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7 11 2008

I know it might sound a little strange, yet am compelled by this innate curiosity to understand what people define as love. Our lives run like a poetry of love, for its in love that we grow, evolve and rise up to our potential of what we are and what can we be. My definition and understanding of love has changed over years, and though how much ever I love to give an expression to that emotion, silence always beats me by a great margin.

What do we promise when we say ‘I Love You’? Are we creating an obligation for others to live up to or a promise for me to honor? Or it simply a heartfelt expression of intense emotion? Am left oft confused. All those happily in love, indifferent from its charms and those engaged in pursuit, do pitch in for I would love to hear what you want to say in this.

Now don’t wonder about the context of this question. I am just a plain Jane who having lived through a quarter century, is desparately trying to get her basics right. Probably, all I want deep down in my heart, is to be loved just a little more.



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7 11 2008

Funny how common a theme love is to almost everyone. We hear it almost everyday. We see it on TV. We hear the word on the radio. The earth just so oozes with love and the wonders of it. Yet, whenever you ask any random person what the definition of love is, nobody just can give us the perfect answer. I can sympathize with you. The only thing is, I just have given up on trying to find answers to basic questions. This is because I have just found out that the most complex things in this world are the basics. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I just happened to pass through this blog. Great entry you have here. See you around WordPress. πŸ˜€

7 11 2008

let me try….right answer is its all encompassing….and to me more specifically “i will be there no matter what”….

7 11 2008

I guess one can really not answer the question in totality, I guess we discover love as we grow, and every time a new face of it.

7 11 2008

Probably, all I want deep down in my heart, is to be loved just a little more.

Don’t we all? πŸ™‚

Definition of love is a changing constant. What we feel is basic, what we expect back is what changes, constantly.
my 2 cents.

8 11 2008

Nice post…

8 11 2008

M. Scott Peck says (in his book – the road less traveled):
I define love thus: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.
I know that the definition doesn’t mean much if read for the first time, but, in his book he has given sufficient analysis and I agree with him to a good extent. Definitely worth a read!

8 11 2008

In Lovlokia language.. people say..”! L@^& #, & 0%&~#” learn the language and find the answer.. πŸ™‚

or else agree with concordat, rads and rambler.. πŸ˜€

8 11 2008

I am very pleased to rediscover your blog,over such an interesting topic…

I belive love it’s a narcotic that only a strong one can take.
As any drug,love consummates your body,your mind,your soul,your life.Of course the effect of it it’s unequalled by anything else.And the intensity of the feeling is always determined by how much are you prepared to give,to offer…
I also think that love it’s a pure selfish feeling,and as a cosequence “the hat becomes larger that the head” and love turns almost inevitably in pain.
I have tasted that pain one to many times,but i’m sure i’ll do it again and again and again.In the end,what doesnt kill us,make us stronger…

14 11 2008

Ur last sentence itself answers your question.. rest all, which we oft get confused with Love , may fall under either admiration/enticement for a certain quality, I think….

Probably, all I want deep down in my heart, is to be loved just a little more.

24 11 2008

mmmm…. Don’t know…. Still open….

24 11 2008

Tough question, sometimes it is simply an intense expression of emotion like you say. But many times it is a manipulation depending in the context its used, even when not intentional and we feel obligated that we have to stretch to complete or do something just because we love, or the other person supposedly loves us. Though seriously think respect and consideration should be important factors, after over a decade of marriage, may be selfish but would not corner my partner into giving up their dreams or give mine up to compromise because of love. Found resentment grows if we give up or change just because we feel we have to, because of another person’s or what we think are their expectations – sometimes they are not even aware of the obligations we think they want.

24 11 2008

read this definition of love of yours!

life is like poetry- agreed! full with ups and downs!

though i just stepped into adulthood, even i agree to the change in understanding of love over the years!

it has been playing an immense role in my life!
it has changed me from what people would never have imagined me to be- to someone people can’t neglect believing!

i have noticed, as i grew biologically! my priority rank changed on everybody’s list!

another strike- promise!

i have yet not promised to anyone that “i love”, neither my parents nor any of my relatives,
neither my brother or sister!

i just flourish my love to my friends…………….the promise is not needed to the person i actually love.

it isnt a promise that loves need! it needs the feeling the fellings when the love is feelingless and sits SILENT in ultimate expressions.


24 11 2008

the strikers in your definition!

life is like a poetry- agreed! full of rains and hails, deserts and desserts!

well though i am just an adult now! but the 18 years of my life have actually helped me gather huge stuff on ‘LOVE’
as i grew biologically i slipped on the priority ranks of others!

and promise- ??????

love doesnt need a promise at all, it needs the feeling of the feeling of being felt when the lips are silent and soul is at rest!

i never promised my love to anyone! it’s only for freinds i might say i love them!

rest is left on my zest at tht moment!


6 12 2008

Here is something I came across in a book by Stepen R. Covey:

Love is a verb. Love – the feeling- is the fruit of love, the verb.
To love is to listen, empathize, appreciate and affirm, etc.

In all the great literature of of all progressive societies, love is a verb, reactive people make it a feeling and hollywood reinforces this.
love is actualised through loving actions.

If you lose love-the feeling, it can be recaptured by subordinating feelings to values.

Something to think about

8 12 2008

Veer that sounds interesting, would like to read the book, what is the title?


24 12 2008

Very basic question…and very basic answer could be as sai already said “it is all encompassing, i will be there no matter what”.
It changes very dynamically. it depends on many variable factors like.. the situation, the context, what the person is going through etc.

what dana has said (narcotic drug and pain) is not love, its something else….maybe urge for intimacy.

10 02 2009

Probably, all I want deep down in my heart, is to be loved just a little more.
I prefer used ‘Definitely’ !;)
Nice to know you Rani..

29 12 2009

love…isnt it a very small blog to describe love,its like bigger than whole http://www...

27 02 2010

Too late to comment on this blog but as they say never too late. I discovered your blog pretty recent and find some kind of peace in going through your musings and connecting to it. I have been wondering lately the meaning of love and reflecting back I have found myself in this situation before too. I guess what makes me restless thinking that I am the only one losing my sleep over contemplating the definition of love and if people do really mean when they say “I love you.” But I thought I was squaring up on a definition of love being selfless and divine, something taht cannot be limited , that cannot be caught hold of not to let it go. As they say, if you love someone set it free and if it comes back it is true love. But a greater relief lies in letting it go. For love goes to come back again in a different form and maybe different path. πŸ™‚ As always love your blog.

27 02 2010
Manish Sidhu

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23 01 2011
Silver hawks

Love is a paly or a game which is played today by almost all boys/girls and the players of this game changes like an ODI!!!!

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