Biggest Drawing In The World..

27 05 2008

Something that caught my eye today. With the help of a GPS device equipped suitcase and DHL, Eric Nordenankar attempts a self protrait by recreating the paths the suitcase traveled. There are really no boundaries to human imagination or potential!



5 responses

27 05 2008

the idea looks grand and of course original but nothing more than that. such a wastage of energy and resources!

28 05 2008

Sorry, this is a major hoax. DHL has a big network but is certainly not going to fly loops in the air for benefit of a GPS. Would love to see the freight bill on this one.

28 05 2008

If this is true – WOW!!!!! Human Creativity and Ingenuity truly has no boundries. 🙂

And even if its not true, the thinking needs an applause

29 05 2008
2 06 2008

@ All
Agreed that this is a hoax. 🙂 I loved the idea though!

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