Contentment and Satisfaction..

27 10 2007

Sounds like simple things in life. Yet, the most difficult ones to attain.

The other day I read this quote on my friend’s profile. “Until you make peace with who you are… you’ll never be content with what you have”. Quite thought provoking indeed. Even if I get a five digit pay check a month, I wonder when would it grow more. Even I am blessed with decent looks, I look in mirror and check when would I do an Aishwarya Rai. Even as I enjoy a good social position, I look at my neighbor and feel a twinge of jealousy.. Rings familiar, isn’t it? The comparisons never stop and I guess we are engineered in a way to breed greed. We just want more and things got to get better!

At times I wonder where would this race to nowhere lead to? In the rush for making life king size in maddening pace, have you ever felt stifled due to lack of space? I just don’t want ot wake up ten years down the lane and wonder if all those things that I ran behind collecting had made the journey worthwhile.

I have always remembered this saying of my mom during my childhood. She used to say that always check what you feel is dissatisfaction or jealousy. Jealousy degrades character where as dissatisfaction motivates one to do better. Somehow that saying became my standard since school days where the maddening race of comparison with peers could drive one crazy. I have always felt that contentment and self assurance are quite related. Unless I am prepared to stand for what I believe and accept what I am, I would never be content with what I have. My 25 paise.



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28 10 2007
Suresh SIva

Jealousy is when you want something someone else has and it has no ends as u rightly mentioned and its destructive.
Dissatisfaction also should lead to positive steps depending upon the mindset of the individual rather than leading to depression.

29 10 2007

I don’t know what to the call the feeling – A strong desire to do better when you see a guy who does better than you.

What do you want to call this feeling ??

31 10 2007

Looks like a simple question, yet so complicated.. 🙂
A strong desire to do better when you see a guy who does better than you, can happen when U don’t know that the bar is that high, or the benchmark can be better than ur performance. So when we see someone better than us in things we love to do, we get an inner drive to improve. Quite natural if we love the playing field. Don’t u think so?

7 06 2008

Now I am really stumped…how do u read ‘my’ mind so well but write so much better and be so much younger than me??? 🙂

This reminds of something I had written some time back…

11 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

10 02 2010

in my opinion…satisfation is a thing u wished for,like ur dreams or ambitions when u reach ur goals in life..,even ur satisfied but ur not contented of what u have..cos u want more than of ur satisfactions,and thats waht we call contentment.People has no contentment but has satisfaction,even ur satisfied but ur not contented….


24 08 2010
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