Technology got no values..

11 02 2005

I personally feel that Technology doesn’t come up with values attached. So its no point in discussing which does more damage, a bike or a knife. Technology becomes advanced and more complex as our expectations from it increases and our curiosity, innovative spirit gets the best of the Human mind to explore new terrains of comfortable life.

Here I feel that the basic issue is to successfully marry technological advances into the culture or values of the society s technology doesn’t come with values attached. Or else we go on creating more complex and complicated technology which is soul less and valueless. They may give us comfort but then they will take out the essence of life.

Regarding the argument that being tech-savvy becomes a status Symbol issue, All I have to say is that if we measure ourselves through the Society’s Parameters, we end on doing things as a custom which may be personally nonsensical. No issues on that, but we need to be aware of our needs and actions!

Marriage- A funny role play!

10 01 2005

People marry because they want to become secure.. To feel that they can come home to someone.. And also they own certain rights on the other person which guarantees a certain commitment. I have absolutely no issues on the reasons as to why people marry and I do believe in the institution of the marriage, but I just want to be a little bit critical about it.

Marriage becomes intolerable when people cant transgress the boundaries of the relationships and do a role play which may not gel with their real personalities. Yes I do agree that rules and unwritten norms do exist but then one has to know when to come out of them. If wife has to take the role of a wife and husband has to act like one, wife has to please the other person and she has to adjust and mould according to him. And the husband bechara has to appear strong, and he has to defend his territory ,no? That’s the basic reason why men don’t like to come into kitchen- that’s wife’s job. The guy may feel as if he is ran down by 1000 trucks, but he has to put a brave face and be pleasant, why is that hypocrisy? What do one ultimately expect of life? The big joke is he thinks its because he loves his family, which is okay with me, but he ultimately deceives himself with an entirely wrong notion of love where he actually wants control over his family!

Even I long to feel secure, I don’t want to lose my identity, independence and freedom: My spirit and enthusiasm which basically define my identity. May be I live in an idealistic world fantasizing that there is a person for me who will respect my identity. But if I like to have a realistic picture, is it really possible? I find that hope is a painful thing as it paints a romantic picture out of draconian surroundings.

Well,love should make life worthwhile..You grow by it. You learn the fun of giving and taking. One has to be aware of the role play and the unmentioned boundaries they set for themselves. Understanding the unwritten norms leads to awareness and helps in creating mature relationships. Am I being dreamy? If so that’s the way I am!

Marriage-A Bond for life!

7 01 2005

I was a little engrossed in thought related to marriages. Its real fun to see the way in which marriages happen in our country. On oneside extreme we have the so called love marriages where in the other end we have the arranged marriages which supply the feel good factor to everyone. Recently one of my friends had a love marriage where in the parents from either side were forced to comply. And one of my friends opted for an arranged marriage to make his parents happy.

Looking at both the cases, I started thinking about the institution of marriage. Is it an agreement between two people to share life together or is it for convenience of the society? I agree that arranged marriages reduce the insecurities between the two families but does that really ensure a true bondage between the two people who choose to spend their life together? Institution of marriage enhances itself if there is a little bit of understanding and compatibility between the two. I hope that every couple has an opportunity to examine that before they enter into their vows of lifetime commitment. As someone says, Even a minor acquaintance can make people enter into marriage but in order to take divorce, one has to truly understand the other. Irony but true.

What’s this Guilt?

17 11 2004

So many times it so happens that we feel guilty that we haven’t lived upto someone’s expectations. The guilt trips that we take and the disappointment that we enforce on ourselves, are they essential? I think we create guilt when there is no need for it. Guilt is a personal admission that I am conditionally Lovable. And it is one emotion which is absolutely unnecessary for existence and it is that emotion which degrades the quality of life. I feel this Guilt again does not come from within my mind. I have never felt guilty that I haven’t lived up to my standards. Is that why I can relate guilt to a sort of shame kind of feeling?

At times I don’t find myself wrong anywhere but the society is hell bound to make me confess and realize that I made a mistake. This is again and idea that I feel is brought up from the society. The society has decided a threshold, performing below which makes me guilty and my performance above that threshold is appreciated by the society. Guilt for me at times is the fight between what I want to do and what this society wants me to do. Now if I conform to the society I feel guilty as I am not what I want to be.. If I didn’t, I feel guilty as I couldn’t fulfill the expectations of others placed on me. Its really a tough fight to shed that sensation.. Yet, am working on it..

Commitment to Society-BIG Question!

3 11 2004

Commitment is for those people who are obliged or bounded to work.. Now where as expressing commitment for action.. Now it goes off my head. If everyone is true to oneself, your contribution to the society is already done. Now if you actually feel that you are committed and hence have to do that, then it goes against the spirit of the question. What’s genuine will be expressed with pure love, as I will be guided by none other than MYSELF.

Ethics in Reality?!!

6 10 2004

Can we really define ethics? Is it something that has to be understood and accepted as such. Whenever I think of ethics, mixed feelings come to play.Though I have my own understanding of ethics, they are formed by my interaction with the society. What you digest is what you follow and the residue which is left in the mind forms our ethics. I personally feel that they play a very great role in our daily interactions and are often so ingrained in me that I seldom stop to even examine the underlying beliefs existing in me.

I personally don’t think that being what you want to be and acting the way that you should not hurt anyone constitute ethical conduct. What about the person who is giving death sentence to a person who murdered 50 children? Here, we define ethics for the common good of the society. Now tell me, who wins finally in the tussle between the individual and the society? One may either follow the bandwagon or he can pursue his own path. But my choice should be based on my being aware of my decision process and the consequences. I am not born with ethics, rather I came into a society with predetermined ethical values.. So I have to use my own judgment to decide what’s ethical for me, right?