A Place That Spells Peace..

21 11 2008

And a memory that I would treasure for a life time. It took me an year to discover this beautiful sojourn in the Bangalore city. Yes, I am talking about the same good old Kempfort ShivMandir on airport road in Bangalore.

Now, you might ask me why is it so special for me? Its because it gifted me a peaceful and serene memory at the darkest hour of the day. I was exhausted and drained from the day to day turmoil of the work, and all I wanted at night is some place to relax and reflect in peace with a close friend. And a thought crossed my mind to venture to this place, and we were amply rewarded as we walked in just when the last aarti of the temple was about to commence. The night turned radiant and I was spellbound to watch the mighty magnificence of the prayer. The feeling was beyond an expression that words could lace and the divine solace that enveloped me was soothing and comforting in gentle grace. There I was, at peace with myself, in unison with the environment, and God.

I would never claim to be a traditional theist, yet I avow by the faith and belief that makes a place of worship divine. What are rituals, if they don’t enhance andΒ  magnify the inner hope and faith. What are temples, if they don’t stand as a testament of faith. I believe. How powerful that expression could be! I realize it whenever I visit a temple, for always it calms my mind and brings peace.Β  The sheer might of faith enlivens the God for me.

After so many days, the experience still remains just a thought away, like a fond caress of a gentle breeze. After discovering this little alcove, which is the only peaceful temple that I have known to be open for 24 hours throughout the day, I am sure to garner further memories.

P.S.: Thanks to Srijith for this beautiful capture.



6 responses

28 11 2008

some places carry unique solace ..and some are too special

28 11 2008

Well.. you culd even try the final aarthi at ISCKON blore. It divine and magical! πŸ™‚

28 11 2008

First thing, I was going to compliment you on the fantastic picture. I have never been there during daylight!
Second, I agree with every sentence of yours, maybe not with the same intensity… but who can measure something as vague as intensity πŸ˜‰

29 11 2008

@ Rambler
Agreed. πŸ™‚
@ Hari
Never tried that. Would have to see. πŸ™‚
@ anoop
That was a fantastic capture by Srijith. All credit goes to him. πŸ™‚

10 12 2008

Quite what I always felt about KempFort Shiv Mandir. Had been there in one similr situation and was amazed by the peace it gives to you. Would want to sit there for hours together!!! (didn’t get a chance to do that yet 😦 )

Nice photo, alas now they’ve started charging for the photos 😦

16 04 2009

Yes, this place is serene and beautiful but for the crowd. I especially like the snow lingam that is a duplicate of what is found up north, if am not mistaken in haridwar or rishikesh. Did not know that the temple is open 24×7. Does it still exist, now that ‘Target’ is in place of ‘Kemp Fort’?

Kudos to the photographer!

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