Antargange Trek..

23 06 2008

Pure Exhiliaration is the word of the day. Thanks for the insistence of a sweet pal, which made me head for this trek instead of watching ‘Dasavatharam’ or indulging in window shopping.

This is the first time that I tried ‘Bangalore Mountaineering Club’ and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the experience. We boarded the bus at 8 AM at K.R. Puram busstop and I was surprised to see 50 plus people in the bus, given the short notice. I guess the quality of the companionship in the group made all the difference to this trekking experience.

The trip started with around 90 minutes of bus journey from Bangalore to reach Kolar. We caught up with the breakfast at ShanthiSagar in Kolar which is around 3 km from the ‘Antargange’ location. We reached the place in no time and there was a pack of stairs leading up to the temple. We were welcomed by loads of monkeys, and the pleasant sunny breeze warmed us for the trek ahead.

We reached the Antargange temple after a little climb of stairs, and I already had doubts forming in my mind, if the trek actually is over before it even began. The temple is filled with serene silence and the group is abuzz with action for the impending climb. Making the temple as our base camp, we started the trek with Janak playing the lead trekker and Neeraj trailing to support the cozy climbers.

The path is paved with sand, rock, thorns and the sun, in his blazing glory, wasn’t playing the good Samaritan. Yet, undaunted, many were climbing ahead, one step at a time, in a quiet determination to discover the terrain. I really marvelled at the energy of the crowd in climbing and cave exploring in the region. By noon, we reached the peak of a mountain(if I can call it that) and were ready to go for cave exploration after a relaxed lunch on the peak of a mountain by the side of a small brook filled with chilled water. Cold feet takes a different meaning when you get to rest by dipping feet in chilled water on the top of a mountain in sooting breeze after a hectic trek uphill.

The beauty of mingling with a group in an organized trek, is the sheer experience of encountering different people with different choices and interests. There would be some exploring the untrodden path, some who would take time around to smell the roses and savour the scenary around, while some who run ahead in childlike enthusiam of scaling the peak ahead only to discover that there is no dearth of rocks. Everyone discovering his or her own private definition of solitude and enjoyment amidst wilderness and sun.

If the climb uphill through the rocks in no definite path was a journey on its own, filled with a different thrill of navigating through the boulders that challenge your endurance, the cave exploration post lunch unleashed the childlike exuberance of discovering the unknown. Armed with a naive faith that the dark holds no terror, we all went through the natural caves, to discover our own recess for solitude amidst the mammoth rocks that are resting since centuries. Those rocks filled with small crevices are loaded with umpteen challenges. Often, finding a way ahead in the maze of boulders becomes daunting as the chances of hitting a dead end means reinventing the wheel once again. The wild flowers with their gentle fragrance, and the natural caves with their cold soothing embrace did offer some sanctury against the sultry weather. We did learn some gymnastics, prodding ourselves though the closely nested rocks to reach no definite destination in an easy pace.

The view from the top is breath taking! Enveloped by sand, rock, sky and sun, the town of Kolar looks serene and calm. All I could feel was numbing contentment. With so many people sharing the joy of experience, the thought that lingered in that moment was, ‘who said its lonely at the top?’. πŸ™‚ I was in for a treat while getting down. We discovered a small well with pristine sweet water and I relived the fantasy of a village gal by drawing water from the well and enjoying its sweet taste in primitive fashion. With loads of memories and sated satisfaction, we headed for Bangalore playing Antakshari enroute with the new found pals. We sealed off the day with a quiet dinner at Malgudi and bid our farewell. I had my much needed break, and I confess this, even though the after effects of the trek still remain in my hoarse throat and aching muscles.



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23 06 2008

Really went unexpected as it was my first trip with BMC and frackly speaking this is my first trekking experience.Just wanted a day break from my monotonous life.Thanks to my colleague who took the initiative of booking the tickets for me.The trip was great and well organised.Moreover the group was too good, too friendly and no more words describe.Looking forward for more such in future.Enjoyed a lot

23 06 2008

hey looks like a nice trek..

24 06 2008

U seem to be amazing in a lot many things… a very apt post for all the fun that we had at the Trek… Just wanted a break from the Boring weekends I was having and wanted to do some networking, but this turned out to be toooo much more from what I expected.

I wanted to pen down the experience, u have done most of it for me, now just need to link my blog to this post (easy job, right)

Great Treck.. Great Networking and a Amazing group to get πŸ™‚

Hope to have more such weekends…

24 06 2008

@ Ishrat
This was my first time with BMC too.. Yet, we had fun, thanks to the gang and BMC..
@ Rambler
@ Abhishek
That was a much invited break! Am hoping there would be many more treks like this in future.. πŸ™‚

24 06 2008

this was my first trek…and was amazing….i think the fact that most of us are first timers helped a bit….

26 06 2008

@ Sampath
Indeed.. Lack of expectations on the part of first timers helps us enjoy the trek as it unveiled. πŸ™‚

26 06 2008


19 07 2008
6 06 2009
Oscar Valdes

Pretty interesting stuff you got here. I’m sending my fiancee your review on the GM diet. She just started that today and your words would certainly help on support. Are you still doing any of ’em?

Anyway, keep up the great work! Nice blogging. From Austin, TX.

5 01 2011

Am planning a trip to AnatarGange with BMC.. Was just googling AntarGange and your blog turned up. Sounds great, thanks to you i will definitely go on that trip now πŸ™‚

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