Matters of Insignificance…

27 05 2008

My morning calm was perturbed by a really insignificant matter today. For those who know me only through this online medium, one of my queer little idiosyncrasies include punctuality. The time on my watch is always 10 minutes ahead, and on the top of it, I try to make it five minutes in advance to the Time I have in mind. So, if I plan for an 7:30 AM morning walk to office, negotiations are rarely allowed.

Most (almost all) of my mornings are heavily dosed with a random discipline of adherence to some schedule, which sounds logical only through retrospective justification. And so was today. My dependence on another person delayed my morning walk at 7:30 by 40 minutes which took me through a phase of disquiet and I ended up taking the cab instead. Just because there was a mismatch between what happened and what I had scheduled to happen, I was jolted out of my composure and couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the moment.

Learning to live in the beauty of the present seems like an eternal pursuit indeed.



3 responses

27 05 2008

hate it when people do not respect others time..and on top of it I generally double check if they will be meeting the time they have agreed for, and then still they end up missing it. I just hate it

28 05 2008

You take life way too seriously. 🙂 As somebody said: “Life’s what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”. Learn to roll with the flow and appreciate the flow for what it is.


29 05 2008

@ Rambler
I empathise with your feeling.
@ Vamsi
Darn Preachy! 🙂 Yet, Agreed. I need to do that sometimes.

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