Jadoo Ki Jhappy..

12 12 2007

Dunno why my heart longs for this from the loved ones today. A real chilled morning and I can feel the cold seeping into my soul somehow.

I dream of being perfect in everything I do, trying to put a piece of my soul in every activity. Sometimes, it feels so close, that can I become that little Ms. Perfect. Yet, if I have to be totally realistic, I would like to be really good in everything I ever did or do. And for what sake? To be loved a little more.. Is it what am looking for?

Sometimes, guess this choice always hangs around. Having the courage to quit and bear the tag of loser for being true to oneself or sticking around betraying oneself for the sake of society. These are choices we all have to make at some point in our life. Hoping that I have enough spine to stand up for myself in things that I truly care. In those rare low events, let me pray for some jadoo and some jhappy to last for the life.. 🙂

A little greed doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?



4 responses

12 12 2007

Hey… Here is a jadoo ki jhappy for you ( )

12 12 2007

another ~~ §… Jadoo ki zhappI´…§ ~~
and follow … ‘ Take it easy policy ‘

14 12 2007

It sounds simple doesn’t it?
Either be who you want to be and be labelled as a ‘loser’ or be what you are expected to be and become the ideal for others around…
Of late, I have realised that I would choose the ‘loser’ over the other any day and I am happier now. Of course, people around me think there is something wrong with me now, not realising that there was something wrong before which has been set right….I guess, when it comes to a showdown, you will find yourself standing up for what you care, simple because that’s who you are.

14 12 2007

@ Salz, Pankaj
Thank you. It feels as if I asked for a wish and I was granted instantly! 🙂
@ CR
Agreed wholeheartedly! We can’t help being what we are. 🙂

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