Respect For Individual..

21 06 2008

This time I started with the title first, and as soon as I keyed it in, it sounded darn preachy! Especially when I have the Accenture core values pamphlet in front of me that has features the title as one of the core values. πŸ™‚ Yet, it has been a lingering thought since sometime, and I have some interesting anecdotes to share.

Now that I mentioned Accenture, let me start with my induction programme that happened some months back. We were allotted some 2 hours session for discussion around this particular core value. Incidentally, this was I think the last session of the day and all of the participants were tired. The faculty walks in. The first question he posed to the listless audience was: “how much time do you all give to me?”. Someone answered 30 minutes. He quietly agrees and announces that this is ‘respect for individual’. I couldn’t help but burst clapping in appreciation. Yes. Indeed, he closed the session within agreed time and I did carry the message home. πŸ™‚

One of my favorite anecdotes in office humor has been about ‘biscuit’. Though we often kid about the incident in lighter note, it did generate a serious thought too. It all happened in one of those office treks, where we are buying food stuff for snacking en route. One of the teammates wanted to pick some biscuits for it and he was made fun by some folks of being kiddish for his food choice. It is very easy to get carried away in light hearted banter. Most often, humor generated is at the expense of someone, especially in groups. Finally, that poor chap didn’t pick his biscuits and that did leave that feeling of denial with us.

Yet, that incident did trigger a new dictum in the gang, which we call by name biscuit. A rule to abide by the respective individual choices instead of succumbing to group think. And it did offer me some interesting experiences too. Respecting somebody’s interest in Art and Theatre did take me to ‘Water Lilies’, ‘Natyalakshana’ or ‘Don Muttuswami’, some of which I throughly enjoyed. “What’s your biscuit?”, this question that often happens among us, whilst we are thinking about weekend plans, often sounds like music. The idea of group coming to individual and celebrating independent thoughts, instead of individual interests being drowned in group is charming. And Yes. No one is denied of biscuit these days. πŸ™‚



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21 06 2008

I think I have many ‘biscuits’ when it comes to likes..because I have always had a choice of my I always insist to check the price twice before buying anything..this is one of the teachings my middle class has given me and I am proud about it..

22 06 2008

If some one gives 30 min to some one… I love to give you a life span to listen to you.. Each and every day I love to learn some thing new. Since three months your blog taught me many things each and every day and I admire your writing capabilities. Please don’t try to caliculate the respect I give to you, because its infinite.. πŸ™‚

23 06 2008

Giving respect to the choice of an individual, alas, so few do that
It’s all now just a part of the group thing, you ask or say anything different and you become a philistine.
Lovely post, I am, to a certain extent, convinced that I will ask the same question, ‘What’s your biscuit” before making any group plans the next time.

23 06 2008

Interesting…. πŸ™‚

26 06 2008

wow…really nice post….i’ve felt a lot about loosing my biscuit too…but your words describes the feeling more exact, frm ur induction sessions….recommending them to a couple of frnds….worth reading…:) i just came in for ur GM diet n got carried to this..:)

26 06 2008

@ Rambler
I am culpable of the same too. πŸ™‚
@ ctone
That’s High Praise. Thank you.
@ CR
Thankyou. It kind of hit the nail on head, for most often than not the minor voices are unheard in groups.
@ Sathish
@ Priya
Thank You.

29 06 2008

Nice one… I always make a point to be counted in the group and get my biscuit, but had been the other way earlier….

Good posts… u r really good at writing… wanna read many more of ur posts.. πŸ™‚

30 06 2008

@ Abhishek
Thankyou. I can never imagine your ‘biscuit’ being ignored too.. πŸ™‚

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