Cicada Resorts, Kabini

7 08 2008

After about six hours of tiring ride from Bangalore, we landed in this paradise. A little drizzle, coconut grooves, mountain bikes, tiled cottages, overlooking the Kabini riverside, chirping birds, cozy hammocks, gentle wafting breeze.. What could I ask for more? Enveloped in the lazy comfort of nature, I discovered the pleasure of doing nothing.

Somehow strangely, it made me nostalgic of my quaint little town Rajahmundry that overlooks the serene Godavari. For sometime, I tried to convince myself I am not living my dream.

I guess its been a long time since my mind and soul are this quiet.. Coming here made me realize how desperately I needed this break. 🙂 I basked in the sheer pleasure of relaxing by the riverside and indulging in the simple activities. What I loved the most? Let me count..

Cycling by the riverside

Its been a long time since I last cycled in the woods. Biking along the uneven roads, doing the balancing act, rushing uphill and enjoying the pull of the downward ride, rush of adrenaline, and the enveloping calmth afterward.. Is that a cyclist’s high?

Lazing in the Hammock

Away from civilization, and yet so near to all the modern comforts. That’s the blend of experience that you get in resorts located in pristine locations. I must have spent some quality hours on this hammock by the riverside, in the soothing symphony of the birds.

Jeep Safari by the Nagarhole National Park

Jungle Safari by the river side, along the sides of Kabini River is a refreshing journey in the wilderness, especially in the wilderness. We spotted herds of agile deers sprinting over the grasslands, and some wild elephants too. At the end of the trip, we did stop at a place where domesticated elephants are groomed. What struck me was the huge difference in their body language. A wild elephant looks spirited and in ease with the life and self, whilst the domesticated elephant looks much more resigned with life in spirit and action. That’s a serious thought to ponder there, for somehow, I had a feeling that these animals would anyday trade a risky life of freedom in wilderness where they had to fight for survival every moment, to a sheltered and secured life of bondage. Now I wonder, why do we act different and pretend that we are insanely wise, trading our life’s longings and dreams to conventional wisdom? Somehow, spotting those wood spirits soothed my soul like nothing could, especially on a lovely morning.

A Place That Spells Peace..

And lives upto it too. No blaring horns, no loud music, all you can find is the sound of silence and your own heart beat. I loved being there for a weekend, and could only bring back those beautiful memories of paradise.



8 responses

7 08 2008

Looks like an Awesome place. I love these resorts around Bangalore. and a great break from routine life isn’t it ?

7 08 2008

been a long time..was wondering what happened to you :)…now I know the reason behind it 🙂

7 08 2008

Now that’s a break that I would LOVE to take. Good for you that you could take time out of a hectic life for this. Stuff like this truely rejuvenates the soul (rejuvenating the body is a pleasant side effect :-)). Coming to the cyclist’s high, yep, you had a cyclist’s high. Runners have that too. All those endorphins :-). I ride my bike (it’s a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike) over long distances. I did 40 miles (roughly 64 kms) last weekend. I was sore but it felt awesome. Although I wish I did in a pristine natural reserve like you did!

7 08 2008

Forgot to mention, do you have bigger versions of those pics?

8 08 2008

WOW…a perfect place to unwind. How refreshing a bike ride can be in the woods…??? The brush of fresh sweet air feels so rejuvenating alongwith the soothing smell of the woods. Thanks for sharing your ride…it felt good just reading about it. 🙂

8 08 2008

@ BlueMist
I agree.. It was a much needed break!
@ Rambler
Things haven’t been much normal these days, with sanity being challenged on a daily basis. This place offered an awesome ground for some soul searching 🙂
@ Vamsi
64 kms cycling? Am sure jealous of you! It must have been an awesome feeling of exhiliration.. Sent those pics to ur ID.
@ Joyeeta
That’s a beautiful way of putting it. Thankyou.

9 08 2008

during my intermediate days.. thinking of doing some adventure, along with my 5 friends we tripped nalamalas on 2bikes. we joyaced in krishna river.. we had night ride thru jungle. in the morning police caught us misinterpreting us as thiefs.. 😛 later released after two hours in police station. we had small fight at srisailam.. and had a chase run on ghat road for 35 km, never below 60kmps on any turn.. ended three day trip.. ofcourse.. didnt encountered any tigers or naxals.. sooo much disapointment.. 😛

that was the only time i went into deep woods..

iam jelous about u buddy.. each month u r discovering some new exiting place.. 🙂

18 08 2008

@ ctone

That does sound like an adventure! 🙂

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