Sunshine People..

15 07 2007

Have you noticed them? They are there everywhere.. They could be those receptionists with winsome smiles who can soothe your tiresome day with a pleasant attitude, those sensitive and sensible doctors who can assuage your qualms with gentle assurance, or even those warm strangers who would give detailed directions and may even walk along out of their way when you are lost in a strange city.

What makes them tick? Is it their infinite tolerance, or love towards humanity? Is it their trust in people or positive attitude?

Most of the times, we come across these lovely people.. Yet, seldom they are acknowledged, as most of us take them for granted.. This post is dedicated to all those sunshine people who made me smile by their generous big heart and cheerful nature..



4 responses

2 07 2007

I guess its because they are so much in love with life that they spread the joy around.
I agree, they do tend to act like a potent pick-me-up when we are low and kudos to them where-ever they are.
And this makes you think, maybe we should start smiling more often, it just could make someone else’s day when they see pleasant faces around.

3 07 2007

We need more of them in the world.

4 07 2007

@ Raji: Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the contagious enthusiasm that these people display for life!
@ Magda: Yes.. Smiles can be infectious and addictive.. They can lit up anyone’s day.. We need more of them than the crib clubs…

5 07 2007

hmmmmm very interesting thought… a moment captured beautifully.

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