Beastial Brutality…

30 08 2007

Something that caught my eye yesterday and rattled me to no end.

Patna, Aug 28 (IANS) An alleged chain snatcher in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district was battling for life in a hospital after he was beaten by a mob and then two policemen tied him to the back of a motorcycle and dragged him along the ground.

Mohammad Aurangzeb alias Saleem of Nathnagar town in Bhagalpur, about 150 km from here, was first severely beaten with leather belts, rods and stones by people Monday after he was caught on suspicion of snatching a woman’s chain. “

This is the news which was splashed on headlines yesterday and I was so shell shocked by the brutality behind this event that it did take some time for me to soak the event. The brutality of the Cops and the Mob on an suspected chain snatcher reminded me or a painful movie called ‘Clockwork Orange’. I cant help but wonder who is the criminal out there? The one who snatched a chain, the Mob who showed severe brutality to the person or the Cops who took the law into their hands with little regard to humanity, responsibility, or the spirit of law.

Is this the India that we are raving about? What do we expect from people or the convicted if we treat them like this? All this show makes me wonder whether the people who choose to be mean are somehow better than those who wear the savior mask and unleash the animal within when offered a chance.