Amazon Woman…

3 02 2008

They are a part of my childhood and they are a part of my fantasy. All I remember about her is that she is amazing!

I hate, love, despise and worship this little fantasy idol of mine, especially when I measure myself up to her standards. There are many times, when I feel like giving up and then she flashes in my mind. How many times I must have yelled in head, ‘I hate you lady’.

The mere idea of the Amazon Woman and her sense of femininity intrigues me to no end. Not that I followed her evolution history or the wonder woman classics. May be its just that I would have created a mental image of strength, conviction, dedication and grit and given her name to that illusion.

Guess we all fill our lives with those role models which set up a benchmark in our lives to live up to. We can even surpass our peers or compete with people but how can we ever live up to our fantasies?

Yet, this Utopian zeal to excel is what keeps a keen sense of purpose alive. And that little tug at heart when we fail is what makes us human. After all its not the end that matters but the journey. What say pals?



4 responses

8 02 2008

may be fantasies were never meant to be achieved…… all u can achieve becomes tangible…. existent….. fantasies is us…at out best…..void of all weaknesses… weaknesses that make us real, human……!!!

8 02 2008

My Dear Amazon lady have you ever dreamed of an Adonis ?

11 02 2008

I always wondered who her designer was – the stupendous stupid man

12 02 2008

@ rashmi
well said dear.. Yet, these fantasies create those idols that we cherish or dread.
🙂 Not really!
@ devil
I guess we are all culpable of our own tiny manifestations.. Isn’t it?

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