Maha Shiva Ratri..

6 03 2008

To Day is The Night of Lord Shiva.. It feels so special and divine as my mind drifts to those devotional days of childhood times where this ritual is celebrated wholeheartedly in my hometown.

A trip down the memory lane reminds me of those days of Diligent fasting the whole day and night, Melodious and Soulful prayers like Chadrashekhara Astakam, Shiva Panchakshara Strotram, Linga Astakam, Scrambling for various fruits, Decorating the idols with various kinds of flowers for symbolic ritual of Shiva’s marriage to Parvati late in the night, Passing the entire night resisting sleep, playing with pals or watching the good old black and white Lord Shiva movies like Bhakta Kanappa, Markandeya and so on, marching to River Krishna or Godavari and taking a dip early at the crack of dawn, soaking in the fuss of all the elders and inventing our own form of mischief.. Those are the days of fun, play and prayer as they paint my memory with nostalgia and warmth.

I am planning today to take the fast, visit Lord Shiva’s temple and complete it by recollecting all those fond memories of this ritual. For all those agnostics, devotees, cynics and confirmed atheists, I have nothing to say, as belief is a very personal concept. God for me is as much true as the faith that I keep on him or her. Yet, a little reflection makes me dwell on how my feelings towards rituals have evolved over all these years. My awareness, understanding, and the actions towards the rituals take a new definition every year and they reinvent themselves both qualitatively and quantitatively. And that makes me reiterate my inner belief that only experience matters in the end.

What’s God for me?

25 08 2004

Uh.. It arises a powerful discussion whenever I bring this up in group.. People become so passionate and there are instances where emotions rule the logic! I feel that God exists because we need an answer to all the unexplainable things in universe.. He is a result of our understanding of human creation.. And we need him as we need to feel secure.. He will act as a companion when we need company, as a father when we need guidance and what not.. He is a manifestation of our security need.. He makes me feel complete as I am incomplete inside..
Now, am I an atheist? No, I too need an answer to unexplainable things in life.. But I will try not to think of things over which I have no control over.. I would be better off with working on things which I can improve.. But I don’t attribute it to God when I failed or I don’t need him to support my insecurity.. May be I can use him as a companion in need.. My own imaginative creation who can accompany me in need and in deed..Welcome my Friendly God!