Order In Chaos

27 08 2007

Life is settling into a comfortable rhythm.. I am in Bangalore finally! And I regret that why haven’t I explored this city earlier! The weather is an absolute bliss, an absolute welcome change from the hot and humid Chennai climate. People are warm, friendly and chilled out. And I realized that my mother tongue ‘Telugu’ can give me an advantage in this city, unlike the other places that I have been, or lived. I am seven days old in this city and I guess am aready loving the place. So what if the roads are stiff crowded by honkering autos and buzzing cars. I just love the cool breeze and the ‘about to rain anytime’ kind of pretense that the weather carries. I am actually rediscovering the joy of the long walks in this chilled cocoon of comfort.

I have had a sad experience checking out the paying guest accommodations in the city. People live in bunk beds, and cramped living spaces. I just wonder how can people accommodate such degree of forced intimacy in those space challenged hostels.

Let me thank chance, networks, luck or God, for I could finally find a peaceful dwelling at the BTM Layout which is just a stone’s throwaway from my office. Life seems beautiful and balanced now as I soak in the fresh morning sun from the veranda which opens into a glorious sight of sun kissed flowers in the morning.

Life has gained some semblance after the hectic humdrum that happened in the recent times. I have been away from keyboard, music and books for long grappling with the mounting chaos. Looking back am amazed, though so much has changed in life, so little of it has actually mattered.

Robert Kincaid’s this quote from ‘Bridges of Madison County’ has been quite a source of comfort when I was going through the hectic pace of resignation, relocation, house hunt and shift. Here is how it goes.. “Things change. They always do, it’s one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort.”



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27 08 2007

MY LUCK!!!!!!!!!…lol

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