He Who Forgets..

28 09 2007

This poem by Walt Mason serves a humorous admonition to all those forgetful people. I count myself as one in that gang too. At times I feel that absentmindedness happens on those issues which we don’t deem as important. I remember reading this at IMDR and thought of sharing it today, after two years!

The merchant said in caustic tones:
“James Henry Charles Augustus Jones,
Please get your pay and leave the store
I will not need you any more
Important chores you seem to shun
You’re always leaving work undone
And when I ask the reason why,
You heave a sad and soulful sigh
And idly scratch your dome of thought,
And feebly say,” Oh, I forgot!”
James Henry Charles Augustus Jones,
This world is a poor resort for drones,
For men with heads so badly set
That their long suit is to forget.

No man will ever write his name
Upon the shining wall of fame,
Or soar aloft on glowing wings
Because he can’t remember things.
I’ve noticed that such chaps as you
Remember when your pay is due;
And when the noontime whistles throb,
Your memory is on the job;
And when a holiday’s at hand,
Your recollection isn’t canned.
The failures on life’s busy way,
The paupers, friendless, wan and gray,
Throughout their bootless days, like you,
Forgot the things they ought to do.
So take your coat, and draw your bones

James Henry Charles Augustus Jones!”



3 responses

29 09 2007

Hey Rani,

The poem is good but is more than just humorous. May be because it brought some bitter sweet memories( more bitter than sweet) back to me.
But a really good one!


16 01 2008

Excellent poem.

8 08 2012
Ashutosh Bhupatkar

Hi Rani! What a coincidence! I used to make students recite this when they forgot to do an assignment or reading. You heard it then and today when I wanted it for another group of students, I stumbled on your blog! Well, you certainly write well. Keep it up!

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