Comfort Zones..

7 09 2008

Those are big words. They are also the most often used/abused words in my dictionary. You would often catching me rolling it off with a careless regard oft to myself and often in generic conversations that go around the world.

Come think of it, there are many things that offer comfort in moments of insanity drives. It could be a pack of chocolates, a piece of soothing music, my favorite workspace, or the cozy comfort of an enjoyable book that often comes to rescue offering serene solitude and sweet freedom in the world of my own making. Yet, Cooing up long enough in those little spaces can make one forget the terrible purpose of being for it hinders the ability to dare and heed to the passion call to risk everything for something that we hold close to heart.

Sometimes I feel as if I am so away from my own self that it takes me a while to call for rescue. What so often made for lingering comfort couldn’t assert its existence anymore. Of all the paradoxical pursuits of life, have you ever experienced this urge to deny those little alcoves of comfort in search of something whose essence you haven’t grasped so far?



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7 09 2008

comfort zone for me, has been a big problem from a long time..I think I misinterpret being content with being stuck in comfort zone..I am not sure

7 09 2008

A forever pursuit… Life… Pursuit of happiness, pursuit of comfort, pursuit of belongingness, pursuit of understanding. It is this pursuit that keeps us going… Every pursuit is different. Each time we find something we keep pursuing another thought… Pursuit to life…

I blog at

7 09 2008

May be your comfort zones themselves are shifting? What used to be a comfort zone becomes a bore zone or at least a non-interesting zone. We grow and evolve. Every passing minute (hopefully) leaves an indelible print on our psyche and changes our interaction with the external world. Shifting ideas are one result of this process. Shifting comfort zones is probably a part of that process, perhaps?

8 09 2008

Very thought provoking post…I guess our constant growth brings out the need to look for new comfort zones…which is probably another name for ‘taking risks’!! Comfort zones I think are an illusion that make us believe everything is just as same, and we are just as happy as when we were the happiest. They let us sleepwalk through life’s difficult times…they don’t take away the problems but our minds off them!!!

8 09 2008

@ Rambler

I can understand that feeling. For though I agree that a quiet shelter is needed to preserve the sanity of life, the cozy comfort of the that zone can limit our potential to grow.

@ Ashutosh
Agreed. 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

@ Vamsi
Shifting comfort zones? Possible.. What’s so engaging sometimes may become a passing fancy later on.

@ Joyeeta
Well put. Risk.. That word makes me think.. Do we risk it for the sake of breaking free out of comfort zones, or do we restrict risk to something that’s close to heart? Haven’t got an answer so far.

8 09 2008

I think comfort zones can be addictive so much so that they can hinder the growth. IMO it is very important to question them; move out of them to create new ones !!

10 09 2008


11 09 2008


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