Hiware Bazaar..

4 04 2005

As a part of course in IMDR, we went to check out Hiware Bazaar and I was completely unaware of the place before. Here is the summation of my experiences that little trip has bought.

Hiware Bazaar is a village located in the drought prone district of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra State. The district receives little rainfall, approximately 250 mm per year ion the normal rainfall but since the past three years it has received very scanty rainfall as much as 50mm. The condition is worsened still by the perennially low water table in highly porous soils that hardly retains any moisture. Today, it not only serves its own needs of water but also provides drinking water to other neighboring villages. The villagers became self-reliant with their efforts under the able guidance of Mr. Popat Rao Pawar.

To deal with the water crisis, the watershed programme was planned and implemented. For soil and water conservation the villagers came together and offered voluntary labour to facilitate the implementation of the watershed programme. For this the near by hill is covered with CCT (continuous contour trenches), loose boulder structure, earthen bund, earthen nala bund and check dam. And all this reduce the speed of rain water and thus give it more time to seep down, and also checks soil erosion. The seeping of water helps in increasing the ground water table, thus making more water available for the people of Hiware bazaar.

Mr. Pawar said that Hiware bazaar is just like any other village, the only difference is in the people of Hiware bazaar and their values. With Mr. Pawar came the five principles that changed the game rules:
* Charai bandi (Ban on free grazing)
* Kurhad bandi (Ban on cutting trees)
* Nasha bandi (Ban on liquor)
* Family planning
* Shramadan (Voluntary labour)

The trip to Hiware bazaar is very inspiring and interesting. To listen to Popat rao pawar and see the work he has done is very memorable. I have seen some Development programmes, but Hiware Bazaar is the showcase for all the right and good things that a man of conviction can do. Changing the village with a bad reputation and with little resource into a self sustaining model of development is a mighty task. The efforts spilled by Popat Rao Pawar to educate and to empower the villagers marks the hallmark of leadership. He comes across as a very well-informed person. His knowledge is much wider and deeper in scope. It was refreshing to listen to a man who is completely satisfied by the work he did and the life he has in contributing to the betterment of the people.



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30 10 2008
bhagwat patil

Rsidents of Hiware bazar materlised the dream of MAHATMA GANDHI. that is what MAHATMA dreamed village.

6 07 2009
20 08 2009

Thanks for sharing your experience. This kind of effort always runs in mind, but never tried to implement. Now I am inspired by reading this article. I would like to visit this village. Can some one post/send how to reach the village. Also phone number or address or email of Mr. Pawar who achieved this great thing.

Hope our politians learn on this.

Thanks again.

24 02 2011
vaishali pawar

popatrao pawar is my uncle if you really inspired then definately you come over there and meet him.

23 04 2011
Rabindra Nath

Dear Vaishali,
We are quite impressed by the achievements especially the kind of inspiration Mr. Popat Rao Pawar has created among his fellow villagers is worth emulating. We work for rural development and work with poor farmers and especially with women. We are very interested to visit your village and understand the success and the key lessons. Is it possible if so can you provide me the email/phane number? Hope to hear from you/ Awaiting eagerly
Rabindra Nath

7 09 2011
Vikram Virkar

Hi Vaishali, this is Vikram Virkar from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM K). I have been following the work of Mr. Pawar. Impressed with his work, we have shortlisted him as the eminent speaker at Annual Management Fest of the IIM K. Its the platform shared by eminent personalities including many CEOs, Abdul Kalam, Kapil Sibbal etc. It would be very kind of u, if u can guide me to reach Mr. popatrao Pawar. Thanks in advance!!!

7 09 2011
Vikram Virkar

You can contact me on vikramv14@iimk.ac.in
waiting for ur reply..

24 08 2012
Ganesh S. Kadam

Hi Vaishali, I am Ganesh Kadam from Mumbai, I want to visit Hiware Bazar can you give Contact no. of Shri Popatrao Pawar

17 01 2013
Ajit Mane

hi………..I am from Osmanabad District… we are faceing lots of problem due to scaracity of water. Please I want to visit Hivre Bazar next week with farmer’s from my village. Who will give us information about Hivre Bazar…May I meet to Mr. Popatrao Pawar?? Ajit Mane 9405749338

25 04 2013
Chetan S. Jaiswal

Vaishali my name is Chetan S. Jaiswal and I am an educational tour operator. I wish to visit Hivare Bazar with students from Mumbai. May I request you to please help establish a link with Shree Popatrao Pawar.

3 08 2013

I am working as Assistant Professor in KCES’S COEIT Deapartment of management Jalgaon. This year we would to call Mr. Popatrao Pawar at our college program. How we can contact them?
Pankaj vyavahare

7 11 2016
Shivaji Khatal

Good evening Vaishali,
This is shivaji khatal from Vad-varadi Village, Tal – Chandwad, Dist – Nashik.
We are getting inspired from Mr Pawar’s Work and now we want to do the same work in our village according to that we want to come to see the project of Hivare Bazar.

This is humble request you to please guide us for further procedure to visit hivare bazar.

Awaiting Your Valuable reply.

Thanks With Regards

Shivaji Khtal

26 10 2009
Rintu Thomas


I am an independent documentary filmmaker based out of Delhi. I have been researching on the sustainable livelihoods and green living opportunities being initiated by grass-roots rural communities. In the course of my research, I came across the efforts of the village of Hivre Bazar.

Consequently, I also read your post. For my research, which is an exploration of such a model as a paradigm for water conservation solutions across the globe, I would like to get in touch with Mr. Popatrao Pawar from Hivre Bazar. I was hoping you could help me out with getting in touch with them. It would be great if you could share Mr. Popatrao’s email/phone number so that I could further the conversation with him.


Looking forward to hear from you.

Rintu Thomas

4 04 2010

Dear Friends,
I have visited Hiware BAzar Village one year back, made a small movie on it. We are showing this movie in different villages and discussion how other villages can start using collective decision making as a tool to develop their villages. I would like you to watch the movie and then watch the movie



Swaraj Meeting in Bamnoli village (Dist.-Baghpat, UP)

Part-1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLqgbijc7Yg
Part-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw5c2UGw_vA
Part-3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxAwX3PX2R0

to know more of our campaign please visit – http://www.gramswaeaj.wordpress.com

10 04 2010
8 05 2010
Vasudev V Nori

At a time when money power, corruption, intolerance, and violence seem to rule our motherland, it was refreshing, inspiring to read about Hiware Bazar.

Indeed respect for ethical conduct is truly the basis for harmonious living. Let us share this wonderful experience with as many as possible

I salute all those who have toiled to make Hirve Bazar a model village !

Let us live and let live

Jai Hind !!!

2 06 2011
Nilesh More

Dear Friends,

First time I lesson a very good thing regarding country development its truly amazing.

He is role model of our nation.

Thanks & regards,

Nilesh More

24 03 2012
vetal hari pralhad

I am realy inspired by the devotional work of pawar
I have decided to do constructive work for my village

17 04 2012
kalgonda anna patil

popatrao pawa first plan our work & then work out our plan very good town planning work i glad to read somthing about him

kalgonda patil
deputy sarpanch kumbhoj

19 04 2012
Roshan Gabhane

can you give me a contact number of Hirve Bazar or Popatrao Pavar

Roshan Gabhane

26 07 2012
harihau padir

myself haribhau padir i am belonging to hiware bajar village this is one of the wonderful place to visit for more information about villege

29 07 2012

Dear Vaishali,I am Bhakti Korgaonkar from Mudra Institute of Communications.As a part of the lecture series at MICA,we wanted to bring Mr.Popatrao Pawar as a dignitary to talk about Hiware Bazar.Could you please provide me with his contact no.


Waiting for your response.

16 08 2012
Ankush K Datir.

My dear,vaishal I am Ankush Datir from kasare tal Parner. I am M A. B Ed. ple popatrao pawar contact no.

10 07 2013

Vaishali ji………..I am Rishikant pandey from District Tikamgarh Madya Pradesh.… now we are facing lots of problem due to scarcity of water. then we started the work for water resource management with 10 panchayat community.so we want to visit Hivre Bazar next week with 60 farmer’s & Pachayat from our district. pls give us information about Hivre Bazar…May I meet to Mr. Popatrao Pawar?my Mob 8966044434 email-rishikant10@gmail.com

8 08 2013
Bendre sagar

Dear Vaishali madam,
We are the student from Govt. Polytechnic Pune.We have a social and Environmental club named as “PRAYAS”. We are impressed about work has been done by Mr.Popatrao Pawar. So we want to visit gaon,study about culture and issues handover and many more. Also we want to aware youngster about new issues like coke-pepsi with documentry,posters. Plz give us contact &help forward

8 08 2013
Bendre sagar

Please contact us


12 12 2013
dr pankaj patil

Dr pankaj here,
i want an appointment with Mr. Popat Pawar sir regarding sm discussion on Rural Development and if possible a lecture.
pl let me hv his contact details so i can hv a brief primary dialog.
dr pankaj patil chopda jalgaon.

26 03 2016

Hi vaishali am working with food industry, belong from village , impressed by Mr Popatrao pawar work , and would like to understand and share few things which help to transform village life.

so plz let me know the contact number of mr pawar , my contact is 9657076250

thank you

6 07 2016
Mrunal Dabholkar

Dear Vaishali, i am Mrunal Dabholkar. I am a student of final year architecture in Mumbai. Regarding my thesis project of ‘rural development’ i need to visit hiware bazar for the case study. It would be really appreciated if you provide me with contact number of hiware bazar or a person who could volunteer with me.
Thank you.
your reply awaited.

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