Revisiting Bommarillu..

16 09 2007

This movie stole the heart and thought of me and my family and is arguably one of the best family movies that have come in the recent times. I still cant forget the time that my mom insisted me to watch this movie and came to theater along with me to watch it second time, when she is hardly a movie goer herself. For record, its still the most watched movie at home.

We typically use movies like a cushion. We want to be coddled, relaxed and consoled from the stress of the daily life. Yet, if we forget for a while that we are watching a drama, these fictional characters feel more real than the actual living people. Some movies stay with us for that moment, some come revisit us in life in some aha moment and some live with us as beautiful memories. This one is a practical experience for me and hence I am collecting my two cents on this beautiful celluloid journey when the memory is still afresh.

As my friend puts it beautifully, experiences can rarely be reviewed. One can only feel and connect to the sensation it kindles. Bommarillu is a realistic portrait of the current day family relationships that catches the reflection of the current day Telugu Youth who is bonded to his family through love and respect and yet strives to creates his individual mark in this world. It beautifully deals with the relationships between parents and children in a fast paced society.

I cant resist sketching the plot though. Prakash Raj is this current day loving dad. The one who carries the entire family responsibilities on his shoulders and longs to create the perfect world to his family. In his pursuit to offer the best of everything, he unawaringly tries to design the life of his son Siddhu and offer all the comforts of life in a platter. Siddhu is not our regular hero. He wants to live upto his traditional loving family’s expectations and yet play the maverick, charm the Juliet and grit it out in the rough world to carve his own niche which cant be done under the glance of his over protective father. He dreams of a career of his own making and a life partner who inspires love and how our hero sets to win both is the theme.

Genelia lives the role of Siddhu’s love interest, the pretty, charming, child-like, talkative, pretense less Hasini. She breathes life into the placid life of the Siddhu who is burdened by his accommodating nature and is already engaged to a girl of his father’s choice. Living with a widowed father Kota Srinivasa Rao who is more of a friend, Hasini is our bubbly, charming and after my heart kind of college girl who is unaffected by the complexities of a joint family setup. I basked in her exuberance and frankness and reveled in her innocent convictions. She is my hero of the movie!

Prakash Raj discovers his son’s love story and being an accommodative father wants to adjudge Hasini and hence requests her presence at his home for a week. Hasini charms her way through Siddhu’s family and to her shock discovers the dual roles of Siddhu: One as a traditional Rama at home and the other as a carefree, individualistic Siddhu with friends. As Siddhu forces Hasini to live upto his image at home, Hasini dumps him. Siddhu has many battles up to his sleeve now. Will he chooses to keep up the pretense and play the perfect son or will he stands up for himself in a confrontation with his family forms the crux of the story.

The tag line is just apt. “Love Makes Life Beautiful”, which kind of sums up the entire struggle of Siddhu for unconditional love and individual identity. Love that accepts him as he is and not for what he can be. Love that cherishes, enriches and supports him without any demands and obligations. I can empathize with the accommodating Siddhu’s of the world, yet I can only respect them when they stand up on their spine and learn to say no.

In the end, it all falls back to an old quote, ” To say ‘I love you’ one must first know how to say the ‘I’ “. The movie raises some pertinent questions as well. Why do we pretend and lie to those who matter the most? Why are we afraid of sharing a piece of ourselves with our family? Is it a fear of rejection or the dread of loneliness? The movie brings out magnificently that avoidance is not a solution, personal space is vital in relationships and clarity in communication is essential in the journey of love. Love that inspires trust, acceptance and sets one free..



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15 09 2007

Yeah!!! I agree with you when you say ” To say ‘I love you’ one must first know how to say the ‘I’ well, I also wish people learn to practice what they breach and believe in what they admire so much as to actually try and practice that.

That was a beautiful review. I must admit a very cleverly and beautifully made movie for I haven’t come across anyone who has watched it and hasn’t identified himself or his life or his family with the movie somehow, there is an element of ” Hey !! that reminds me of my !!!!…” for everyone.

Yes , People should have a spine and stand up for what they believe is right and especially when it concerns their own personal/private life, they shouldn’t buckle under pressure or live in a false sense of right that they are out there doing great sacrifices for the family etc…..for what they are doing is, in that moment of righteousness and good for all moment they are ending up doing exactly the opposite in the long run, for at the moment all are happy, but, the individual has done something he/she doesn’t like for the sake of the family and world peace( or so they assume ) but not something they personally like…there lies the problem for in the long run its he/she who will have to live upto what they decided not the folks for whose happiness they did, and that leads to sorrow/sorry/and all other ailments of a sensitive mind/heart or whatever elese they run on, which in turn if the folks or family who demanded the sacrifice in the place still love the individual more than themselves will feel sad and bad….or else the individual suffers in silence……Yeh i dont know if i am making any sense anymore….but I hope you got the gist of it or atleast some vague idea of what i was /am trying to convey…..

Its a job well done and I can see why you felt so happy/relieved/light hearted after writing this review….cheerio girl..!!!

17 02 2008

Didn’t know the movie meant so many things…. !!! 🙂

3 06 2010
Dishal Vas

Hated the movie… I seriously wonder how it became a hit… Genelia was plain irritating, to put it mildly…

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