Shift Happens..

7 05 2008

How many of us devote a thought to the exponential changes that happen around the world? Originally originated in 2006, this is one of those striking presentations that stays alive in my memories.

This is created from the original video made by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, makes us think about the rapid transformation happening around us.

Muse On!



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8 05 2008

We see everything around us is changing and we know it is changing, but we don’t really see that it is changing and sometimes it bothers us. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we won’t, any way change is inevitable, weather we like it or not.

The last ICE age was 12000 years ago and then after the Ice receded human civilization arose. 12000 years later we have this next Ice age. This one is supposed to be information, communication and entertainment.

when iam in 6th class a guest lecture spoke about electronics, caliculators and computing, i wondered. Today, my cousin brother studying 6th, he is learning Java, as a part of his curriculum.

my friend had a son of 3yrs old, he is jokingly saying, that he was looking for a school which gives coaching for IIT from LKG itself.

8 05 2008

A bit similar to this presentation.. watch this growing india.. Changing india.. its a brand exercise film.. to build a global brand called INDIA …

9 05 2008

@ ctone
probably that’s why the conventional dictum says nothing is constant but change. 🙂

14 05 2008

dat waz quite a thing…..pretty impressive….a la asimov style…….i wonder wat our life will become in 2 decades…more like the predictions of illusionists like asimov, or a big brother controlling us as in Orwell’s 1984

15 05 2008

@ Arunabh
Predictions remain what they are. Predictions.. Yet, this brings out the magnitude of shift in quite powerful fashion..

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