Health And Fitness..

24 09 2007

I was comfortably numb in Chennai, having become a little cozy with the desk bound role and hectic weekend partying. I stopped the regular dose of exercise, went on a binge, loaded myself with Chinese, Moghalai and Punjabi fare, and became a mobile restaurant guide for friends. I bought myself a backache by the slouching couch potato posture in office. That phase lasted for over three months till an Aha moment nailed me in my head that I have become horizontally endowed. There started my bulge battle and I dieted perilously to loose almost eight kilos.

Since dieting worked for me, let me give you some insight into it. I tried gym for about three months to shed those additional pounds, but mostly I did weight training. So I managed my weight around 65, which is rather on the higher side. After hearing my mom complaining, I did my research and went on extreme dieting. I counted everything I ate, drove myself to the verge of starvation by surviving through out the day with lemon tea and a fruit, mentally trained myself to ignore hunger pangs and lost eight kilos over 40 days to reach my current weight of 58. But what I consciously sacrificed through that is stamina and that’s a big thing for me as I never planned to be a delicate swooning swan.

After coming to Bangalore, I have discovered to my delight that there is a Gym in the office campus. So the regular slapstick excuses like playing the busy woman didn’t work, as I can always find an hour with in 8 to 8 regime. I literally drove myself to gym as I could realize that my stamina has come down in a hard way with the careless experimentation that I did with myself. In spite of my prejudice towards treadmill, I started loving the regular routine of good exercise pepped up with groovy music and after a month, I can comfortably claim that I had reinstalled fitness regime as a regular habit. The first benefit of regular exercise is happy state of mind. It makes me feel active, fresh, energetic and alive. Thanks to endorphins, they leave me in a heady and happy state. And that adds a holistic purpose to life too. I feel and look fit and this post is for that little pat on my back and to confess all that mess up I did after I set it right!.:-)

Calorific Values of Indian Food Items

17 11 2006

Even the title brought a smile to my face! Am no confessed fitness freak and added to that my big fault is that am an emotional eater. Yet, I wanted to two pence on diet choices. Especially in the IT field, it’s a big temptation at least for me to pull the rug over face and miss the beautiful sunrise as I came back home a little late in the night. It’s even easier to forget everything and grab a pack of lays or samosa at tea time. What starts off as a little laziness goes a long way in taking me through the chores of the day in little sluggish manner! Exercise sure gives a good high, and brings freshness of mind and thought. I realized the importance of fitness during the Camp Corbett trip and I don’t want to be ill prepared for my favorite trekking activities.

For all those who think they can diet, or who are forced to diet, or who diet for the favor of their parents.. Guess this will be useful. I have hunted long to know what I eat or rather how much I eat. Not that I can follow a strict diet regime, but knowing it always helps! 🙂 Found this table from Now don’t say I didn’t tell u before u munch on your favorite samosa!

Details Food Item Quantity Weight Calories
BEVERAGES & RELATED ITEMS Sugar One Tea Spoon   20
Tea One cup   52
Tea without Sugar One cup   20
Coffee One cup   90
milk (cow) One cup   67
milk (buffalo) One cup   117
Cold Drink 200 ml   92
Bread One slice 16 gms 39
Biscuits (Glucose) One 7 gms 25
Egg One 45 gms 85
Omelet One 55 gms 145
Potato wada One 41 gms 100
Medu wada One 30 gms 100
Shev 1 plate 50 gms 130
Samosa one 65 gms 207
Upma 1-1/4 bowl 160 gms 260
Shira/Halwa 3/4 bowl 100 gms 322
Idli Two 100 gms 130
Sambar 1 bowl 160 gms 81
Khichadi 1 plate 50 gms 182
Masala Dosa One 100 gms 192
Paratha Two 100 gms 297
Phulka (Roti without oil) One 35 gms 85
Puri 3 75 gms 240
Rice 1 bowl 100 gms 111
Dal 1 bowl   100
Red Bengal Gram 1 bowl 135 gms 109
Potato Curry 3/4 bowl 110 gms 131
Brinjal Potato 1 bowl 130 gms 134
Ladies finger 1-1/2 bowl 140 gms 226
Cabbage 1 bowl 100 gms 131
Papad One   28
Curd 1 bowl   70
Beet   100 gms 43
Carrot   100 gms 48
Cucumber   100 gms 13
Raddish   100 gms 17
Tomato   100 gms 23
Pav Bhaji One plate   775
Pizza One   225
Cheese   100 gms 348
Almond   100 gms 655
Cashewnut   100 gms 596
Ground nut   100 gms 567
Dates dried   100 gms 317
Banana One 100 gms 116
Mango One 200 gms 160
Water Melon   100 gms 17
Chikoo One 50 gms 25
Grapes   100 gms 71
Pomegranate One 100 gms 65
Apple   100 gms 59
Guava   100 gms 51
Papaya   100 gms 32
Orange One 100 gms 48
Sweet lime One 100 gms 43
Chicken   100 gms 109
Meat   100 gms 194
Fish (fried) One piece 42 gms 109

Camp Corbett

24 09 2006

Out Bound Training at Camp Corbett arranged by TCS. My vote goes for anything that got to do with non academic, adventurous event. The day started by 7 AM and everyone boarded bus by 8 AM and we went on hunting Camp Corbett on the out skirts of the Chennai and ended up there by 10 AM feeling like a bunch of tribals in that God Forsaken Place. People were already running their fantasies wild and we were so happy to spot some trace of civilization in the form of huts just to ensure that TCS hasn’t given up on us yet! 

I loved the place instantly. Fresh air, open spaces, rustic climate, and the chirping of birds felt just right. We met a couple of instructors Rita and Michael who familiarized us with the order of the day. Hearing the plan made me grin a kilometer long as we were starting with a treasure hunt. So a team of 5 whaco kids went on to discover a forbidden house by the side of a lagoon! Well, just for pretense sake!

That was a good 4 km walk which served as a good warm up. We came back and each of the teams wove their share of stories for the benefit of all. Later we went on to do some army training. First to come was Balance Beam, – a 10 cm wide beam placed at a height of some 2 feet above ground on which we were supposed to walk. And the next in order was mine field. So we jumped out way through the imaginary mines to reach the other side. Gullible that I was, I thought these activities are quite relaxed. My opinion got shattered the moment I faced a six feet flat wall and my mind whispered that there is no way I can jump over. It sure made me realize the importance of fitness. Well, what are friends for? Thanks to the help of friends, I managed to do that as well. The next in order were Tarzan Swing and Tube Jump. After 6 ft wall jump, everything felt easy. Well I wasn’t aware of the plan post lunch then! We grabbed a quick lunch and went on to walk our way through Burma Bridge over a small canal. The return proved a little tough though! Well, the ending game was pretty boring. The concept is to let a bunch of blind folded people build a tent under the voice of a leader.

We sighed off heavily while parting from the exquisite place. Back in bus, I sang my way to home in a hopeless multilingual Anthakshari trying my best to concoct exotic songs, much to the annoyance of the peaceful souls! Its for sure will stay as a memorable day in the book of my life.

Team @ Corbett!

Team @ Corbett Camp

Being Health Conscious..

5 12 2004

I believe that a person’s health depends on the environment, what he eats and how he lives. I have seen practically how the kind of food I take alters my behavior. During my intermediate days, I was on a raw food diet for two months, and it really made me much peaceful and energetic. It was an another issue that I had difficulty digesting cooked food later on. I stopped the diet as its simply unmanageable for a person in Osmania Hostel. Even the difference food makes can be felt when I consume non vegetarian diet. I feel heavy and tired to work which is not the case with light food. What I have to say is that one has to keep a watch on the kind of food which enters one’s system, to check if it’s going to make any positive difference or you are just tempted because of taste. This kind of check helped me in self-control. I hope it will make a difference to you too.