11 10 2007

Brooding over the passing time and blessed by the leisure, I went to take a long walk by myself. Those are times where am truly with myself to reflect, think, observe and celebrate all those beautiful things in life.

Sometimes I feel the need in life to acknowledge all those people who made me what I am and whose presence brought a richness to my experiences in life. Those loving mentors who helped me find direction whenever I felt lost, My loving family who offered me unconditional love, affection and strength when I needed it most, those wonderful people who taught me the lessons of life, and all those who had a hand in shaping my character knowingly or unknowingly.

Yet, to offer acknowledgment and celebrate all those blessed moments, I need to be complete inside and appreciate the goodness in and around me. That prompted me do a series of affirmations indeed for the heroine that lives in me. πŸ˜‰

We all are achievers and heroes of our lives. Though we lift Mount Everest every day, standing tall through testing times, taking responsibility for the choices that we make, we rarely acknowledge ourselves. We rarely appreciate the little joys of life, those shimmering moon beams that ride the night sky, that surprising little sunshine on a gloomy day or that welcoming summer rain as we wade through our life in perennial worries, postponing happiness. Some people may wish to believe that life runs in pursuit of happiness. Yet, for me tomorrow begins now for savoring happiness..

Whenever I see a gloomy cloud threatening to shadow my cheerfulness, I usually say to myself that I am born with a joy in heart and smile on my face and my journey in life is filled with cheer and beauty..Sounds little childish, yet it works for me! Guess everyone is allowed a touch of madness once a day I say! πŸ™‚ As long as we find something to appreciate, conscience to guide, companions to share and world to explore, life is a wonderful deal! Dont you think so?

Sunshine People..

15 07 2007

Have you noticed them? They are there everywhere.. They could be those receptionists with winsome smiles who can soothe your tiresome day with a pleasant attitude, those sensitive and sensible doctors who can assuage your qualms with gentle assurance, or even those warm strangers who would give detailed directions and may even walk along out of their way when you are lost in a strange city.

What makes them tick? Is it their infinite tolerance, or love towards humanity? Is it their trust in people or positive attitude?

Most of the times, we come across these lovely people.. Yet, seldom they are acknowledged, as most of us take them for granted.. This post is dedicated to all those sunshine people who made me smile by their generous big heart and cheerful nature..