30 07 2008

Haunted by my dreams, this post is a result of midnight musings, after I soothed my frayed nerves by a short chat with my papa. These days I realized that dreams are my deepest desires which I have never acknowledged. Its like those persistant voices which never got a chance, and hence they manifest in the eerie visions of the dreamland when our resistance to logically refute is at all time low. Most of the things I dream are either about things that I heard of, or things that I want to happen or stories that I read somewhere. Those some of these often take me by surprise, they would laos make me believe that I am what I dream. But dreaming alone won’t achieve what I long for, right? May be I don’t live my dreams because I live my fears. May be, I magnify my fears with the thinking mind and lull the heart’s desire with cold reason.

My experience of dreams goes a long way back.. Most of my dreams weave those ‘what if’ sequences about the opportunities that life presents. Some of them could be about me visualizing how would it look if I try bungee jumping or about how would life be in a different career, or about how is an ordinary day in a new environment. Yet, these are what make me come to terms with my anxieties and facts of lifewhile making me comfortable with the fear from the unknown.

And there are those creative dreams either about the stories I heard, movies I partly saw or books that I read somewhere. One of those vivid childhood dreams that stayed with me, is this dream of Ramayana, that started from where the Hanuman brings the sanjeevani to the end of war. I distinctly remember this, for I stayed long in bed so that this dream finds its end. Well, there are dreams where I played wild roles, like a daredevil detective, or a super woman, but let me assure you, these are quite rare. Its been long time since I played the batwoman. πŸ™‚ Yet, the kick of these dreams lies in the way I could manipulate those sequences, or even create them to my satisfaction.

And then there are those dreams that helped me overcome my fears. In childhood, I have always been afraid of things like loosing family members or snakes. I am not sure if I overcome any of those fears. But I remember those dreams which made me run till I made a choice to pick a stick and fight or those that portrayed loss of loved ones and taught me to appreciate their value in life.

But of all these dreams that I had, I never felt as if I am an inactive participant. I have always, (ok, I concede) most of the times, been able to direct my dream to my desired end or end it before it turns wild. May be that’s why I never had such a predominant nightmare which became a permanent memory.

Somehow I believe that dreamland is the space where we touch the threshold of our potential and visualize the realization of our deepest desires. Some stop there, reveling in the beauty of their dreams and basking in vicarious satisfaction; while some hold on and make it a reality in this material world.

I don’t think I have a theory about what I dream, but somehow writing about them did lighten my thought at this late hour. If you are reading this, tell me about your dreams. Would love to hear about the extent and expanse of your imagined universe. Even if you don’t want to talk about it in public space, it’s ok. At least acknowledge them to yourself in solitude, else you would end up being haunted by dreams, just the way I was.

P.S. Whenever I think of dreams, I couldn’t help but muse on here, for in vague sense, it gives me hope.



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30 07 2008

mmmm…. don’t remember… but think.. had few in those initial few revolutions around the sun… quite long before… now its just pure day dreaming… πŸ™‚ … πŸ™‚

30 07 2008

hmm my dreams always border around insanity, they are most illogical and absurd sequence of events, not sure what they really signify

30 07 2008

@ Sathish
Day Dreams.. Been a while since I had them.. πŸ˜‰

@ Rambler
Behind all those insanity, may be they make sense in the most insane way.. Am just wondering.. I can’t explain most of mine either, do join the club.. πŸ™‚

30 07 2008

Oh these dreams. They many times are sequnce of things happening in life. If something is bothering me ; the dreams appear to be the worst part of them. Sometimes they are totally unrelated to life; at times scary when I just wake up in midnight and thank god that it was just a dream !!
I also have that “Deja Vu” experience πŸ™‚

31 07 2008

@ BlueMist
Somehow they have a way of preparing us for the worst, and also make us long for the sky at the same time.. Of all the paradoxes of life, I am glad that these happen.. πŸ™‚

31 07 2008

Whenever I hear about dreams, I remember a qoute from the book Shantaram, where Karla tells Shataram, that Dream is a place where wish and fear meets and when the wish and the fear is same, we call it a nightmare.

31 07 2008

i love that place where wishes and fears meet. our virtual fantacies comming out in true colour visualisations, where we exhibit our true face. i wonder why iam not having dreams these days, its been years since i had a dream.

am i a hard core practical person who turns my back to fantacy land? nooooo i love my fantacies and i do day dreaming. hence joining in the club of Sathish and NRSL.. cheerss.. πŸ™‚

1 08 2008

Some dreams/nightmares have followed me since childhood, and until recently I had not known the subtle messages they all had carried. They made perfect sense when everything I had witnessed in my dreams took place one after the other in sequence. A story unfolded right before my eyes…exactly as was interpereted in my dreams.
Our mind signals warning signs whether good or bad…in the form of dreams/nightmares. Dreams bring out our innermost fears, desires, secrets that we want to hide even from our own selves…
Its a good thing to discuss your dreams with people you trust, love and vice versa, ‘coz a lot of times they help interpret them for us.

1 08 2008

@ Anand
Yes. I do recollect.. Thanks for sharing it.
@ ctone
Smiles! πŸ™‚ May be its just that you don’t remember them anymore.
@ Joyeeta
“Dreams bring out our innermost fears, desires, secrets that we want to hide even from our own selves…” Well said. Even I believe the same.

16 08 2008

You are lucky you can remember your dreams..I can’t remember any of mine!!

18 08 2008

@ Sheba
Sometimes, I guess that could be a blessing too. πŸ™‚

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