Divine Solace..

5 02 2008

Prayers are those little affirmations that we indulge with ourselves. Thanking all those elements of chance, circumstances, being grateful to the Higher Self for the amazing experiences I had, while reaffirming my faith in the spirit of life offers me the strength to hold on to dance through the rhythms of life. How can I lace words to explain the peace that I enjoy in the temple premises and the divine solace that envelops in my mind for those moments?

I love visiting this local Venkateswara temple just beside my house, whenever I can make it. The way they dress up the lord with flowers and ornaments is breathtaking to watch. Is it called divine beauty? Though there is a a little feeling in heart that I am limiting the existence of lord to a stone idol by doing so, yet the high faith that I place in the ritual of decoration and the fuss that happens in following the age old rituals of chanting and worship does soothe the mind. Nothing can match the feeling of peace when I lay in surrender in front of the Idol thanking him for this for this life, and this chance to savor the splendor of soulful beauty that this Universe holds.

Though all these raging debates that I have with myself on faith, divinity and belief systems, I could never offer a logical and rational explanation for the peace that enlivens those little places of worship. Yet, who needs logic anyway? There are life’s lessons which appear right in the moment that you need it the most. Sometimes, it feels as if the entire life rolls in appreciating a handful of cliche’s.. Hmmm



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