Is this called an Inconvenient Truth?

15 05 2008

Something thats difficult to ignore, even as a comic.. Makes me think…



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15 05 2008

“Aim at stars, atleast you can come out of mud.”

15 05 2008

unfortunately its truth in many cases..but different interests begin to develop after a couple of years 🙂

16 05 2008


17 05 2008

Hi Sowmya,

I take it that you have been in the “workforce” for a while now (usually more than 3-4 yrs). It’s a wall we all hit when the force of reality of life overcomes the force of ideal thoughts with which we come out of Universities. One persistent question that keeps rearing it’s head (at least for me) is “Why?”. The day I can answer that question for myself, I think I will be at peace with myself. Hope this helps :-).


p.s: Don’t even ask me how I found your blog. You would be surprised. 🙂

18 05 2008

@ ctone
It echoes somewhere. 🙂
@ Rambler
Yes.. the energy and enthusiasm gets distributed in some cases.
@ CR
@ Vamsi
Yes. 3 Yrs. When we make compromises with those ‘Why’s, little peace remains.

20 06 2008

🙂 Can’s stop smiling as I see the parallel’s in my own life!!

21 06 2008

@ kirukupayyan

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