Silent Despair..

28 11 2007

Most people resign themselves in life for that. At times I do that too. Dreaming for four leaved cloves while the life is happening around me. Is it ennui or desperation?

These days, life is filled with silent despair..

So much that there is little interest left in anything. Running through one of those phases of life where patience is everything. Whats keeping my sanity is some calming and soothing music.

Soul searching is like peeling an onion. I never know whether I will end up with a a valid criticism, reason or a perspective for all sorts of actions that I do. Boredom is winning the battle with me these days and guess I really cant relate to those multitude of things that cheesed me off. The chaos around me is affecting my composure and balance with blank noises. I know naught what I feel anymore.. Hmm.. One of those muted times..



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