Chennai 600028

14 07 2007

“You and Galli Cricket based Tamil Movie?!” – No Way..
“That Movie is good, but you can’t make head and tail of it”..
“You and Tamil Movie? you would hardly understand”..

And so on are the comments/advices that flowed from my pals when I proposed this movie for a saturday timepass. Well.. They have my best interests in mind.. Well, my two years stint @ Chennai while being oblivious to the nuances of Tamil entitled me for it.. Yet I was damn curious to see how a south indian version of cricket based movie would look like? Would that be comparable to Lagaan? Other factors like a movie drought in Chennai ( You got either Shivaji or the Potter Latest in the menu.. ) made me head to Shanti Theatre, and I am glad that I did.. So here I am, writing about a Tamil movie, when I am not even sure I understood the proper dialogue flow..

The Party

Its a movie about Street Cricket, and about typical middle class youth who dream of cricket bats.. The storyline is quite simple just the way the soft tone of SPB narrates in the start. Royapuram ‘Rockers’ and R.A Puram ‘Sharks’ are at war both inside and outside of the stadium. While Rockers took home the cup for three consecutive years beating Sharks, The Sharks are determined to win this year’s tournament. The story continues till Sharks win the Mirchi Cup detailing parallelly how Rockers Raghu joins Sharks, how some of the team members tread the path of romance, how little fights erupt among those friends.. Now hold on that thought.. Its not the stereo masala dole out of guys practicing hard, face challenges, win the cup as a final endeavour. Don’t expect a flow of passion, hardship, perseverence.. Its one unconventional movie with a predictable theme. Guess this movie offers a convincing respite for those who are hunting for realistic, low budget youth comedy. Opt for it for its off-beat humor, realistic satire, humane characterization and lighthearted fun!

What makes this movie endearing to watch is the way its steers clear of sentimental drama while delivering light hearted, realistic fun. Dont be critical of the superficial romance themes (even if they don’t sound convincing or gel with the movie.. After all, we all can stomach a bit of fantacy stories! ).. Just enjoy the cheeky commentry, the light hearted fun, the beauty of friendship and the hilarious ending! 🙂 I managed to do, even with my half baked tamil knowledge!



One response

9 08 2007

I am happy that there are people who do enjoy watching movies irrespective of the language! I too enjoy watching offbeat unconvetional movies (I am from Mumbai working in Chennai). This is what makes India such a wonderful place to live – numerous languages, different life styles….

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