A slice of paradise..

5 05 2009

A morning raga that soothingly warms you into a charming bright sunshine and shining woods that sings you into wondrous splendor… I can’t believe still that one day I woke up into this charming slice of paradise called Vythri in Wayanad.

Vythri gives a cozy feeling of being cocooned right in the middle of the forest with soothing natural streams accompanied with dulcet chirping of the birds, gentle rays of sun streaming through the woods, and sprawling trees that paint a natural green everywhere around. The resort is packed with ample attractions to keep one occupied like: indoor games, hanging bridge, restaurant, coffee shop, indoor games, swimming pool, spa, ayurvedic centre, boutique shop, badminton, football, bonfire etc. The food is awesome and each of those paddi rooms have a separate and secluded plunge pool for the residents. What more can one ask for!

When was the last time you have watched a firefly? For me, guess that joy dates back to childhood when a stray firefly would have made me squeal in delight. Imagine my reaction when I sighted the marvelous sight of a sprawling forest lit by the innumerable twinkles of the fireflies around the Vythri resorts. It was like a feast to the starving eyes. Moment of my life time and how I longed to freeze it for eternity!

Together Everyone Achieves More!

27 04 2006

Well, that just sums up our programme team at TCS! Imagine a bunch of young guys with passion, enthusiasm, drive, innocence and take-charge attitude and throw in fun and party, thats the way the work goes!

All this jubiliation is because I am just back from a team outing for Thekkedy and Munnar for three days. Can’t even recount how the visit went. It was just too good!

Periyar tiger Reserve, Thekkady, is an example of nature’s splendour, with great scenic charm, and rich bio diversity. We took the one and half hour boat ride along the periyar lake which takes you through the secrets of the forest. We could spot plenty of elephants, wild boars, deers and birds. Here is a glimpse into the scenic beauty.

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We went cycling the town in the evening and reached our hotel exhausted! And the next day its time for Munnar. We boarded the tempo by 6AM and managed to reach Munnar by 12 PM after having fun all the way. But the raid in tempo is quite a challenge as the roads are quite sinuous. It can make your stomach do funny things!

Munnar is a fabulous place though! It may be sunny alright, but reach a shade and you will feel cool again. A natural A.C.! Here is the Munnar info for the tourist! http://www.munnar.com/tourist.htm

We visited Rajmala and could sneak a peak at loads of Nilgiri Tahrs. Half the world’s population of the rare mountain goat or tahr which is fast becoming extinct, is now found here. Later we left for Echo Point and screamed at the top of our lungs! This scenic place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. For those interested in boating, a ride in speed boat at the Mattupetty lake and dam is just the thing. The boat drivers are quite cooperative and can give a thrilling experience.

Devikulam lake and the tea gardens are the added attraction! We managed to get permission from Tata Tea for the Devikulam lake as their private road connects to the lake. Leeches gaves us quite a scare, yet we had quite fun at the private lake, consuming the idyllic surroundings! This trip gave us the much needed break and everyone is brought back from dead and all excited to get to work after the fun filled adventure!

A trip to Ponmudi..

24 07 2005

Today we went to Ponmudi, which is a hill station nearby Trivandrum. The weather was extremely pleasant and the scenic beauty, soul touching. It was some two hour bus ride from Trivandrum. Throughout the way we, the Ganesh hotel gang of TCS, sang songs and had loads of fun. Actually we were trying to make the most of the last few days left in Trivandrum. The surroundings are green and filled with coconut trees and tea gardens. Added to that, the place is covered in mist and I had tough time differentiating the mist from clouds. I tried the Kerala special boiled rice for lunch. Its supposed to be very healthy, yet its very different from the normal cooked rice which I am used to in Andhra Pradesh. What can I say about the place? Its an ideal destination if you are looking for greenery, pleasant climate, and some solitude, as it fills your soul with love, you feel reconnected with the nature. To top off the day, we calmed ourselves over the nearby waterfalls. Its kind of difficult to explain where lies the magic. May be the pristine surrounding of the Ponmudi did the trick. In the end, its a lovely experience and my heart wanted more and more.

The Initial Leisure Period…

9 07 2005

I am currently in Trivandrum undergoing the Initial Learning Programme (ILP) for the TCS employees. The training is for 32 days and Kerala is a lovely place to stay for that duration. The state of art training facilities they have at TCS are just fabulous. I am especially enjoying the life skills and Foreign Language classes. Ich lerne Deutsch these days! At times,It feels as if I am back to school and I have all the time to learn. I am enjoying the leisure and the serene surroundings. The backwaters of Kerala, the pristine surroundings, the beaches and the weather are so pleasant, they fill one with beauty and love. On the flip side, the city is too quiet and it closes by 9. So much of change from Pune where there is good deal of freedom. Still, I kind of enjoy my stay and the Initial Leisure Period here.