24 07 2007

In the Last of the Potter Series… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the best of all.. I cant wait to turn the last page! I must say that the book ties up the loose ends quite nicely. Also, this has a sentimental value for me. My career with TCS started with ‘Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince’ and is ending with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. A tempting reason for me to rush to finish this before my last date in TCS, which is this 27th! πŸ™‚

I loved this book, though I felt that Rowling has rushed it to ending! I was expecting a more detailed light on the founders of Hogwarts.. Yet, this book is indeed a delight as it resolves itself in a pleasant fashion! Snape turned out to be good, and the friends trio is alive.. I couldn’t ask for more… Though, I would say this.. Its tough to read it when you are in midst of goodbyes and when heart is heavy..



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24 07 2007

Hmm…this is some news. All the best for your future endeavour πŸ™‚
Btw…Where are you shifting?

25 07 2007

So you shifting base from Chennai??
Never told me! 😦
No more whining, any dinner possibilities for us?
And I read the book, it definitely was a good read :))

27 07 2007

greetings, fellow aquarian! hahahahaha! oh my! thanks for dropping by and professing your pride as an aquarian. i see that you are reading bridget jones. you may read it. (like granting permission??? hahahahaha!) sorry for laughing incessantly. i love to laugh…among other things (if you read the last phrase in a deep, sexy voice…it becomes so…malicious. *rolls on the floor laughing*) haaay. lets exchange links, dahlin. keep it up! i’ll see you in our next entries. hugs and kisses!

31 07 2007
The village idiot

Yea, it is a good book. Well thats what’s everyone’s sayin atleast. About the final so.. er I mean solution I’m working on; I’ll mail you the details to your email ID. Been busy. Check out the massive re-opening gig we did at Mambo’s Goa : http://goa.indivibe.com/events/the_grand_re_-_opening/gallery


15 08 2007

Hey Nice to know that you are a Harry Potter fan too!! Ya it was a great relief that the friends trio is alive… The most surprising thing for me was that Snape was good afterall… Well Rowling always does this.. The most obvious thing never turns out to be true…

But I have one question?? Which sword does Neville uses to chop off Nagini’s head.. how did he managed to get that sword??.. i hope I have not missed a para or two while reading!!

16 08 2007

@ Arti

Gryffindor’s sword ofcourse! Neville pulls it from the Sorting Hat and thus the last horcrux is killed! πŸ™‚ Glad to catch up wid another fan out here!

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