Credit Sharing…

30 11 2007

Am just back from a little crib session and this was a hot topic there. How surprising it is to see this issue popping up in so many conversations. Credit Sharing is an important aspect of managing any team structure and I am sad to see many ignore it in their way to glory.

I am not trying to bring in Ayn Rand philosophy of selfishness here as in the current organizational context, in Indian industry, we work with people and the more we grow in our career, the more our success is dependent on the inputs and support offered by the others. Especially in IT industry, where a lot of work is structured around groups and teams, it is even ridiculous to ascribe the credit to a single person in the success of a project. Yet, I see this phenomenon of credit snatching and credit hiding instead of credit sharing. I don’t see any logic in blaming team for failure and appreciating manager for success.

In fact, some of the best leaders I have met in the industry are successful in their career are those who realize the potential of the people working for them and put it to effective use by aiding to their professional and personal growth. Though I hear some say that don’t mix up emotions in professional life, how can it be possible that we are emotionally insensitive to the people around us?

I can sense that people follow leaders, not the rule books. Please be the guiding hand to those you work with, making sure that they don’t need anything instead of dictating their lives and taking credit for their efforts. A little bit of recognition can do wonders for motivation levels and the work environment. And all those entry level people, it also means acknowledging the existence of the security personnel or those receptionists instead of treating them like pieces of furniture. A little pat on the back, a gentle smile or a small nod can do wonders, trust me.

Manager, A Man First..

25 02 2005

Recently I have been reading a lot of books, and I came across a few lines in a Bigshots series book which say that to be a high achiever you got to be aggressive and should be able to take risks but there is no need to be sticking to values and rules. The one who is smart and has the ability to bend the rules will become a corporate highflier soon. Well, I understand that people who are driven by passion succeed in true sense but are people who compromise on their values become corporate highfliers? I have my own doubts! Any Manager is a man first. A man with his own set ideologies, patterns of thinking.. If a person don’t stand for what he believes, (here I mean values), I wonder the kind of achievement he makes. A person who can’t belong to himself can’t belong to anyone else too and that includes success.