Some Moments Cherished…

18 08 2008

Yesterday unraveled like a beautiful present for me, and what made it special was that truly cherished feeling that you can acquire only in the companionship of those who can converse with your silence. I am sure going to mark that wonderful day in my memory forever, and I couldn’t help but muse on all those wonderful moments in life when many loved ones walked that extra mile to show how much they cared or loved. Those surprise visits from lovedones, those thoughtful actions from friends, that special care from friends in times when spirit hits an all time low, that precious gift of time from your mentors and pals when you need them the most, and those tiny thoughtful acts of love that tacitly speak volumes about how much blessed I am.

I couldn’t help but say a small prayer at heart, for thoughts do fail me in those moments of unquenchable happiness. God, give me life and heart to reciprocate the abundant love and kindness that I receive in this world, and do give me conscience to smell the roses along the path and count my blessings along this seemingly endless journey of life.



6 responses

18 08 2008

wishing you many more memories like this one

18 08 2008

Some People make this world a wonderfull place to live with.. we are Lucky to have them by our side.. 🙂 It was bliss to have some one loving Us.

19 08 2008

@ rambler
Thank you..
@ ctone
That’s a real blessing indeed.

20 08 2008

They say that when we acknowledge our blessings and look up with gratitude, all our wishes are granted…!!
Very beautiful post indeed!

20 08 2008

@ Joyeeta
Thank you.. You just brightened my day with hope.

23 08 2008

🙂 Was it your Birthday?

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