Beastial Brutality…

30 08 2007

Something that caught my eye yesterday and rattled me to no end.

Patna, Aug 28 (IANS) An alleged chain snatcher in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district was battling for life in a hospital after he was beaten by a mob and then two policemen tied him to the back of a motorcycle and dragged him along the ground.

Mohammad Aurangzeb alias Saleem of Nathnagar town in Bhagalpur, about 150 km from here, was first severely beaten with leather belts, rods and stones by people Monday after he was caught on suspicion of snatching a woman’s chain. “

This is the news which was splashed on headlines yesterday and I was so shell shocked by the brutality behind this event that it did take some time for me to soak the event. The brutality of the Cops and the Mob on an suspected chain snatcher reminded me or a painful movie called ‘Clockwork Orange’. I cant help but wonder who is the criminal out there? The one who snatched a chain, the Mob who showed severe brutality to the person or the Cops who took the law into their hands with little regard to humanity, responsibility, or the spirit of law.

Is this the India that we are raving about? What do we expect from people or the convicted if we treat them like this? All this show makes me wonder whether the people who choose to be mean are somehow better than those who wear the savior mask and unleash the animal within when offered a chance.

Order In Chaos

27 08 2007

Life is settling into a comfortable rhythm.. I am in Bangalore finally! And I regret that why haven’t I explored this city earlier! The weather is an absolute bliss, an absolute welcome change from the hot and humid Chennai climate. People are warm, friendly and chilled out. And I realized that my mother tongue ‘Telugu’ can give me an advantage in this city, unlike the other places that I have been, or lived. I am seven days old in this city and I guess am aready loving the place. So what if the roads are stiff crowded by honkering autos and buzzing cars. I just love the cool breeze and the ‘about to rain anytime’ kind of pretense that the weather carries. I am actually rediscovering the joy of the long walks in this chilled cocoon of comfort.

I have had a sad experience checking out the paying guest accommodations in the city. People live in bunk beds, and cramped living spaces. I just wonder how can people accommodate such degree of forced intimacy in those space challenged hostels.

Let me thank chance, networks, luck or God, for I could finally find a peaceful dwelling at the BTM Layout which is just a stone’s throwaway from my office. Life seems beautiful and balanced now as I soak in the fresh morning sun from the veranda which opens into a glorious sight of sun kissed flowers in the morning.

Life has gained some semblance after the hectic humdrum that happened in the recent times. I have been away from keyboard, music and books for long grappling with the mounting chaos. Looking back am amazed, though so much has changed in life, so little of it has actually mattered.

Robert Kincaid’s this quote from ‘Bridges of Madison County’ has been quite a source of comfort when I was going through the hectic pace of resignation, relocation, house hunt and shift. Here is how it goes.. “Things change. They always do, it’s one of the things of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as something you can always count on, then it can be a comfort.”

What to Do If Your Phone Has Taken a Shower?

20 08 2007

After doing all wrong things with my N70 finally I got the process right.

1) Switch the phone Off Immediately. (I know u cant resist the temptation! But, Please Do not try to switch it on!)

2) Do not try to charge the phone or do not place battery in the phone. ( It can damage some circuits inside the phone.. )

3) Remove the Battery, SIM Card and dry the parts for at least twelve hours. (Yes Please.. )

4) Check if its working, else submit it for water logging repair in the service center. (The final Destination!)

Weather Storm People..

6 08 2007

Have you ever felt a sinking feeling in heart when you are with someone? Mood is becoming cloudy, Heart is already heavy, Mind is rankled, You are seething for reasons unknown.. Did this happen to you when you are in company of someone? Pick up your skirts and make a run! You have just experienced a weather storm person..

I never thought of any person in that way. But when I look back, I have realized that there are certain people who are bent on seeing the worst in everything around them. They crib, criticise, gossip and moan about anything and everything in this world. It becomes so much a part of their nature that they forget to appreciate little joys and beautiful moments of life.. And that effect rubs off on any person around them. My experience is that there is little you can do, apart from being aware of an inherent urge to stay away from them. Heed to that and stay safe!

A Cruise to Heaven..

4 08 2007

Yesterday is one such day which would be tucked in my memory lane forever under contentment! It always happens with me when am surrounded by plush rustic beauty, luscious greenery, serene waters, cool breeze and slight drizzle.. Top it off with the company of loved ones, life felt never so better! Hmm.. Didn’t realize I typed this much without any details! God, Am Verbose for sure! I took a one day boat ride to Papi Kondalu from Rajahmundry along with my family and friends. Its a trip that’s long pending, and guess anticipation made it sweeter.

We booked Punnami travels for a packaged tour which promises pickup from Rajahmundry and boat ride from Pattuseema to Papikondalu and back. The itinerary included Posamma Temple, Devipatnam, Perantalapalli, and Papikondalu. The travels car picked us from home at around 6:30 AM and we headed to Pattuseema on road. Weather is exceptionally pleasant and the chilled breeze and the cozy riverside drive set the tone of the day. We reached the Pattuseema coast by 8:00 AM. There are around 4 boats which are awaiting for passengers by the shores and are scheduled to start by 9:00 AM. Well, an hour is just perfect for a short visit to the Pattisam Island which houses a Shiva and Venkateswara Temple. We boarded a small ferry boat which runs from the shore to island and did the darshana.

We boarded the Nandini boat for the Papikondalu visit. The boat has an A.C. fitted lower deck with wooden interiors. Its quite comfortable with cusioned chairs, a huge bed, a small podium, a canteen and can comfortably accommodate 40 people. The upper deck has an open terrace covered by a metal roof and can seat 20 people. The boat has to cruise its way through around three districts to reach Ppikondalu. After a sumptuous breakfast at boat, me and my sister rushed to the tip of the boat after coaxing the driver. Slowly, my family members joined us surreptitiously. We were mesmerized by the soothing comfort of the chilled breeze, numbed by the shimmery sand dunes, engrossed in the silent rhythm of the Godavari and the serene sanctity of the mountains. And now am at loss for those nice sounding expressions which can mimic the serene sanctity that enveloped me there! We touched upon a village called Tadivada (end of East Godavari District), Seenivaka (End of West Godavari District), and entered Khammam district to head to Perantalapalli to visit a small waterfall and the famous Shiva temple out there. There are a lot of tribals women trying to sell us beautiful bamboo flowers and minature bamboo houses. We bought some and then headed to the temple. This temple is little different in the terms of rules that they observe. One has to observe absolute silence in the temple and there is no official Puja in the Mandir. Its just God, You and Yourself.. That had a calming and soothing experience on me.

The whole route is blessed by lots of temples, local Gods and Godesses and we chanced upon an ancient temple where this popular song called ‘Na Gontu Sruti lona, Na Gunde Layalona’ from JanakiRamudu movie is picturized. That place is even more lovely in reality. Well, the local faith is that there is a golden temple thats underground to that actual temple on top and is visible to the Sadhus in their meditation. Also, the Pujari vehemently endorsed that there is a underground route to Kasi from the temple. Well, now no debates are encouraged on the veracity of this beliefs. The bottom line is that I loved that place, trip and am hoping to visit it again! 🙂