Something Amiss..

13 07 2008

As a sheer wave of nostalgia hits me in this sunny Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t help but muse on all those lovely moments of my life.. Yes, Indeed I miss

  • Those Hasty Bicycle rides to School
  • Climbing Guava and Mango trees in search of sweet temptations
  • Those Hide and Seek Games that filled lazy afternoons
  • Summer Time.. Umm.. Mango eating competitions in the village backyards.. Yummy!
  • Hosting Bicycle Championships around the village roads
  • Inventing creative reasons for missing classes
  • Those innocent dreams of Ramayan, Snakes and Shaktiman
  • Those days of ‘Chitrahaar’ and ”Doordarshan’ sans remote control
  • Bending rules with childhood pals, my partners in crime
  • Those summer rains and the lighthearted frolic on the terrace
  • The sheer joy of growing up, and the academic rigmarole

Umm.. How I long for a little drizzle of joy or a time machine… Suddenly this whole business of playing the adult isn’t that appealing any more.



9 responses

13 07 2008

“The sheer joy of growing up, and the academic rigmarole”
oh I miss this the most

14 07 2008

What I miss the most is being totally careless n carefree and after each reprimand session by mom or grandmom on how girls should behave, again getting back to being the same and still be loved the same!! šŸ™‚

14 07 2008

@ Rambler
šŸ™‚ Somehow often I am tempted to be back to school..
@ Joyeeta
Those carefree days of naughty adventures.. I miss them too..

16 07 2008

We can still do those…. šŸ™‚ … We can… šŸ™‚

24 07 2008

Life has been so busy that I don’t even get time to think about my childhood… this blog brought back my memories… very nice post.

25 07 2008

@ Sathish
The activities might remain the same, yet the experience changes. I love the emphasis in your comment though! šŸ˜‰

@ Rasika

30 07 2008

until you lose the chance of having “summer vacation” you won’t realise the importance of them.
its a pradox; when you are child you dream of growing up and having job and when you have grown up you reminensce the childhood days !!

31 07 2008

@ BlueMist
Well said! When I was about to join corporate world, I asked then when would summer vacation be.. šŸ™‚ I still can’t forget that moment, which raised a load of laughs..

13 02 2009

Nice post !

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