In Memory Of the Real Heroes

1 12 2008

Mumbai was in thought, mind and spirit for the past 100 hours. In those moments of heightened and frenzied activity, my emotions were a big kaleidoscope of mixed colors: of denial, anger, blankness, insecurity, helplessness, and agony of loss.

Digesting the mindless madness of this attempt has been the toughest part of the past week. I was praying for the ruthlessness  of the time and mind to commit the horror of the moment to the memory and make me carry on life like business as usual. I guess its the classic escapist nature of the self that lulls one to hope and wish for the better future and life of the countrymen.

Terrorists, Bombs and attacks are not new to us. They are just a part of old news that we deal with in our lifetime. Resilient and united is how our Mumbai janata has always been. They made me proud during the blasts or the floods of the recent times by the way they stood for each other and supported one another. The glorious NSG, Army and Commandos who laid their life on battle to save their fellow countrymen, and those innumerable and countless people of Taj and Oberoi who sacrificed their life in the name of duty, responsibility and honor: You make me proud. You also teach me a lesson in humility, love, respect, honor and duty. I mourn for the senseless loss of you all. May your soul rest in peace and quiet and may your sacrifice remain forever in the mind of people and make way for a positive and better future.

As an Indian, I couldn’t resist myself from quoting this song that’s committed to my memory since childhood days.

‘E Mere Watan Ke Logon, Jara Aankh Me Bharlo Paani
Jo Shaheed Huve Hai Vunki, Jara Yaar Karo Kurbani.’

My eyes are still red with anger, and contempt for the senseless audacity of the monsters and the grief for the destruction of the lives of the people and here we promise that your sacrifice wouldn’t go waste in lighting candles or tea time discussions of Mumbai blasts but would be committed to memory and reflected in actions of our fellow men.

This is time for leadership, for action, and commitment from the Government to take India to the progress and security. Dear leaders, do tell us. Could a better intelligence system have avoided this Mumbai Massacre? Could a better planning would have reduced the heavy loss of life that tolls heavily on the conscience of every Indian? Yes, we Indians are resilient and we would bounce back to life faster. But isn’t it your job to ensure and assure that these incidents wouldn’t repeat and rehash themselves in grisly and morbid frequency. Give us a plan, and not just some shoot off the lip condolences and condemnations. I refuse to believe that India, with its rich intellectual horse power can’t learn from this lesson and make plan for the best intelligence and tracking system to deroot the terrorist network. This is the time of action for us to take a stand tall like determined patriots and contribute our share to the betterment of the environment and society at large. This is the time to take time to reflect, cull the lessons, and make a personal plan for contribution to the enhancement of the security, safety and growth of the team called India.

A note to the Monsters:

What appalled me is the gall of those uncultured, vacuous bigots who could kill with smile and with utter disregard to conscience. I wonder how would your so called God permit this frenzied destruction under a larger purpose. What could be the education of your brainwashed asinine monsters whose doctrines permit the ruthless killing of fellow people with reckless abandon in the name of holy war or some messed up ideology to reserve a seat in heaven. Wah, is this your idea of holy war business? What could be holy in taking on defenceless, unprepared, friendly people by surprise and blowing their brains out in a displaced sense of justice? Oh I forget, you peanut brained guys cant be expected to understand concepts like holy, God and justice. Ever tthought about what does your Heaven look like? A mirror of the destruction you created? Of strewn lambs of your fellow men, of debris of the marvels of creation filled with stench of blood and flesh?

Yeah, right. You guys were making a statement: of your empty headed ideologies, of your debased moral sense, cheap values and of the deviousness of the monstrous actions. Just wake up from perdition and watch for yourself. You wanted to our national monument to bit the dust? You would see the Taj standing proud and tall, living to tell the courageous tale of the ordeal. I can see it back to its feet better and beautiful in weeks. You wanted to instill fear in the heart of the business of India? Go check, for the city of Mumbai is back on its feet, with those crowded metro stations and with tonnes of people making a statement of courage as they brush past the terror and walk up to a purposeful Monday with determination. You wanted to cripple India’s growth? We might miss some tourist dollars, but haven’t you already noticed the the vadapav centres getting busied up on the streets in utter disregard for your brutish actions. Nothing and no-one can stop the tenacity and the persistence of the Indians that make my country. It’s just another day for us, to conquer life and the world at large.



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1 12 2008
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1 12 2008

We forget these kinds of incidents very easily and that is why our politicians also do.
We are talking about “Strong Leadership” and here comes a statement like “these small things do happen in big cities like Mumbai” from Home Minister of the state of Maharashtra.
It is our mistake to let go our anger like this. Let me tell you what I have seen today in the morning in local-train while coming to office. My friends, travels by same train, were planning for next party and making a mockery of whole incidence by saying that the party is for condolence. Then they laughed.
HOW INSESITIVE??? And today was just the second day after Operation-Cyclone got over.
We can’t blame politicians. We Indians are hypocrites and can come to streets only on the cheap issues raised by cheap politicians like Raj Thakrey.
We are vulnerable and will remain so. Because we don’t care.

2 12 2008

@ Vivek

I can understand. But, isn’t that a classic example that illustrates that we deserve the politicians we have? And those politicians deserve the people they have. Guess thats why we have Raj Thakrey’s and Deshmukh’s hanging to their thrones.. Guess it all boils down to how attitude determines altitude.. Isn’t it interesting to note that America didn’t suffer another incident after 9/11, when we had attack after attack. We are turning ourselves into Pachyderms, growing the thickness of our skins, instead of bolstering our homes. Hmm..

2 12 2008

one thing I hate about these attacks is that, I am developing a feeling of getting used to it, this is the worst part, have a feeling many people are getting used to it, and just living with it

2 12 2008

@ Rambler

I can understand that feeling. Just today, another train blast @ Assam. I guess we kind of came terms to accept these instances as part and parcel of life. But is it acceptable for all of us? I wonder.

3 12 2008

I personally feel that we had to change our country attitudes of being soft to hard. Take the sign of pain into the hearts of those who think of doing bad to us.

yes, we took lite about people who came planted bombs and ran away, today, they dared to challenge us by killing indiscriminatly.

There are so many lapses in our administration, strategies, and Security.

CM of AP was releases an ISI Terrorist who killed an IPS officer to lure MIM cadres.

Salauddin oyaisi a member of parlament, says in public, that he never sings our national anthem, saying that muslims never bend their head to any one exept god, not even to the nation.

Amar Singh condems the batla house encounter, saying the encounter is drama. They feel alot for votes than for the people of india.

a sympathetic act or a statement plays a lot and these politicians had given that morale to those terrorists, to come back again and again.

why are we thinking alot to strike at terrorist bases in pak. why are we thinking alot to hang afjal guru. why are we thinking alot to wipeoff dawood gang in india. why are we thinking alot to make it compulsary to make every one to sing our national anthem, respect our national colours, our land.

Hyderabad is the hiding base for terrorists. The anti terrorist program (octopus) concentrating on counter intelligence was not started on the insistance of MIM.

I read some where, rome had fallen just because of rouge politicians… we had some of those .. its time for us to act .. to save our nation..

3 12 2008

one can never ever create fear in the hearts of indians with these terrorism acts, because… It’s just another day for us, to conquer life and the world at large.

Mr. Terrorist, Iam indian, alive, what can u do!!
Mr. Politician, Iam indian, alive, despite you!!

30 12 2008

Keeping the attacks aside, first of all i would like to appreciate your way of presenting English in one of it’s finest faces. Even I had written my opinion on Mumbai terror attacks in my site. But, I hadn’t picked enough power in vocabulary to present my opinion.Could you please tell me your secret behind the great written English. I wish you speak English with the same strength and pace.

Now, I take pride to be an Andhrite as well as Indian.

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