25 02 2008

Now I know there is such a complicated name for all those phantom rings that I hear at times! 🙂 I can vouch for the advantages of being truly connected always, though I love the solitary solace of being switched off from the world at times.. Yet, beware of anything that becomes a habit or an obsession. Sadly for many of us, mobile is.



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25 02 2008

hey u are in august company, I too suffer from this and so do millions , they got the name ” phantom call ‘ for it.its kind of like when someone ‘ s limb is amputated they still feel the pain on that non existant limb – its called the ‘ phantom limb ‘

27 02 2008

So true….i would wake up at night feelin the ringtone….now i dont keep the cell on ringer…. its on vibarate mode….. thats doesnt distract my ears while working..!!

28 02 2008

@ sai
That’s news to me.
@ rashmi
My problem with keeping it on vibration is that I seem to misplace it often. 🙂

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