Back to Normal with a Bang!

28 10 2005

I declare with indecent happiness that life has returned back to normal in Chennai. The rain got stopped in the night itself. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw a little sun today. I wanted to mention about my day Yesterday. I reached office like a drowned rat at 9 AM only to find myself alone in my project. The rain was such that I couldn’t even go back. Added to that, I got work which kept me engaged till 2 PM. There were a lot of SMS circulated stating the condition of city. A few roomers about the current wires dangling on the roads. A lot of water logging on roads and it was difficult to find the path. Auto drivers had their hay day charging 50 bucks for 2 kms. I somehow managed to reach home by 6 PM wading my way through knee deep waters to catch an auto!

Yesterday night was another affair altogether. There are 9 girls along with me in my hostel and we booked tickets today night. We were anxious to know about the weather reports as we were wondering whether our trains will get cancelled or not. Yet, the funnier side never rests. We chatted our way till the wee hours of morning and had quite a lot of fun too. I guess it been ages since I last indulged myself in girly gossiping! 🙂

Now today morning, its absolute bliss! The same sun in Chennai and the same old day.. As if yesterday is just a nightmare. I am hoping to catch train today to reach my hometown Rajahmundry. Hope it arrives and reaches in time! Happy Diwali to all. I just can’t wait to see my Mamma!