Touch Wood…

19 09 2007

Now tell me, how many of us say that? Growing up doesn’t really mean shedding off all those irrationally cute things that we do. 🙂 I love being a little silly at times, they make me feel human. At times I really enjoy fussing about on petty issues like protocols in rituals, sentimental beliefs and minor omens as long as they don’t disturb someone or work. I was thinking about these idiosyncrasies, omens or superstitions (as some would love to refer) and how they spice up life.

How boring life would be if everything happens in predefined pattern and if we could predict everything that effects us? We all build up our own defense mechanisms to combat unpredictability and chance.. We look up to divine, chant and pray to sustain hope, even when crude rational practicality dictates that life is plain indifferent to everyone around.

I cant really comment upon how stars conspire to change one’s destiny, how good auspicious timings or twitching of eye can affect the outcome, or how a black cat or a broken mirror ruin the fate.. These are things that best remain unknown as though they propagate fear, often they give a reason to hope and inspire belief. Hope for better possibilities, and good outcomes. And sometimes the ability to hope is everything..

So next time when someone sitting beside you mutters ‘bless u’ or ‘touch wood’, give a cute little smile instead of pulling their leg to no end!



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