Caught In the Swirl Of Stardust!

24 06 2008

I never thought I would actually dedicate a thought to this movie ‘Saawariya’, on which I am still undecided on my reaction. I don’t think I would ever be able to take a stand on whether I loved the movie or hated it. That’s because I shared both these feelings in equal measure. Saawariya is a beautiful vision without imagination, a splendid fare of visual poetry without gravity, a charming seductress without soul and is filled with delusional love that is evoked by the lackluster admixture of scintillating idealistic dreamworld with the brazen harshness of reality. Yet, what remains with me at the end of the movie are those poignant and oddly affecting richly detailed visuals. Hence this post is filled with them.

When I look back, what often resonates with real life for me is the storyline though. Set in a dreamland (does any of those settings look anywhere near reality? ), the movie paints in richer intricacy, the pining of Sakina for the mystery love of her life Imaan, ignoring the starry eyed devotion she receives from Raj aka Saawariya. Sakina is cloyingly sweet, achingly hollow and an innocent manipulator who plays with the tender feelings of the eternally optimistic Raj while allowing him to cling to the delusion of her love. I couldn’t credit her with one identity for she plays the hopeless romantic perfectly pining for her illusionary love at first sight, whilst transforming herself as a coy temptress in the presence of Raj bewitching him with her innocent yearning for the love unattained.

Fused identities, conflicting ideologies, stark contrasts between the imagined universe and the dark reality, and the never ending fight between idealistic yearning and realistic possibilities: these are the Saawariya movie’s recurrent themes. Yet, though this movie feels like a piece out of a dream sequence, some of those characters feel so darkly real. Engulfed in perplexity, I notice so many Sakinas’ in reality much to my discomfort. People bartering dreams for materialistic pleasures are one extreme, whilst those trading realistic positive encounters of finding selfless love for the lure of illusionary and obsessive yearnings is another extreme.

Sometimes when I chat with my peers, I can often imagine them trapped in their own multi dimentional wonderland awaiting for their Perfect Soulmates. Princesses and Damsels in distress living in fairytale world, yearning for their Prince Charming to ride to their rescue and sweep them off their feet, often failing to acknowledge that life is happening around them. Sometimes its so difficult to identify which group they belong to: people who are in love or people who are in love with the idea of being in love. Sometimes the bubble of illusion, that they comfortably ensconce themselves in, wouldn’t equip them for the real life experiences.

Whenever we swap ideas on the things that are meaningful to us in life, we realize that we are goaded either by instinct or intellect. Life is all about tough choices and we all choose based on our own value systems. I just hope that the fairy tale romantic notions doesn’t spoil people at their chances of serendipity. The lure of nihilism is a dark temptation that envelops us if we dwell in dreams and forget to live. The wait may be on, yet, lets not forget that no one is perfect: me, you, and all those prince charmings and the knights in shimmering armour are armed with our own limitations and idiosyncrasies. We might as well be better of rescuing ourselves from those clout of dreams and the deep schism that the intersection of these virtual and real worlds present.

I can only seal this piece of muse by quoting from my favorite song from Pardon Dolly:

““Watching the girl I’m reminded
she’s quite a lot like me
Trapped in the suburbs of wonderland,
lost in her own fantasy
Somehow my heart never grew up,
no one ever burst my balloon
So here I am swirling in star dust
slow dancing with the moon”



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25 06 2008

The only thing I liked bout Saawariya is this review 🙂 . I had to look up my dictionary many times while reading your piece but it was worth it 😀 . But I totally understnad what you are trying to tell, I actually never saw Saawariya with this point of view. I have seen the specimen you are talking about.
The best movies to reflect on your ideas would be the Shrek series, All the 3 Shrek movies just break every stereotype of all the fairy tales that we have grown up with. A prince charming to be a villian, A bad fairy god mother, A ugly ogre to sweep off the princess, the princess who actually chooses herself to be a ogre rather than a human. I just love Shrek!!
Coming back to Saawaria , It seems like literally a dream of Bansali. A dream which doesnt makes sense and lacks soul.

25 06 2008

I think I am with you.. I am yet to make up my mind if I liked or not liked the movie.. I cannot day I didnt like..because there were many things which I liked in the movie

Regarding the soulmates and dreams of the perfect damsel..I remember of one of the post I wrote sometime back titled “She” 🙂

26 06 2008

I am amazed at the scope of your imagination and vocabulary to match it!
Simply grrreat!! Yes, I agree…this review is better than the movie!

26 06 2008

“Sometimes its so difficult to identify which group they belong to: people who are in love or people who are in love with the idea of being in love”

So true…the former kind is selfless and unconditional, while the latter suffer from an obsession…!

26 06 2008

@ Prajwalpai
I loved the Shrek series.. That apart, Saawariya for me is a beautiful visual poetry, sans heart.

@ Rambler
Would check out ‘She’ for sure. 🙂

@ Joyeetha
Thank you. I think the latter is delusion.

26 06 2008

True, I agree. It was a visual extravaganza. I dont wanna say that movie is bad or anything, but I am telling that just visuals is not enough. Just a dreamy idea of the director is not enough to like the movie. I loved the promos of the movie, I liked the way each song is shot. But in the end it was a overdoze of imagination. As you rightly say the movie lacked the soul and It felt too artificial. When I read the plot of ‘White Nights’ , I visualised it with minimalism and I what I got was a over the top artificial movie.

26 06 2008

@ prajwalpai
Agreed! I still remember how much I pined for a little ray of sunshine or a little hope of reality before I resigned myself to the dream world of Bhansali. It unveiled as a multidimensional wonderland, yet it lacked the warm glow of romance that a love story emanates..

26 06 2008


27 06 2008

True again…’delusion’ it is!

28 06 2008

@ Sathish
Is that a muse of agreement? 🙂
@ Joyeeta

29 06 2008

I had watched this movie and ‘Om Shanti Om’ back-to-back in Forum mall last year. It was just before heading off to a 4 month Business trip to US. I wanted to watch these two on a Large screen.

While watching Saawariya I was waiting for the story to start till the end 😦

When Salman finally arrives at the end of the movie, it reminded me of his other movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (HDDCS) where he was the loser. I thought probably Bhansali has got Salman’s wish fulfilled by uniting him with the heroine 🙂

As per the sets, it was obvious in most of the scenes that these walls were all made of cloths. Bhansali had duped all the audience in HDDCS too. Remember the Italy trip, the bridge where Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya take their last photo in Italy, it was actually shot in Hungary and made the audence believe that he is showing us Italy. While watching it I was trying to identify that bridge with the ones I had seen during my business trips to Italy 😦

I always take the movies with a pinch of salt. They are made to be larger than life and it is only for entertainment 🙂

When I watched Om Shanti Om immediately after this movie, I had had the most memorable experience of watching a great entertaining movie of all time. Sometimes I had felt that I was in the sets of Karz and I am part the team creating history 🙂

30 06 2008

@ Jeevan..
I liked it when you said, “While watching Saawariya I was waiting for the story to start till the end”. 🙂 Yet, wow! what visuals! I felt as if I am sitting in the midst of visual poetry recitation..

4 07 2008

if u want a visual poetry watch moulin rougue.. i think saawariya is inspired by moulin..

8 07 2008

I’ve not watched the movie , but after a lot of dreams I woke up to find My soul mate, she is No angel or princess ….she is the perfect companion.

8 07 2008

@ ctone
Would try to check out Moulin Rougue.. 🙂 U have been such great PR for it!
@ Sai
This post is not about that movie, and knowing you, I think you wont like that movie either. 🙂 Yes, indeed, you are one of those fortunate few.. 😉 God bless you and Ms.M. 🙂

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