Sleepless in Bangalore..

27 02 2008

Nope. No Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks running in my mind. This really shows my dwindling creative serum or the sheer aftereffects of a sleepless night! A small cold, hopeless running nose along with a dash of fever peppered by a sore throat can do that to you. Ahem!

Sickness is an interesting experience. Intense and consuming, it leaves me with a curious feeling of helplessness surmounted only by the uneasy ruffling of the bed sheets and the uninvited sojourn of nothingness.. Nope all that laziness and that seemingly slow moment of clock is not welcome at all in those darkest hours of the day..Especially when my mind is thinking about endless work, those unwritten mails, and tomorrow’s client visits.

Sometimes I feel that sickness is psychosomatic. Else how can I explain the maniac inner drive during the work hours with little care for self, only to be contrasted by the longing to crash at bed at the slightest hint of leisure and solitude? How can I offer logic to those 6 calls on a single day to Mamma for a vain hope to hear that loving concern so that I can treat myself as a martyr searching for purpose?

I end up learning the newest definition of misery with every such experience! 🙂 Hopefully this phase of time would vanish really quick and would take some months before it repeats.



3 responses

28 02 2008

I hope u recover soon…… 🙂

28 02 2008

Take care
Get well soon

2 03 2008

@ Rashmi, CR
Thanks for those wishes. Feeling much better now.. 🙂

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