A Little Sunbeam In A Winter’s Day…

9 12 2007

A little rule, a little sway,
A sunbeam in a winter’s day..

Thats what I long for in namma Bengaluru. Days are cold and the air is chilled, and all that heart longs for is a little sunshine. All the beauty of life comes alive for me when I feel the joyful warmth of sun soaking into my skin, and the mild dancing sunbeams stealing a kiss on my forehead over a warm caress on a chilled misty morning. Bathing over the gentle sun rays, and taking a long saunter while sipping steaming coffee in a peaceful way..

Umm.. My moments of bliss in this garden city.



4 responses

10 12 2007

thts the perfect pic…now thts what i was talking about….perfect

12 12 2007

@ sai
Thank you.

5 06 2008

This brought tears in my eyes…just how I feel, just what I would like to say. Only thing is, you said it better 🙂
And I can only wish to be in the garden city!

6 06 2008

@ Joyeeta
Am sure these mornings are possible where ever you are. 🙂 Wish you more of them!

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