Midnight Musings..

10 08 2008

I would start by telling you how special these are for me for I rarely meet midnights in eye. Probably I can count those days on fingers when I really waited for the darkness to envelop me in tranquility at the darkest of hour. One of those moments of tranquiliy where I am content with the company of me and myself. Its 2 AM right now and I feel so good to be awake to keep the company of myself. I’m suffering from a heady mix of movie overdose, weariness thats creeping into the head after watching 3 movies back to back just to drive maddening thoughts out of my system, and a strange sense of solitude. I cherish this rare experience.

I am surprised at myself Though. Why is this zeal to drive oneself to the edge, just to test the limit of my endurance?



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10 08 2008

i also felt the same after watching some inspirational movies. I felt running like lola after watching run lola run.. i felt like swaznegger after watching connan the barbarian.. watching my muscles.. πŸ˜› my thoughts rolled in the sky.. as if iam young sky walker.. after star wars.. wished a girl like that who loves me the most.. after watching sugar land express.. having some new ideas in my brain.. some times the pleasant calmness of night, the cool breeze gives some sort of wonderfull energy.. to work for hours with very heigh concentration… at that time.. i feel as the most special one on this earth.. like the prince of this world.. πŸ™‚

12 08 2008

In the hours past midnight, we can consciously acknowledge the difference between living hidden behind several layers of emotions, most of them untrue and in misalignment with our true nature and feel unveiled, liberated and in total alignment with our inner being!! πŸ™‚

13 08 2008

never felt so calm at midnight because I am usually wide awake reading something watching something like I am most active at that time.

18 08 2008

@ ctone
Thats beautifully put.. πŸ™‚
@ Joyeeta
I understand that feeling.. Some strange lingering contentment.
@ Sai
Night bird.. πŸ™‚

23 08 2008

mmmm…. πŸ™‚ Only difference is….. mmmm… may be that is not a difference…

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