Immediately. (I know u cant resist the temptation! But, Please Do not try to switch it on!)

2) Do not try to charge the phone or do not place battery in the phone. ( It can damage some circuits inside the phone.. )

3) Remove the Battery, SIM Card and dry the parts for at least twelve hours. (Yes Please.. )

4) Check if its working, else submit it for water logging repair in the service center. (The final Destination!)

Connecting People!

11 06 2007

The first thought that popped up was Oh God! I lost my contacts!!! It made me realize how much this little piece has become a part of my identity. It is so easy to reach to people with just a click that I rarely spare a thought to the convenience and technology thats at work behind the scenes. Guess I got accustomed to the loss pretty soon as I was going through this experience for second time. Guess the effect was palliated by the wooing of so many mobile models in the market with lots of attractive features. Guess that called for an upgrade and I was soon hunting for a new mobile model which could double up as a Music Player and Camera as well.

Yet, I loved my little Samsung mobile.. Its comfortable for SMS, great for calls, with spectacular display and a handy size. More over, I loved the FM and Cam features too. The moment of nostalgia came when I sat beside a person who is chatting her way in that Samsung X620.. Though I had this brand new N70m in my hand, I sighed longingly!!!

Well, A couple of liners about my new N70m.. It got great music, Sudoku game and an OK 2MP camera. Hope it does a decent job in capturing some impromptu moments.. Its a bit bulky and heavy on hand, yet it makes up for it by offering a lot of convenience features. I can tag my thoughts at will and can dispense off my little transend.

Now am currently on a hunting drive to get my contacts back. As my friend puts it, loss of mobile kind of refreshes contacts and relationships. How true! In my 250+ contacts in my old phone, I could remember only 12 numbers (mostly family and closest pals) and am sure that around 20 people will reach me with in a day or two. So, probably those odd 200 people are either collegues, acquaintances, business contacts or far away pals.. (those who call to wish only B’days or special news) Hmm.. Sometimes, its tough to acknowledge all those special people who add a cheer to life. And they needn’t be in close knit circle. They could even be those whom you respect, cherish, love or care for. And Mobile truly connects people! 🙂

Connect to Desktop with your Mobile!

6 06 2006

Remote Desktop for Mobiles gives you the unique ability to connect to your desktop computer through the mobile phone and interact with it remotely. Along with the remote desktop that you can view on the phone display in real time, you can execute mouse and keyboard commands using the phone’s joystick or buttons. Besides, the Java client for usual Web browsers allows remote accessing from any other computers with various Web browsers and OS without installation of additional software.

Using Remote Desktop for Mobiles, you can send and receive mail, browse the Internet, edit a document in a word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds of other things that you typically do behind your home or office computer. The intuitively transparent interface, simple navigation and the list of commonly used options fully compensate for the inconveniences of mobiles. On top of all this is the strong encryption algorithm that guarantees the highest level of data transfer protection.

Future of Ringtones….????

19 05 2006

Its time for a new concept called Alert tones. Several wireless operators are expected to introduce musical “alert tones” — a snippet of a song lasting between two and five seconds, that users can assign to play when they receive incoming text messages and voice mail, similar to a ringtone.

Endtone seeks to replace the beeping that occurs when a call has been dropped, concluded or otherwise disconnected with a musical alert.

PhoneBites, has a service called Razz that enables phone users to insert audio clips into active conversations, outgoing messages and voice mail. Well, is there a limit to personalization?

Interactive Advertising!

19 05 2006

DAEM Interactive is a software company based in Barcelona which develops “augmented reality” technologies for camera-phones which include an image recognition platform focused on mobile marketing and advertisement campaigns. Their technology identifies advertisements photographed by users and sends back related multimedia contents.

Brands and advertising agencies get to boost their marketing campaigns and promotions without having to make special developments or changes, maximizing their budget. And for users, it’s as easy as taking a picture. Users can interact with brands in a non intrusive way, where and when they want to, by simply pointing their camera phones at an ad (magazine or billboard) and clicking. Then, they can MMS the content to the DAEM server and DAEM software enables them to interact directly with the information and access the contents they are looking for.

Well, the service is based on an interesting concept, yet it needs to mature in the offering. Can this offering be enhanced to offer details just by pointing the mobile over the Ad? Can it host interactive polling, commenting and messaging? Looks like its a long way to go!

Mobile Visual Search!

16 05 2006

Imagine how simple it would be if you just take a picture of something with your Mobile and search it via Internet. It would take the search engine and online shopping to the next level and enhance the comfort factor in our life.

Check out what Nevenvision and Mobot got to say over this.

Much like the Photo2Search project being developed by Microsoft Research Asia, a new cameraphone-based image recognition service called “Search By Camera! is promising to help consumers acquire info on products by simply snapping a picture while shopping.

Mobile Scaner!

12 05 2006

Ever been lazy to jot down the notes from the white board or a document? U may discover a friend in ScanR. Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera. scanR uses advanced imaging processing and data extraction technologies to convert photos into legible, searchable PDF files. With Document Tagging, where each document sent to scanR is tagged with the keywords extracted from the text on the page, ScanR enables easy organization of documents to facilitate quick searches using Google™ Desktop or other desktop search tools.

Click Here to Get the Details.

Control of Technology on life

20 02 2005

I think apart from increasing convenience of Human Life, Technology has increased dependence of Man on it. It actually has taken control over my life and I am unaware of it and am wrapped in nice little lies that I am technofreak!

Technology has made Man so isolated and lonely that we need its help to get connected and stay connected. Can’t I feel connected to the world if its not through Cellphone and Internet? Can’t I enjoy little joys of life, my interaction with dew covered roses, paper boats and the misty rains? All these questions are best answered within ourselves. The answer lies in not going to primitive ages but being beware and aware of our use of technology. Its a matter of Who is in control of whom and Who runs our life?

Technology, a part of life!

9 10 2004

Hi all, today I lost my mobile and then I realized how much a part of life that little piece has become.. I only realized its value and importance when I lost it. Technology has made life so much easy and getting connected with others at faraway places was never so simple. It became so much an integral part of life, I just ponder over the wonders technology brought into normal way of living.. Kudos to all techies!